Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vinokurova to Andrew (UK)
Letter 1

Hello !
My name is Masha.
I from Russia.
I the young, romantic woman, also I am very single.
I very much like to travel, get acquainted with new people.
I want to get acquainted with clever and kind the man to connect our destinies.
I hope to find the real, pure love.
I have found your profile, it is interesting to me, and want to find out more about you!
Write to me if you have interest.
I hope to have pleasant acquaintance. Mine I can send my photos.
I wait for your answer.
Letter 2

Greetings my friend Andy!
I am pleased, that you have answered me my small letter.
I never before corresponded with one from other countries, And in general it - my first experience norrespondences through the Internet.
Now now when technologies are widely advanced highly, Much speak and write about acquaintances through the Internet.
I also have decided to try to search happiness in the Internet.
I want to inform you about me. Our city is in republic Samara.
It - northern republic to ours of the country.
Summer in us warm and sometimes even hot. But unfortunately winter atus a cold.
But we already used, because people which are given birth here, they are very usual to sharp changes of weather.
I was given birth and have grown in this city.
My parents arrived to this city before as I have appeared on light. Earlier they lived in city Kazan, But they moved in Samara because to daddy have offered favorable work, and it did not start to refuse.
My father works the engineer on one from the enterprises of the heavy industry of our city.
My mother the simple teacher. I wanted to be neither the teacher, nor the engineer and therefore when I have finished, The school began to study in pedagogical university, and now I work as the teacher.
My name Maria.
I live in city Samara.
To me of 25 years and I work as the teacher at school.
I the teacher of initial classes.
And this work very much to like me. I think that at you the teacher very much are appreciated.
My growth of 168 centimeters, my weight of 54 kg.
I Was born On June, 17, 1980.
It is very interesting to me to correspond with you.
Me it is very interesting to study about you and about your image of life.
I hope, that you to me will write, also, that it will be speed.
I shall inform to you more about me directly in the following letters.
Yours faithfully Maria.
Letter 3

Greetings Andy!!! It is very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter. We shall get acquainted?! My name is Maria, however you already know. I not in perfection know English, and consequently I ask to forgive beforehand me for mistakes. And in other I hope we shall understand each other. Well all right, I shall continue to tell about myself for that I wait from you in your following letter. To me of 25 years, I was born on May, 8, 1980 in the city of Kirov where I live to this day. On a sign on the zodiac I - Taurus. My growth of 170 centimeters, weight of 53 kg. About the appearance I shall not tell, I shall better send you photos that you have looked. I have higher education. I have received education of the architect, but, unfortunately, appeared that there are no vacancies. It is a lot of such workers and I could not, after study, be arranged on a speciality, and was compelled to go to work in the seller to shop, I sell lady's wear, 8 hours per day, from 10 o'clock till 19 o'clock, from 13 o'clock till 14 o'clock a dinner work. Work at first sight not so complex, but I strongly get tired toward the end the working day, in fact to me constantly to have, on a sort of the activity, to communicate with women, and at times, during conversation they tell about the life, about the problems, and I sometimes allow him advice, I encourage them when at them a problem, my colleagues for fun name me " the female psychoanalyst ". But I do not pay to it attention, sometimes it is necessary it happens to help the person, even advice. And in general I live a simple measured life. Of the life I do not complain, but sometimes, coming home, me to become sadly as is not present in my life of the favorite person. I live one, at me the apartment, she small, but suffices me. Besides me, in my apartment the cat, his name is Myrzik lives, it has some colors: black, orange and white. Speak, that if at a cat of 3 colors it brings happiness in the house. I hope, that in my house, this happiness will sometime come. Write to me about itself more, I would like to learn you better. Write, do not overlook! Maria.
Letter 4

Greetings Andrew!!! How has passed day? I hope, that you write to me sincerely as love constructed on a deceit and lie will bring only a pain and sufferings. I write to you sincerely and I hope you too. I am glad that we have got acquainted. I want to find the person who would like and would respect me, would care of me, and simply would make me happy. I want the person who always could to calm always when to me it is bad. I want to find the person to whom I could present all love, heat and caress. I am simply tired from loneliness. I would like to leave to forget, somewhere, melancholy and loneliness and to become happy. So it would be desirable simple female happiness, family, children. When there is a family, feel that knowingly live in this world. I have parents, the sister, but I would like to create the personal family, to get children. I shall tell to you about the family. My parents very remarkable and kind people. To my mum of 49 years, she works as the tutor in a kindergarten. She very much loves this work. She till now cares of me as about the little girl though I explained it, that I already for a long time not small but though sometimes it would be desirable to return to the world of the childhood and to feel small. To my father 52 years. It works on construction by the mason. Father with mother 28 years together live. They are happy together. Though were at them and quarrel and reconciliation, there were cases when they wanted to leave, but having gone through all problems they live till now live and are happy together. They have garden, at you name a farm, in this garden there is a small small house and a small site on which the strawberry grows, an onions, garlic, carrots, a parsley and many other things. The garden is near to city, is more exact in 15 kilometers from city. Probably you have got tired the story about my family, but I should you tell about them, in fact I a particle of them, they brought up me and grew, they have left the kindness in my soul. I with impatience wait for your answer. Your girlfriend Maria.
Letter 5

Greetings Andrew!!! I very much waited for your letter. Your letter is filled with honesty and kindness. You very good and attractive person. It is a pity, that we far apart now. But I hope, that once we shall meet and we shall be together. I believe, I believe that it will be fast. I want to find the person who would love me, respected, cared of me during good and bad times. I the person who can understand me and will be understood by me. I think, that each person has the right to the slice of happiness. I want to find family happiness. I want family, children. I when was not married, I have no children, but I so would like it. I hope, that your ideas are close to mine. I have written to you because has thought, that you will be the fine friend and the husband, I think, that you are necessary for me, that with you I shall become happy. Tell to me about itself, about the life, that for you is happiness. Write to me more soon. I shall wait for your letter. Your Maria.
Letter 6

Dear Andy. I very much would want to call you, but I do not have phone. I have no means to buy cellular communication. Simply understand, if you do not trust me it is not necessary me to write, you offend me, and hurt me the words. I thought we shall be together, but your letter offends me and leaves a negative deposit in my soul, it is not beautiful of you. I am very angry on you because you write to me about mistrust and about money. If you want to communicate with other women can communicate but then you should forget about me. I am very jealous and is not going to suffer stories about other women with whom at you it has turned out nothing. Maria.
Letter 7

Dear Andy. It is really a pity to me, that I cannot talk to you, but for me makes difficulty to write to you by means of Internet - cafe. I earn only 5000 roubles (near 170 $). I do not know as you but to me services of the Internet manage very dearly. I need to pay a rent, to pay the credit which I have taken when did repair on kitchen. To me helped some time of the girlfriend, they have advised me to find the husband through the Internet, they have paid first three weeks on the Internet, but they soon to come to the end, I have visited for the first time on August, 24 and it will be difficult for me to pay 240-300 in a month for services of Internet - cafe, with my salary in 200 $, since September, 11-14 of me will ask to prolong payment for services of the Internet. I do not ask you to pay the Internet, it is not necessary for me from you anything, but I have thought, if it will not complicate you. I understand it my problems and your help but if it is possible for you you could pay for the Internet is not necessary for me. Understand, it is simple to me it will be difficult to write to you, and I still want to meet you, but differently I cannot attend some time Internet - cafe, and read your letters. All right, I shall not be more about it, I simply want that you knew all. How you will spend the evenings? Whether you walk at night? I walk seldom at night, approximately 2 times a month go to night clubs with girlfriends. I there dance and I drink soft drinks, I simply do not bear alcohol and tobacco. I never smoked and I am not going to begin. From alcoholic drinks I drink only champagne, it is a little and only on holidays: " New year "," birthday ". In the evenings I usually watch TV, I read sometimes simply I listen to music. Sometimes I simply include the TV and I do not look, and simply I am engaged something to anothers, I so do not feel loneliness. I frequently go to the parents for a supper, we talk and we are dared together. For parents I all the same little girl what was 10 years ago. When to me there were 15 years, I was friends of one guy, it has admitted to me love, but in two weeks has told, that we should leave, it loves another. It lied to me. After that I did not meet some years anybody, only in 18 years I met the guy a floor of year, but then we have left. It have taken away in army, time went I wrote to it in the beginning, it answered me, but it have killed in the Chechen Republic. It sat on the tank together with other soldiers and at them have fired, having arranged an ambush. Since then I whom seriously met. All right, I shall finish the letter. Your Maria.
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