Letter(s) from Elena to Dileep (India)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear!!!!

How are you doing?:) I wish I could ask this question personally looking into your eyes but I have not such an opportunity for now and can only write you this letter through Internet. But I am sure if we will be interested in each other and develop our correspondence so not too far in the future we will realize this wish of mine!!:)) Distance is not a big problem nowadays when there are such a modern and fast airplanes are you agree?

So my name is Helena, I am a funny blondy girl with blue eyes and nice sense of humor:)) I enjoy doing a lot of things just like cooking, swimming, going in for sport, reading, meeting my friends and taking care of my family. And of corse like any other woman I dream of a real true love with a lot of flowers and kisses... And that is why I am looking for A REAL MAN!! These words for me personally mean that I want my man to be romantic, strong, serious, honest and very passionate!!! A man who knows how to make his woman feeling like in heaven and begging for more... I also want him to be family oriented, being ready to devote himself totally to his family, caring and loving and I will repay him with the same coin! Probably you can be that man for me...

I just have one request to you. I have not a lot of experience with Internet Dating. I am sure a lot of girls are writing to you and it is normal I think, I am a little bit afraid of competition:)) But hope you will find me no less interesting than all the other girls!! As for me I write this letter only to you and if you will be interested I will not communicate to others but if not please inform me so I will start looking for another man ok?? Thank you in advance. This is my e-mail address: mimozka@caseaceonline.com

Have a nice day!! Helena.