Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lopacheva to Michael (Germany)

Letter 1
hello my love Michael! All this time I thought only of you. I am very glad, that we have got acquainted and at once have liked each other. It seems to me, that we are already familiar for a long time. It is very pleasant for me to read your mail. My lovely you likely were asked a question why I have written to you? I have decided to make it because I really like you! Also my mom has a friend. and her daughter has got acquainted through the Internet. Then she corresponded with this person. And now she lives in England with this person. She writes letters each day and she is very glad, that her so was lucky. They now live very happily. I did not think earlier, that such it is possible. But now it has installed in me hopes. I am glad, that such it is possible. How are you, my darling?
I hope everything is OK!
as for me, I'm a little bit sad, because I have a big problem!
as you know I rent a flat!
and this month I haven't got money to give to my hostess, so i don't know what to do!!!!! I need to pay 300$... but this month I have a lot of exams, and I haven't got any money to pay...the next month i'll try to find cheaper flat, but, now I really don't know what to do!I ask my parents to help me, but they told we, that it was my chose to live along, so I need to solve all my problems my self! I haven't got any person, to ask for the help!you are the only one person whom I can ask...
please darling, don't think that I need only your money, because I need only your help!
you are my man, and I really haven't got anybody to ask about! If you don't help me I'll leave in the street! I know that you'll help me!please...I'll give you back all the money, when I'll have them!but now it's very hard time for me...I hope only on you now! Only
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