Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lopacheva to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
hello my pretty!
how are you?
I hope everything is ok with you?!
I didn't receive your letters, where are you?
Do you want to correspond with me? I hope yes, so, please write me, and tell me what were you doing the last days?
I hope to get a letter from you today!
miss you
Letter 2
hello my pretty!
how are you?
now, i'm in the Internet cafe now, but I didn't find a letter from you!
darling I miss you a lot!
please write me!
tell me please how are you been doing for the last days?
kiss you
Letter 3
hello my number one!
what have you been doing all these days? I went to the Internet cafe, and hope to see your letter,but I see nothing :(why?
I hope you just very busy, and can't write me!
today my father has a birthday!so I'm going to visit my parents!I hope we'll pass very good time together!
all my relatives will meet!
and have you got any plans for the weekend? So, I hope to see your letter tomorrow! miss you
Letter 4

Hello,my sweet Grant!
It is so pleasant to find your letter again!I have news for you. I've made today an important decision. I decided to write to you only,but not to another men too,they don't attract me any more!I have chosen you, because I think that we have a lot of similar features of character. you is very clever and interesting men. it easy for me to speak with you.
you know,yesterday, when I was reading a book of Paulo Coelho,i began to think about you and us. I was dreaming about our meeting. What do you think about it?
I like reading very much,but I have another hobby too,i like different sports. especially i like tennis,and I'm playing since i was 10 years old. also I like to dance. I dance in our local show ballet. sometimes we have consents, so it's very interesting for me.
but when i have a free time, I like just to seat at home,to listen to the music,and to cook smth special for my family,such as fruit salads and cakes. they always like my dishes. and what is yours favorite food?what do you do in your free time?
so,have a good day!You gave me a special inspiration, thank you for this!I will be waiting for your answer! P.S. thanks you a lot for the photos! Yulia
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