Scam letter(s) from Christine to Del (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Handsome,I am Christine,And very pleased to have received your email.i just went through your profile and found out we have somethings in common.How are you doing today?what are you doing fr the weekend I Would love to get to know you better if that's not too much of me to ask of you,I am an independent,Self employed ,I must let you know that age and distance are of no importance to me,I find you alluring and fascinating too. Would love to chat and get to know each other better sometime soon, My email address on yahoo is christinesupply@ yahoo. co . Uk and same as IM, Looking forward to reading from you David P.S Don't forget to remove the spaces to get my email right. Stay focus. Christine.
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Age: 27
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Age: 36
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