Scam Letter(s) from Olga Koshkina to Robert (New Zealand)

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Letter 1

Hello my friend Robert!Many thanks, that you have answered me my message on a site! I verypleasantly, simply do not have words! For me it is the firstexperience such dialogue on the Internet, and I hope it will bepleasant!:) If fairly experience of a spelling of the letter at me isnot present, now at all I do not know what to tell!)))You know, in the first turn I to want to apologize! To apologize thatI have a little deceived you - I Russian Robert, and I now to be inRussia, but in the structure have made from New Zealand! I think alsoyou you understand, it was not simple at me other output, it wasimpossible to fill in a structure and to write that I from Russia! Ido not know, whether you will take offence, but again and again I askthe pardon! It is not so pleasant for me, but other output it was notsimple! Has casually encountered a site in searches of acquaintance,has simply seen your structure and it has decided to be registered!But certainly even having read I much about you have not learned yourstructure Robert, but it is possible to learn at our dialogue we abouteach other - if you certainly not against!)Yes my full name Olga, but friends to me frequently to name Oly, andin a place where I to be born all of me to name Tasha! So!)I know, it is interesting to you, why I first of all have decided toget acquainted with the man from other country, and why with moresenior than I! Correctly?You understand Robert, at me that that to not develop attitudes in areality, I do not know why, but I think that simply at me sucheducation! I simply was born to Uzbekistan, and to live in Russia only2 years - and still young men here in Russia what that not such! Theyto not like me, first of all the attitude to girls! And first of allto like me men more skilled are more senior than me, with alreadygenerated person, and in attitudes! You understand me Robert?To want to learn likely and about me it is more yes Robert?? Likelypains about me you learn full representation on my pictures which I tosend you in it the letter! To me of 30 years, I have been nevermarried, I do not have children! My growth of 172 sm and weight of 55kg! Such data!)I live in the Nizhniy Novgorod area the Central Russia in small citySarov - at I think, if you to look on a card it is necessary to findthis city! On a trade I the archeologist, but now work in city studyof local lore a museum, the assistant to branch of painting!:) Workvery interesting by the way!))I hope has presented me a little!))Also that that I have absolutely entered the name, first time to writethe letter and it has turned out such big!) I Hope to you yet have notbothered! I shall wait for your answer Robert and certainly it would bedesirable to learn about you more! Have agreed??Very much I wait!Yours faithfully Oly!

Letter 2

Greetings to you from far Russia Robert!Many thanks to you for the letter, thanks and once again many thanks!)Nevertheless it is simply surprising, Robert at me now simply positiveemotions from your letter! If such dialogue with you Robert is fair, tome to become each time all more interestingly and moreinterestingly!)) For me so it is simple and easy to speak with youletters, it it is really fascinating! And me that the most importantto like to communicate with you! Under your letters I to see, that youreally very interesting the man, and that the most important to me isnow madly keen on dialogue with you!) I Hope Robert you as, I hope thatto you really interestingly with me?))If it is fair, for me in the man always, that first of all isimportant, the person open he is not present! If the person sincere -it is always open, it always to answer interesting questions, and itis interesting to communicate with it! Even so, through letters! Andto want to note, what exactly this openness and honesty I now to seein your letters - me very pleasantly, and know on soul as that easyand so well!)And I understand, you to interest the question why I one? I certainlyhad attitudes Robert, but they have ended, and first of all from formisunderstandings! The long history and if fairly not especially towant to recollect her! And now, for almost 2 years of a life in SarovI here and to not construct attitudes! I to not like especially, to gofor example on discos, in night clubs - where it would be possible tofind the man, I simply to love quieter places! And Robert, I waspossible too constraining for such sharp acquaintances - and havedecided to get acquainted through the Internet! And me you know, verypleasantly, and very much now it is easy to communicate with you, tospeak on any theme - in a life, I am confident so could not!Understand Robert, yes I constraining - but am simple, at me sucheducation! Such I had parents, and and so they have brought up me!Robert and at me to you a question why you to search for attitudes inthe Internet?? At you experience of dialogue already was?Robert I to know that at you the summer is already possible to tell!))you carries! At us on the contrary, every day to become all is colderand colder, soon the winter - and winter in Russia is a lot of snowand strong frosts! Well you likely know Robert yes?))I to search for what attitudes?? So that serious, is tired to be one -to want love, family - you understand? But while to not know how tobuild at all the attitude through the Internet! Very unusually, but itis interesting! Also that the most important Robert you very much tolike me!I now as am usual on work!) Director of a museum to leave now for adepartment of culture of city, and I here is how to see already at itscomputer, and to write to you the letter!)) it is ridiculous?) At ushere collective on work completely female and very good, anybody todirector will not tell, that I to sit down its computer!)Our museum is first of all a small sketch of fauna what to live indistricts! It and a picture of the Nizhniy Novgorod area, and animalswhat here to live! Robert but I these at all am not engaged, as thearcheologist of me have taken for studying an ancient life of city!Now at us on surburb of city of a message small excavation - formermanor rich the man of 16 centuries! To find yet it is a lot of, butwork passes very cautiously, from for it so slowly! I usually once aday to go on a place of excavation, simply I check all - and to goback in a museum! Today since morning already there there was, buttoday very bad weather, therefore have decided works to suspend fortoday!Robert and tell about your work too more in detail - well?Such at me today day Robert!)Yes I love animals Robert and your dog Darky very amusing!)I hope to you interestingly about what to write? Simply I think, whatfor representation about me it is more, I should tell about myself asmuch as possible - correctly?? To want to hear the same story and fromyou! I wait for the letter!)Your girlfriend Oly!

Letter 3

Greetings dear friend Robert!It is very pleasant, that having opened now the email and to see yourletter, it is madly pleasant Robert!:) you Know at me so much positiveemotions from dialogue with you, even difficultly to transfer allwords, but the most important I precisely and clearly can tell - mevery pleasantly! You interesting the man and dialogue with you it arevalid pleasure! I read your letter, certainly transtor translates veryfunny, but I understand all, and to me really pleasantly that youwrite all to me!)) to me is very pleasant, simple I to want totransfer now to you all my emotions from correspondence with you!)In my opinion, for really strong attitudes, the man and the womanshould learn first of all to the friend to the friend, and with eachletter from you, I understand, what exactly correspondence to allowthis opportunity! That is why to fall attitudes the man and the woman?First of all they to learn each other already during attitudes whenthey to create pair whom that that that to not like in the partner,there are quarrels, conflicts and as result of the attitude to stop!And under letters it is possible to learn really the person, tounderstand who it, that thinks, that feels, what interests at him andtastes! Robert you agree with me?? Just now, from the beginning ourcorrespondence I have understood what to communicate through theInternet it is really excellent way of acquaintance! What do you thinkof my ideas Robert? And certainly I not the psychologist to learn theperson only through that that it to write, through ideas - but me tolike all that you to speak and how to tell about yourself! With eachletter I really to have it is more and more and more representationabout you! It of me so to carry away, away dialogue with you! I totell to you once again - Robert you very interesting the man!))) a smallcompliment!You know also I to write down now in mine your writing-book theaddress, huge to you thanks for him! You to speak, if I shall allow toyou my address, you can find me on the Internet?? Very interestingly,now to write the address and if it is possible to find me and you youcan send me this picture! It would be desirable to look at the cityfrom above!)The Nizhniy Novgorod AreaCity SarovStreet Railway the house 43 structure 5, an apartment 21Robert and you forgive, I understand, that frequently I am late withanswers to you, but I really to write to you only when my chief is notpresent also I can sit down its computer!) you Understand? The chiefcertainly knows, that I to sit down its computer, but I to it to speakwhat simply to look the information on work in the Internet!)) But ifI am fair very much I try, and even now the chief only already, and Ialready to write to you the letter!)))Robert a place where I to work, the museum - very much to like me! Youagree what the best work what to do with desire - I am right? At youit as? To me really to like to work now here, even you imagine haveincluded in office loud music, to play a disk with classical music,and an atmosphere here simply tremendous! In a museum at us basicallyall personnel female, and only the security guard the man, but it towork only at night! And so I with all in excellent attitudes! Forgive,I was again started talking about work!) And certainly I to have avacation! Only to not take them since that moment when began to workhere - almost 2 years! Simply a vacation could not be taken! To do tome by one there is nothing Robert!I spoke you, at me here in Sarov very little familiar, and only uniquegirlfriend Nataly - we together with it work, and she really very muchhas helped me when I to move here! And so tonight we again with itshall go to fitness a hall - both of us with it, very to love sports,and always only for - for maintenance the good physical form!)At me usually day and passes, work, fitness a hall, and the house! Athome simply to prepare for a supper in the evening, to look a few TV,I shall play on a guitar - and all! And pass my days! Anythinginteresting!?) I think yes!)Forgive, absolutely has already entered the name, likely has botheredalready to you with the huge letters - correctly?)))) I Shall wait nowyour letter and to wish you good week and excellent mood!With huge respect Oly!



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