Romance scam letter(s) from Marina Sofronova to Gregory (Australia)
Letter 1

Hi my dear.
My dear, I write you with that wish that you have answered immediately. As very much want to read, your letters. Your letters as air without which to not live in this world. I want to write to you about last bell which pass at all pupils on the termination of academic year. Has guided me on this letter that when I today passed near school, there passed last bell. This such joyful event for pupils because it designates that summer vacations have come. Summer vacations proceed at us in Russia 3 months. These are those 3 months when it is not necessary to go to school, it is not necessary to do homework, it is not necessary to wake up in 6.30 mornings to not be late in school. I want to tell to you about that as I went to school and about my last bell after leaving school.
I have gone to school since 6 years. I any more do not remember what I was in these years, but one I not when shall not forget it September, 1 when I have gone to school. I have even photo but it is a pity that it cannot be sent you as it is made on a usual film. I as well as all children in our class studied well. As mum tells to me, I had marks only 5. I do not know as at you but 5 it is the maximum point. The ambassador when I have passed in 10 class studied in a mathematical class. In this class paid attention to training of mathematics more. Dear you would know as it difficultly and hardly when per one week it happens mathematics of 12 lessons, when in other usual classes only 6 lessons in one week of mathematics. But most of all I liked a subject which referred to as " the History of the world " it so interestingly. At this lesson to us told about the different states, about wars which passed. I was disaccustomed perfectly well. I very much liked that time when I went to school. I and now would like that time, I very much grieve on that time.
When I have finished 11 classes, it is so much classes to us necessary to study, at us last bell was. This day all girls dress the school form, and boys dress, trousers, a jacket, a white shirt and a tie. All schoolboys gather on the area before school. The principal congratulates all on the termination of academic year and graduates with leaving school. The director at us was such sentimental, that after each speech at him tears flew. The ambassador began to congratulate the teacher, class teachers. Especially I liked a concert which passed after their speech., the guy which was finishing this holiday studied in my class, it bore on shoulders the small girl which was disaccustomed only the first class and in a hand at it the handbell which she last bell was submitted. I shall present usually only that guy which it was disaccustomed perfectly well and the girl which has ended 1 class with distinction. So has passed my last bell.
Dear and at you pass such holiday? Tell to me about the study at school. I very much want to learn about it.
Yours Marina.
Letter 2

Dear, Greg!!!
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. Probably, you have considered my profile in agency, and have received some information concerning me. Anyhow I shall tell slightly about myself. Probably I shall forget something. But you should excuse me since I worry slightly. So, I one of many Russian ladies who search for the love. I am 25 ears old, but I never was married and I have no children. Now I have no the satellite on life. My trade - the hairdresser. I work on one of the most prestigious hairdressing saloons in our city. Some years back I have finished university. I have the diploma of the expert in public relations. Unfortunately, I could not find work on the speciality. But I do not regret about it since I have good work. Now I live together with mine mum and daddy. We live in an own two-room apartment. I live in a separate room. We live in city of Zvenigovo, Mari-El, Russia. It near cities Yoshkar-Ola and Kazan. My city is on a coast of the river Volga. If it will be interesting to you, you can find it on a map of Russia. It is very beautiful, but small city.
As to my hobbies... I very active person. Very much I love sports. Now I am engaged in aerobics. Almost each day after work I visit a sports hall. In the mornings I make jog. It gives me vivacity for forthcoming day. And also helps to support my body on a high level. I love a healthy way of life. I do not smoke. Sometimes, with friends I visit cafe. I am not the supporter of alcohol, but I can drink on holidays in a close circle of the friends slightly. What you think of my way of life? You love sports? As you treat to alcohol and smoking. I not against if you smoke. I think, that it is a personal choice of each person. I very much like to look through good films. I am the admirer of cinema. Mine are loved a genre it is a melodrama and historical films, but I with pleasure look also other films. My main requirement it that film was high quality. I love music various, but the requirement same as well as to films. My hobby is reading classical literature also. I very much love Pushkin's and Lermontov's creativity. It very much interests me. In the last time I began to study the English language actively. What you think of it? You understand what I write?:-)))
On these lines I stop the letter. I shall give you more information on in my following letter. I send you some the images that you could see me. I very much hope that you will like it. With impatience I wait for your following letter and your images. Good-bye.
Sincerely yours Marina.
Letter 3

Hello, my dear Greg!
How are you? What weather at you in city? In our city today very warm weather. It is unusual to this season. The sun shines and everywhere snow thaws. I am in fine mood. To me it becomes even more joyful, when I write you this letter. Very much it would be desirable, that at you would be the same pleasure in soul when you will read my message. I hope, that you will be glad to receive this letter. Now I have finished the working day. There were very many clients, but I am absolutely not tired. After work I have hurried in Internet - cafe to write to you. You liked my images? With this letter I send you some more photo. I shall tell slightly about the family. My mum name is Sofronova Ludmila Nikolaevna. Her profession is teacher. She works in one of city schools. She teaches in the senior classes. Now to her 49 years old. My mum is very good and fair person. I very much respect her for these qualities of character. My dad name is Sofronov Nikolay Aleksandrovich. His profession is the lawyer. He works on branch of the big business concern. He should work since early morning and till the late evening. He very much occupied person. My father is very much dear person in our small city. Unfortunately he very much frequently should leave for business trips. But it is his work, and he carries out it excellently. I am the only child of my parents. Since early years they gave me all love and tenderness. I am very grateful to them for it. I very much like and I respect the parents. We have very amicable and strong family. My father very much loves mine iao, and she loves him. They always cared about each other and supported each other in the most difficult periods of life. I dream of finding the same loving and true husband, as my daddy.
I shall continue the story about myself... My friends speak about me that I am very romantic and kind person. I agree with this statement. At least, I try to be kind to all. My parents brought up in me such character traits as honesty and purposefulness. I try to not disappoint them. I want, that they were pleased to that have brought up the good person. I can not disappoint them. I very much do not like when me deceive. Most of all I do not love lie and treachery. These are very bad qualities in the person. For me it is disgusting to communicate with those people which lie to me. If I shall find out, that me have deceived, I stop all contacts to this person. Because sooner or later he will deceive again.I the barber and very much love the work.
Unfortunately I stop this letter since it is time to me to go. Now I shall go home. After supper I am going to visit a sports hall. At me today training on aerobics, and I am afraid to be late for it. I wish you all good. Very much I wait for your new letter.
Answer me, please. With sincere respect. Yours Marina.
Letter 4

Hi my love Greg.
My dear I today want to write to you about our weather because the sun and at me very good mood today shines, I today have woken up and when have seen that the sun that I even in the street shines has smiled because I was bothered with this cold of winter. I would want that was faster warmly. My lovely Greg certainly it is not very warm yet but becomes already warmer than in the winter, it from may for that that I love you??? Because my love to you and your love to me, heat heart and soul, and with this feeling it is very good me because everyone of women in the world would dream that she who not be I liked think as men dream of it, and to us with you was lucky because we like each other and we think of that as though to us with you will meet and believe me I think that our meeting will be very fast because heart without love may not live, I think that you understand. My dear I it is very happy that I have met you because I always dreamed about such to the man as you Greg, I think that your love similar to mine because the love this feeling of heart and this feeling of heart may not is strong will be distinguished, the love certainly happens different but all the same love of the woman to the man or men to the woman they are similar, because this love lives in heart. And my heart full love to you I even think that my love will suffice us with you for two lol. My dear I hope that to you pleasantly to read my letters full love and tenderness to you, I now can not write to you any more about what except for that that I love you madly and very much I miss, because, I would want that you felt my love even if you very far from me. I would want that you woke up and I felt that beside though certainly I shall far but my love always near to you. My dear I hope that when not be very soon we with you we shall be together, I very much want it I want to embrace you when we shall sleep I want to wake up since morning and to feel your kisses and all your tenderness, I would dream that you when I came home that always to you was going to eat and you not when would not regret that we with you together. My dear believe me it will be so. Very many kilometers of water are very a pity to me that between us, but it for us with you not a problem because for two loving people speak that there are no barrier. My dear it is my ideas about love. I hope that you think as?????
My lovely write to me as has passed your day to me very interestingly to learn about your day because I do not know as you you will spend the days. My dear write to me please I shall wait your letters because your letters for me as a drink of fresh air. My lovely do not overlook that I love you and each day I wait your letters. My dear I hope that at you all well, and after my letter at you will think of me lol. My dear I now shall stop to write this letter and I shall wait for your answer. My lovely I love you madly. Bye my love Greg Yours and only yours Marina.
Letter 5

Dear I write you the letter, with tears on eyes. The reason for that the person with which, I am going to continue all subsequent life, have not congratulated me On BIRTHDAY. Dear I so waited for the letter with a congratulation, but has not seen it. Yesterday at me birthday was, it began for me to the most sad. I almost that all day have lead in the Internet of cafe pending congratulations, but eilf from there in tears. Parents, girlfriends, even the chief has congratulated and you are not present, why? You have overlooked about me? I not when not might think that road to me the person may to overlook about my birthday. It was the greatest affliction in my life. That I should the most insulting of one your letter, I write you always try to answer all your questions, and you have not recollected my birthday.
Even now when I write you that at me tears on eyes. Whether when I was called by parents and asked you have congratulated me, I did not know that to them to answer. Yesterday for me it was the most difficult question. I always thought that for border men loving, respecting, not that at us in Russia, but I was possible strongly was mistaken. I you see write you to one, I do not have not whom more. Or you are possible write much that have forgotten about mine birthday.
All right on it I shall finish the letter.While.
Letter 6

Good day, my dear Greg!
How you today? At me all is fine. Now I am in Internet - cafe and I drink coffee. It very much warms me since weather is not becomes better. I thought of you much. I planned all day, that I shall write to you today. But, I am afraid, that I will not have no time for all it. My time in Internet - cafe is limited. But I shall write to you later. Probably, tomorrow.
Today I had very difficult day at work. I am slightly tired. With impatience I wait for week-end. Probably I shall oversleep all week-end.:-) I have joked. It is impossible. I do not know why, but I can not sleep long time in week-end. And on the contrary, want to sleep before dinner in week-days. It is very amusing. By the way, in 2 weeks I shall have holiday. Now I plan how I shall spend it. While I have no concrete plans for this time. It will last about one month. I am very glad to this circumstance. I am sure that I shall think up something interesting to my holiday. You may give me council about it? How you would spend this time? I am sure that you would think up something. It is interesting to me to hear your opinion.
I very much like to consult on you. It is very important for me since I want to know your opinion. You not against? I feel, that between us there is a trust and mutual understanding. It is very pleasant for me, since this most important in relations between the man and the woman. I think, that without these feelings it is not necessary and to start a marriage. All the same it in anything will not result. We should help each other in all. In spite of the fact that we may have very difficult days. We should not be egoists. The most important is care about each other. The husband and the wife should be as two half of single whole. The family should be strong similarly to a rock. You agree? I very much hope that you support my belief. Correspondence may not give us full representation about each other. I think, that it only began serious relations. But it gives us a surprising opportunity to be prepared for forthcoming meeting. If we approach each other this meeting should be held. All depends on that, how many time for this purpose is necessary. But it is very important step in our life. Correspondence gives us a lot of advantage. Because at a meeting we shall have already huge quantity of the information. But we can accept the final decision only at personal meeting.
Again I should finish the letter. It is very a pity, but it is time to me to go home. I hope that it was interesting to you to read that I think concerning creation of family. It will be interesting to me to learn your opinion on it. Write to me more soon please. With impatience I wait for your letter. Gentle embraces and kisses for you from yours Marina. Good-bye.
Letter 7

Good evening, my dearest Greg!
I very much missed on you. Also has again come in cafe to write to you the new letter. How you today? I hope that at you all is very good. Today, after work, I visited a sports hall, and now I am in little bit tired condition. But I have fine mood. It is very good, since I would not like to write to you with bad mood. I very much do not want that you worried about me. I very much do not like, when relatives for me people worry and upset. But, I have fine mood, and I hope that you have it also. Today at night I long time thought of our relations. I was visited with very pleasant and romantic dreams. In these dreams were only you and I. I dreamed that it would be very good to carry spend a free time together. Today in the morning at breakfast I have told about our relations to my family.
My parents were slightly surprised. But I have told him that you very decent person and that our relations for me are very important. I have told him that you very interesting the man. It was very interesting to them to listen to my story. I spoke my parents about your letters and on how we have got acquainted. It is very unusual to them, but they have supported me. They have approved my choice. Also they have asked me to transfer you the warm words and wishes of good luck. Want to admit that me very much disturbed how my parents will consider this. But to my pleasure they not against our relations. On the contrary, they have wished good luck us happiness. They as well as I hope that at us with you all to turn out and we we shall have happy family.
My dear Greg, I feel, that today I shall think long of you and about our relations. I hope, that it is pleasant for you to know about it. It is very pleasant for me, when I dream that you reflect on me also. In your dreams there are plans about our joint future? I finish this letter. If I have not answered some your questions can promise, that necessarily I shall answer in the following letters. And now I should finish. As always, gentle embraces and kisses for you. Good bye.
Yours Marina.
Letter 8

HI Mine Greg.
It is a pity to me, that I do not answer you at once, but please remember, I can not always To answer immediately. It is so pleasant, that you continue to write to me, I see, that you am serious Are interesting in our communication. And I am pleased, that I am not mistaken in you, and I am pleased, that you are Really very strong person. And the whole my life of which I expected such guy, I should May be the sensitive and devoted partner. It is so pleasant, that I - not one so was a lot of now because I know, that there is a person on other part of the world who thinks of me! I want to be for my beloved person the best friend and the special beloved also.. I am a woman who may laugh and to cry with to embrace, embrace and kiss at any time.. I am a woman who likes to go to dinner or a film or only to remain at home and the cook together. The woman who likes to take a foamy bath together or only observes TV. The woman who likes to shop together for clothes and the foodstuffs or things for a house. The woman who likes to laugh and not, argues. The woman who likes to show my feelings... Both likes to decorate good and it is convenient in the worker Costume to a skirt to lingerie. My dear Greg It is so pity, that we not together now.... I want to go with you in connection with park and to hold each other very sensitive a hand among a ringlet.But I believe my dear, that is very fast we shall meet and we shall be together.
Good Greg!
Letter 9

Hello my dear Greg.
It is very glad, that I have an opportunity to write to you the new letter. How at you an affair? I very much missed your letter and Alltime thought of you. While I thought of prospect of this letter, ithas cast over me some ideas. I all time think of how we will have afurther future. Whether there will be we sometime... Whether there will be we together on the present... That us expects ahead... Whether I can hope that you really will grow fond of me and will become my unique and loved by the man. But I hope... The hope dies last. Perhaps you can answer me these questions. I could not answer. I want to write about love. I want to write about that feeling which in a word to describe am unreal. I want to tell about the main thing in the world. I want to tell a small history. We frequently know that love somewhere beside. We people do not notice one. That if also we search for this love she never will come, she you see a wind. It is able to give pleasure. Or to bring grief. What for we like.
What for we go on an eternal corridor leaving afar?. We lock ourselves in a regal cage.Where we leave all our problems and the most important, that never will die. We leave soul in this cage. And then there is a person.Which breaks this cage and takes away your soul. Brings in soul happiness. But passes time. And the person understands that pursued happiness, and has caught only a shadow of happiness. We search for love. And then we run from it. We run because we understand that she may be artful, bringing pleasure, or a pain, the love may be passion.WHAT FOR WE LIKE TO ESCAPE FROM LOVE? You agree with me Greg I hope not too you have tired with the reasonings. I for a long time wanted to share with someone the feelings, but, unfortunately, nobody was close. There was no such person to whom I might tell about it. You understand me? I hope, that understand. I shall tell slightly about my country. Russia - very big and beautiful country. I very much love a local nature and with pleasure sometimes I leave for city slightly to have a rest from city vanity. I very much would like to tell to you a lot of good about Russia, but I can not since to live at us very difficultly. To support itself and the family to have to work very much. I the happy person since I have good work. Many Russians have no work. Till many years they search to themselves for livelihood and agree to any earnings. Though life at usvery complex very much to like me my country. On the sly here all changes for the better. People not so such malicious and severe,however at us very much a high level of criminality. Till evenings it is very dangerous to go in lonely places. At us very many various night clubs, shops, hotels and all other, that is necessary for people. On the sly the city to become more civilized and pure. Private business very quickly develops. It reduces a rate of unemployment. It is all in general.
If you are interested with something particularly ask.
I hope you will not be disappointed by my letter and you test to me the same feelings.
I hope for your fast reply. Always your Marina.
Letter 10

Hi, honey Greg!
Every morning I open my eyes and think about you. And I run to work again with the hope to get your letter. So at last I am able to read it and to write you, my dearest. Isn't it happiness? The only thing makes me sad is that you are so far away from me.
I want to share my life with you, I want to be always with you, to feel your warmth and care. May be it seems strange for you, we haven't met with you in the real life, we have only letters which I cherish but I have the feeling that we know each another for ages. Hope you are not scared with all these and you understand me. The most important in the relations between two people, man and woman, love, of course, mutual understanding, respect. Two people should trust each another at first, understand, care about each another. His life will be my life and I will give him all my love, care and tenderness. Let's fantasy a little bit. Imagine: night, romance, we are alone in the room, we turn on the music and dance slowly. I look into your eyes, they are so deep and you look in mine, they are full of emotions. I see your lips, so soft and I want to kiss them. We love each another and the minute is an eternity.Or so. you are coming back from work. I am waiting for you. I have cooked a very tasty dinner and we are sitting at the table, you tell me the news, about your work and I am just listening to you. I don't need anything else. I just enjoy the moments I spend with you. Then we go to the living room and watch the movie. We are sitting on the sofa, hugging and kissing. Just the calm evening. Or so.weekend, we are cooking breakfast for our children, they are running near us - a boy and a girl. After breakfast we are going to walk, we are having picnic, then we are going to see our friends and we come back home tired but so happy. We spent a day with our family. Children are sleeping already and we are alone. We are making love and the whole night is not enough for us. Tomorrow one more week will begin and it will be even better. Well, enough with my dreams.
I believe that you are my second half and the destiny helped us to meet. It is our chance to be happy and we can't miss it. It would be unfair. I understand that we don't know each another for long time and we haven't met but I don't care. I just know what I feel inside and my heart tells me everything. I would never believe that I could fall in love with the person I have never met in the real life. But now I have experienced it and I believe in it. Everything could happen in this life. And there is nothing strange in it. I need to tell you one thing. It is really very important for me. But I need to know that you trust me. You shouldn't have any concerns about me. I don't deserve it. I have only serious intentions about you. Just write me that you trust me and I will be not scared to tell you this. I need to tell you this, because it is very hard to feel it inside and not be able to tell you. Please, dear tell me, that you trust me and that you don't think that I am weird. It is not so, I am just very sensitive and sensual person. And you mean everything for me in my life. I just can't imagine my life without you anymore. I will better die than lose you. My life will be empty without you, it will have no meaning. I will think about it tonight and will write you about my feelings tomorrow. Please, be honest with me and write me your thoughts. Do you trust me? Take care, honey. You are in my heart. Thousands kisses.
Yours forever Marina.
Letter 11

Dear Greg!
How are you? I am fine. I thought of you constantly also. Thank you for very beautiful letters. Before that how to write this letter I some times re-read your last letters. It is very beautiful. I can not believe that has found such the man as you, my dear. I imagine about the silent evenings which have been spent together also. I dream of it constantly. In my heart to be created something unimaginable from that moment as I have fallen in love with you! Ever since has lost my heart rest, but, that it is interesting to find him again does not want! I want to shout to you about it always, since morning when we wake up, in the afternoon when awfully I miss you or in the evening. Greg, you became my necessity, need, need and all to a volume similar!
Without you I would not like anything, even to live! I would like to see and embrace you always, always, in the summer, in the winter, an autumn, and in the spring so it is especial! Your voice, each night comes in my dreams and, waking up, the first of what I think is about you. Whether it refers to as as love? I was struck with your emotional cleanliness, your honesty, kindness and understanding. I now so am overflown with feelings, that it seems, that heart is ready to become torn from emotions, and the soul is ready to escape and fly to you. I fall asleep and I wake up with an idea on you, I kiss you in a photo when I fall asleep, whole when I wake up, whole as soon as I remain with you in ideas alone. I very much want to hear your voice to feel you near to myself through such distance... I try to present, that you do at present. I never on anybody, except for the relatives so did not miss never as it is pleasant:)))) it Is pleasant to know, that of you think, you remember for some thousand kilometers from you... I so have become missed of you, my sweet, you to yourself simply do not imagine. Very much - very much, strongly - is strong. When all this will be terminated? And this expectation, indefinitely lasting minutes... When your heart rather huge, seems, that almost feels him, so it is full of love. When suddenly suddenly it would be desirable to speak, tell to you everything, that you feel. Why you are not present close? Simply it would be desirable to nestle on you to feel your force, to feel such fragile in your strong embraces, simply to be dissolved. Our love should bear all barrier and griefs. And when we shall meet, we necessarily shall find our lost souls which in any way may not will calm down in the Internet, yes? Greg, you do not imagine, as you are dear to me.... You such far and such close simultaneously. You are far only on distance, but always at me under heart. Mar
Letter 12

Hello Greg.
My dear, thanks you, that you every day answer on my letters. It is pleasant very much for me. I want to thank you, that after the heavy working day you nevertheless sit for a computer and write to me. I very much appreciate it. And thanks, that you too appreciate my letters to you. You know, your letters for me mean much, each your word is pleasant for me. When, I read your letter, I understand, that I for you the closest person. It is pleasant for me to know it. I have many friends, among them is guys who concern to me are not indifferent. But I do not answer them reciprocity because I have you! I received before the letter, but nobody wrote to me such as you write. Your letters especial, each of them differs from another and it would be desirable to read them again and again. You likely and itself know, how it is pleasant to know, that you are necessary for someone in this world, that you live not only for the sake of yourself, and for the sake of that person too. In fact he cannot normally live if you will not be! I wake up in the morning and I know, that tonight I shall necessarily receive the letter from you. It charges me positive energy for all day. I want to tell again to you thanks for it my dear Greg! You already so are a lot of letters to me have written, that even if I shall not receive the letter from you today I I shall know, that I shall receive it tomorrow. I miss on you very much. But as for a long time we would not correspond, all this equally to stop and stop only then., when we at last shall meet. I not so suffer in a that occasion that we shall not have children. I very friendly person, seem to me that your children will grow fond of me. But in too time I suffer that they may against our relations.
I want, that we have more likely met, and not because I do not want to write, that is why, that I want more likely you to embrace, touch your body, to feel your affinity really!
I hope, that this meeting will not keep waiting for a long time. With love, yours Marina.
Letter 13

Dear Greg.
I am very glad to receive messages from you. With your messages to me there comes desire to live in this world. I do not present that was with me if you have ceased to write to me. I each day come in the Internet of cafe to see your words. In your words I see love to me. As I am very glad that I began to write to you. At last I have found happiness, this happiness you.
Greg you do not imagine what pleasure for me to know that you soon will come to me. Not for a long time I went to travel agency to learn how many it is necessary money and what documents should be made for arrival. It appears to arrive to me to you it is necessary the visa, the passport for travel abroad, a medical card. Most likely and the same documents are necessary for your arrival. For me it to manage in 1200 dollars, but for you it most likely is less. Today I shall go anew and in the other message I shall write that is necessary for us will leave to you when you will come to me.
I road do not have phone but if you will send the phone number I shall try to call to you. It would be possible to call to me on work but the chief swears. Speaks that the phone the worker instead of to stir.
My dear if you want to send me something on my letter box.That to do it better is not necessary, because now such time when many people send the friend the friend gifts and your surprise for me may be lost. You likely know, that our mail not so is modern as yours.But if you strongly wish me to send something you may do on it on the address of my grandfather.He works on mail and consequently he will look after, that it has fallen into in my hands.The truth my grandfather lives in the other city and consequently I not at once can take away it. But I in case shall give her address. You may send on her user's box: an index - 425570,republic - Mari El, settlement Paran'ga, Glawpochtamt a user's box 10. or on her address:425570, republic Mari El, settlement Paran'ga, street Novaya-12, apartment-11 . for name Mingazutdinov R.G. when my grandfather will receive it he will put it to herself home. As I visit the grandfather once a month I it can take away not at once.
I hope you all have understood, that I here have written.
Lovely I it is very glad that your daughter will accept me. You only do not experience that yours the son will be against our attitudes. It all the same when or will understand that we like each other. When it will see as we shall be happy, it to be measured. Dear and let's make repair on kitchen and in a bath when we shall be together. To me very much to like to do repair to change rooms. But if you do not want to wait that I shall advise you, kitchen to make so that were more than red color. It is very beautiful. In a bath I should advise that as I did not see her. The most complex is bathing. Because when you wake up go in bathing and first of all she should give you mood. If she will be gloomy that so will pass all day. But it is especial important for ladies. In this case it would be good to ask a daughter.
On it I shall finish the message I wait for your answer.
Letter 14

Hello Greg.
You know, today at me fine mood! I at all do not know, why it, but so it is good me today! I so strongly would like to live and receive a maximum of pleasure from a life! I want to please with each minute of this day! It so is fine. Probably it so because I have you - my most dear and most favourite person in the world. I hopelessly love you both anybody and nothing can spoil today to me mood! I love you my sweet Greg! I want to shout these words for the whole world! I want that all knew as far as I today am happy. My love to you is not present equal, and I am sure in it. Today in the morning I have woken up also the sun directly I shined from a window at bed. It so has encouraged me, that I at once have woken up. I went for work and was pleased to the world surrounding to me, I smiled also some passers-by is surprised looked at me. I have left on street and have sighed fresh frosty air which has come in me as energy. I now go full of vital energy. Even casual passers-by, having seen me have started to smile, I saw as at them too was cheered up. I was glad to this. I very much would like, that you then were with me and looked at me with a happy smile! I want to embrace you very strong. I want to kiss and I want, that you were always with me and were happy! This my strongest desire, and it remain such all my life. I want to share with you each moment of my life. Now both of us know as strongly we like each other and whether we want to lead the next years our lives together. We need to meet more likely! So it is hurt to me to recollect that I cannot pay for myself trip up to you. It so is sad, that I would not like to recollect it. But without you I cannot present the life. I think, that too it is difficult for you without me and we should solve the prob Greg on our meeting more likely. I shall wait for your letter.
Letter 15

Hello my lovely Greg!!!!!
How your day??I am still very glad to write to you letters.My mood becomes always better when I see From you the answer rises, when I finish to work and at me the free time is given out what to go in Internet - cafe And to write to you the letter.After long and difficult day it is very pleasant for me to sit and write the letter for you my love.We become closer, when I sit for the computer and I see your letter.I know, that now you are pleased, because Read my letter. To me becomes so well when I know,that you feel pleasant sensations.I want always To bring to you only pleasure.You my unique love Greg!!!! I am ready to lead with you all mine Life.And last day in my life I would like to lead only with you my Greg.I am happy,that have found In you the love,I love you and I shall shout about this love always and everywhere.Because I can not keep mine The love in itself, she is so great.
My dear I wait that time when in our city will be warm because I the last year some times per one week We with girlfriends went on edge of city what to meet a sunset.I want to absorb in myself each beam of the sun,What to give you all heat which I store for you my dear Greg!!!I incredibly like a picture Dying away sun.It is tremendous beauty when all around becomes bright red and all world in a flash Varies up to unrecognizability.At the moment of a sunset in our world there comes more love and magics.As though army Kind and cheerful gnomes it is lowered to us from heavens and lights up our life by a particle of happiness.You see feel that Most?It seems to me yes!!!
I sometimes itself am surprised to those feelings which have overflowed me.My love to you Has reserved my attitude to life and fortunately.I can not make anything with myself,I LOVE YOU Greg!!!! But I do not want to change myself.I love you and it very much is pleasant to me.I like to feel your heat,it is pleasant to me To care of you.I like to know,that you love me.And distance between us had no value earlier,but Now I think that it is very big problem, certainly it very much is not fair that we with you not together therefore What is the persons which like each other should be together and we are prevented only by distance,our happiness with you Divide what that kilometers of water why my dear in this life all so not fairly if you want to be with Me and I want to be with you and we not together it very much very much very much very much is not fair.It is now very difficult for me,Because you are far from me, but I have assistants, it is your love and my dreams of ours with you the future.
I speak you thank for that that you gave me these feelings because I thought what not when and there is nobody can like And to trust in that that there is a love in this world between the man and the woman. But now I am sure that the love is, and this The present love is very fine, I am madly glad that you are at me, and I know that you too are glad to that that at you is I, it so?? My lovely I is ready on all what we with you were together and you know it I are sure.
Sometimes to me there comes such intolerable grief, that I do not know, that to me to do, what to overcome her to me there will be no all words of Russian and the English language what to the full to describe to you my love to you Greg!!! I might write to still more very many, but I unfortunately should go home and to be going to eat I do not know that I shall be going but I think what not be that quickly cooks because I today do not want long to be going, because there is no you beside. Love me mine Greg!!!! And I shall love you all heart!!!! I wish to you my lovely good day and kind dreams when you will sleep, do not overlook that I think only of you almost ?? day,I now badly sleep at night because I hope that this night I sleep last time one,and tomorrow we shall be together,but it Tomorrow does not come to me and I am very much upset. But my hopes and dreams and love this only thing that at me are Now about you. My dear I shall finish to write to you about it and I shall wait for your answer.
Bye my love.
Letter 16

hello my dear
I write you this message warn that can not to write to you yet will not pass days off. In the Internet of cafe do check of the equipment because of it it some time will not work. I am very much afflicted because of it that can not to write to you. I do not present myself that will come to wait for these 2 days. For me it there will be longest days. I hope to see your message when I shall come in cafe after repair.
Your Marina.
Letter 17

My dear Greg.
How your day was??? In me today not so good mood, but I do not know why May because of that that we with you are not present together because I, each day would dream, that our meeting was faster, but all the same we does not meet, also I hope that we when not to be we shall meet, only I do not know, when, I think, that you also do not know, because me so understand that our meeting on you does not depend, and she depends, on which as will develop destiny, and concerning us will help the god then we shall be together,but the most pleasant today was for me to see your letter which you have written to me my dear Greg! It always pleasant for me to read your letters. A lot of letters, which you to me write more in them to like, it very much, pleasantly to me.
My love to you strengthens each day. I have very much changed during that time when we with you are copied in the Internet.I began to notice beauty of character more. Earlier I did not think, it is simply possible to stand and to observe magnificence of character within the limits of several hours. My soul became more poetic and sensual. It - your quality mine loved Greg!!!!
I am very pleased to this. Now in our city already warmly but certainly in the evening all the same it - is a little colder,but I all the same very much like to look at landscapes of character. In the street it is very good. Birds also as I to each beam of years of the warm sun. In our city it - is a lot of birds. It is very good, because birds bring to pleasure of people. In the spring when character in Russia wakes up winter dream of a bird the first, arrive from the southern countries also bring the message, that will arrive very soon in the spring. In Russia there is a statement, they are birds to bring spring on wings and a share with all world high temperature which they have brought. It - very good statement and she very much it is a lot of pleasant to me because according to all laws of character it lets out the truth.
I very much love you my dear Greg, and I want to be with you mine fine!!! At last weather began from my city to change for better. The sun and more in the street shines, so it is cold, as was earlier. I am very pleased to this.
Because of it which my mood became better, but to me however, is sad without you my love.
Now I should speak good-bye to you Greg!!! bye my love!!!
Letter 18

My dear Greg.
How your day was??? In me today not so good mood, but I do not know why May because of that that we with you are not present together because I, each day would dream, that our meeting was faster, but all the same we does not meet, also I hope that we When not to be We shall meet, only I do not know, when, I think, that you also do not know, because me so understand that our meeting on you does not depend, and she depends, on which as will develop destiny, and concerning us will help the god then we shall be together,but the most pleasant today was for me to see your letter which you have written to me my dear Greg! It - always pleasant for me to read your letters. A lot of letters, which you to me write more in them to like, it very much, pleasantly To me. My love to you strengthens each day. I have very much changed during that time when we with you are copied in the internet.I began to notice beauty of character more. Earlier I did not think, it is simply possible to stand and to observe magnificence of character within the limits of several hours. My soul became more poetic and sensual. It - your quality mine Loved Greg!!!!
Thanks you for your new photos. It very much pleases me. I like to receive your photos. Whether you have a plenty of the photos on a computer? You will send me it? I shall be very glad to receive your photos. You are very beautiful and sexual the man. It is very pleasant.
I am very pleased to this. Now in our city already warmly but certainly in the evening all the same it - is a little colder,but I all the same very much like to look at landscapes of character. In the street it is very good. Birds also as I liked to each beam of years of the warm sun. In our city it - is a lot of birds. It is very good, because birds Bring to Pleasure of people. In the spring when character in Russia wakes up winter dream of a bird the first, arrive from the southern countries also bring the message, that will arrive very soon in the spring. In Russia there is a statement, they are birds To bring Spring on wings and a share with all world high temperature which they have brought. It - very good statement and she very much It is a lot of Pleasant to me because according to all laws of character it lets out the truth.
I very much love you my dear Greg, and I want to be with you mine fine!!! At last weather began from my city to change for better. The sun and more in the street shines, so it is cold, as was earlier. I am very pleased to this.Because of It which my mood became better, but to me however, is sad without you my love.Now I should speak good-bye to you Greg!!! bye my love!!! Yours!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 19

Hello my dear Greg!!!!
How your day?? I hope that all well, at me too all is good because I have you, and I continue to dream of our meeting,and I hope that it happen.
I am very glad, that I again can sit at the computer and write to you the letter. I very much like to do it because,sitting for the computer I become closer to you mine Greg! When I now write you the letter I present as you read this letter and your heart am filled by love to me because I try in each word written in this letter to add a particle of my love to you and a part of my soul. I always care of you.It is important for me, that with you always all would be good.How at you weather?I today wanted to take a walk on park of my city and to dream of you mine Greg,I very much want to take a walk on a nature together with you my dear.It will be fine when I can take you For a hand and to press you to itself.I many times represented our affinity in my dreams. Sometimes my dreams seem so real, that I begin to be raised and shiver,I feel as you touch me.But then I understand, that it was any delusion and that actually you are very far from me my loved.It is very difficult for me to realize, that we with you are divided with such big distance. But in spite of on anything I shall be with you because I love you!!!!!! Today in the morning I have woken up with fine mood. For some reason it seemed to me, that today fine day and all will be good, and when I have looked in a window and have seen that in the sky the sun that I very much shines was delighted, my mood at once became even better, because these beams of the sun have forced me to smile, I have felt the big pleasure because I without you very much do not have heat and tenderness, and I now am glad to each beam of the sun, and when there is no the sun it happens me very much very sadly. But I today since morning have not left because I have included the TV set and there there was a fine program about wild animals,I very much like such programs.Because in them always tell very interestingly. There is all animal very clever and sharp, and they are similar to people because they too are pleased to good day, light of the sun, and simply lived day. There showed a lot of animal and told that as they live, as small animals are born, about that as they grow, I frequently look such transfers by the TV set, and it is pleasant to me. You look transfers by the TV set??? And then when transfer was terminated I ate and has come here because I very strongly with was missed on you and have decided to write to you this letter. Mine Greg write to me, that love me, it is always pleasant for me to read these words. Because my soul is warmed, when I read these words. And I shall write always too to you these three words which I hope you always wait from me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!I shall love always you,to me are not important distance between us. I love you such what you are!!!! And I am fantastically glad to this pure and light feeling.My lovely on it I shall finish to write to you the letter and I shall wait for your answer.Bye my love Greg.
Letter 20

Hello my dear Greg.
How at you an affair, how health? Today at me remarkable mood. It is connected to that you have dreamed me. In my dream we so were close, I felt your breath. But to my great affliction having woken up I have not found out you. Speak that if you see loved in dream, it means too at this time thinks of you. Though I do not believe these follies, but nevertheless it would be pleasant for me to hear, that you thought of me. Today I am going to go on work. Today it is necessary me difficult day. Clients today will be much because there will be a wedding my familiar. Already yesterday they have called on work and have entered the name on reception. I love the work because of it I am not afraid of work. There is at us a girl which works as the hairdresser because of that there is no more work. When she has learned how many people to me it is necessary to serve was strongly surprised to this. She has approached to me and has asked how I will have enough forces of them to serve.
Dear I all want to ask you about that when we shall be together. Why you do not write about it? When I do not see in your letters of a word on our meeting I very much I am upset. My love is increased to you with each letter, but the hope about our meeting decreases. An occasion for this purpose becomes that you do not write about a meeting. Understand me correctly, you see I want only one that we were happy together. Each day I dream of our meeting. About that as we shall be happy in our home life. You think of it? Write to me about that you think of our joint life. It is very important question for me.
Summer has flown by there was only one month. The sun in our city occurs very seldom. These rains of me have already got. And I so want the sun that it sowed in the whole days. As I thought that in the summer we already shall be together, but I have understood that it only dreams. So it is sad about it to realize. Each day I think of you as at you health, than you are engaged, whether have overlooked about me. It so is hard when you far.
Loved write to me I ask you do not overlook about me.
Yours Marina.
P.S dear probably your letters do not reach me, but let it will be so though I do not suffer about that you have overlooked about me.
Letter 21

Hello my love Greg.
I am sorry for last message to you. But also you should understand me, I did not receive this message. Thank you for that that has written last message. As I am very glad to that you were solved that we were together. I as well as you want to be with you beside. I any more do not present our life without you. Loved I once again ask a pardon for my message. Lovely you want that I have arrived to you up to Christmas? I understand that you have all means for this purpose, but you see it is very expensive. As I was told by my girlfriend which went to the groom, by the way they as well as we have got acquainted under the Internet, it has costed together with the ticket 2700 dollars. These prices were in the beginning of a summer. Now I do not know these prices. But even if cost 2700 it is very expensive I has no such money and I do not want you to burden. I very much want to be with you. I all life dreamed of such person as you. I with pleasure would become your wife. But for this purpose we should be together.
Dear I do not have money even for payment of the Internet. To take from parents to me it is a shame. I try to save money but take for using the Internet very much. To write to you the message at me leaves 6 dollars. Such charge of money. But for you it is not a pity to me. You see you the unique loved person for me. This month on using the Internet to me it is necessary to me of 200 dollars. Such affairs loved.
It is time to me to go so I wait for the message from you.
Letter 22

Hello my love Greg.
I was glad to receive your letter. Having read it to me so it became joyful that you think of me. You at all do not imagine as me your words are important. Each your letter it for me, all. You see if you have ceased to me to write that I do not present that I did. I very much love you. I hope as you love me? Dear I yesterday as has written to you has gone to scold girlfriends who has left for America and lives there to this day. I spoke with it and she has told as my girlfriend has left and lives there. It appears on registration of the visa, the passport for travel abroad, the medical insurance and other documents at it it is cunning 1800 dollars. She has legalized papers for one week. After have issued, she with the ready form for the visa has bought the ticket of 1200 dollars, but it had asthma because of it has bought separate interior where not enough people. For me it will be cheaper. Some documents can be issued at us, but the visa will come to make out in Moscow, because of it to me will come to live in Moscow about one week. On it at it it is cunning 400 dollars. She has arrived abroad lived at him. A vein under the tourist visa approximately two weeks after they descended in embassy of Russia and gave inquiry about the visa of the bride. Having received her they have got married. Now live together and not what problems. In general at it it is cunning money to this all of 3400 dollars. So has told its mother.
Certainly if you want to arrive and take away me I not object. I have understood why so have dearly costed for your friend, it was spent for itself. I so was surprised when have read how many it is necessary money. You see it is a lot of 10000 dollars. I would make so that she has arrived and other money could be spent for wedding.
Loved I as spoke with my parents about my departure you. Their persons became sad, but I have received their sanction. Mum and has told if loves that do not think see and live with the loved person. When you can then you will come us to visit. As on this question I consulted on my father. If you have not forgotten that my father the lawyer. It too and has explained as mother of my girlfriend. As it has told that he has friend in travel agency which will make all documents in short term.
Greg loved, desired I very much want with you I on all to be agree the main thing that you was a number. You may arrive and take away me itself. I now even can not sleep if you have written to me. I have made your photo and our it with myself. Each night before dream I kiss you, that the true love does with the person. I love you Greg.
I wait with impatience of your answer
P.S i send you a photo of my parents.
Letter 23

That you have thought up. I have not so understood that you have written and that wanted to explain. I not to time did not see this person and this E-mail. If you did not want relations that and would tell instead of thought out about what that David.
Letter 24

Hello Greg.
I write you this letter, with hope that you on him will answer. At me were a problem with health. That that at me the head very strongly was sick and has gone to hospital. There to me have made a picture of a head and the brain concussion was found out that in me. This illness occurs that has strongly hit a head. I have recollected only in hospital that I have very strongly hit a head in the bus. But the doctor has told that it not so dangerously. So I again can answer your letters. I hope that you will answer me.
Letter 25

Loved I do not know as who wrote these letters to him. But I fairly speak that I do not know him and not to time did not write to him. I very fair girl and I not when shall not speak I like to completely not familiar person.
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