Romance scam letter(s) from Ksenia Tokareva to Raymond (England)
Letter 1
Greetings! I am very glad, that you have answered me my message. Would like to tell at once to you about itself. My name Kseniya. To me of 27 years. That for you was not the big surprise, I wish to inform at once to you, that I live in Russia.
I was born in the city of Ioshkar Ola. Also I live now in it. My City is approximately in 800 km from capital of Russia of the city of Moscow. I was registered under other country. As I could not find the country.
It would be desirable to tell at once more in detail about itself: I was born 20.06.1983 years. On a sign on the zodiac I am Twins. I am a charming girl, with blue eyes, but you already have for certain noticed it on my photo. Periodically I go in for sports, constantly I support my figure in shape and consequently I can tell with confidence,
That at me a harmonous figure. Whether my photo Was pleasant to you? What do you think of my photos?
I consider as the most important to inform at once to you, on my purpose of acquaintance to you in my first letter. I DO NOT SEARCH for short-term and thoughtless hobbies "for one night". I do not consider thoughtless relations serious.
I search for rather reliable, serious and independent man who would like to create with me a strong and happy family. I search for the man for which word meaning "family" always will be on the first place in a life. At me never was children.
You to search for what relations? Whether you are a lot of time spend on the Internet? Why you to search for the woman directly on the Internet?
I hope, that you also, as well as I, am interested in serious relations and I would like to continue our acquaintance to you.
I wait your fast reply. Send, please, to me your photos!
Letter 2
Greetings, my new friend, Raymond !The age of the person for me is not important. The good person who would love me is necessary for me and would understand me as the person. We in Russia have a proverb: " Love all age are obedient. ". This proverb completely reflects that sometimes age at all does not reflect a private world of the person. I think this world connects of people and supports their strong connection and understanding always. What's up? I am very glad to receive your answer to my letter.
I have not many photo, but I will try to send them to you every day to intrigue you, to help to understand sense of my letters.
I would like to explain from the very beginning of our dialogue to you all situation. I know, that between us distance which not to overcome also quickly as my electronic letter reaches you.
In my life of circumstance have developed so, that I have independently come to such decision to find love in the Internet. And I really believe that it is possible!
I do not complain of my life. I am happy with it. That does not suffice in my life? I do not have not enough present love, the present feelings.
I live in apartment for which independently I cry every month, independently I buy meal and clothes. I have a work which gives to me not only the salary, but also pleasure!!
I have lived already many years, I have let small, but the important life experience. I consider, that the true happiness of the person is a love. And consequently I am not completely happy.
I know, that I like many men, and many men pay attention to me. My last relations is an unpleasant experience for me. Now I understand, that was only a toy for men,
Which I sincerely loved. Also there was no in my life of the man which my private world initially interested, instead of my appearance. I now do not wish to recollect it.
I wish to think only of the happy future! And I trust only in the light and happy future, differently my searches were senseless.
Idea of acquaintance on the Internet I did not take from heavens. By the way, I did not speak to you. I work as the Barman in one of bars of our city. But I will tell about my work later.
And so, recently on work I have heard that one of our employees left in holiday abroad, but have not returned any more back. All say, that it from the very beginning went abroad to the man,
With which she has got acquainted on the Internet. Now they live together and are very happy. And I have thought that it for me too is real! After all now set of people communicate on the Internet in the various ways.
I write to you from the house, I have houses the inexpensive Internet. But I already said to you, that the basic way of dialogue for me is an exchange of letters with you! I wish to communicate with you letters as it is the most convenient and practical way,
I am able to speak and write freely letters in German. Also I studied also other foreign languages, but I know them not in perfection. I know your language,
I studied it at school as an additional foreign language. But I had no oral practice, I will need to get used to your language to understand your words, but read and write I can freely.
But basically I have possibility to communicate in letters. Therefore I ask you to answer always my letters and in particular on my questions. Tell to me more in detail about you, about your work?
Whether you love work, how many at you specialities? I wish to know everything, what you wish to tell to me about you?! I will wait your answer tomorrow! Kseniya.
Letter 3
Greetings my lovely man Raymond!
I in fine mood today, and how you?
As always I speak many thanks for your letter, I am very glad to read your letters!I did not think yet over a trip to England but in the further future if at all of us that is good it will be possible to consider it in details! For now I consider to think early to us of it!
I think, it is all because even for so short time interval, I have got used to your letters and now would be very afflicted, if have not received from you the next letter...
My friend leave to me please the phone number. I very much would like to hear your voice and to talk to you! I will wait number in the following letter!)
I have just come back home from work and practically at once have included my computer to look, whether there are from you new messages! :). I do not know, why occurs so, I and itself am surprised to it, after all we know each other very much recently, but, nevertheless, I have to you liking. I have sensations, that we know, each other much longer, than is actually. I am confused a little to write it, but I will be courageous and I will inform you it. In my opinion to opinion you have essential positive differences, from many other men whom to me to have to meet daily, for example, on work, in the street and so on. Very much to like me your character and how you argue, think, how you are able to write me letters. I hope, you will concern it with understanding! :)
I very much wish to set to you some questions: whether you have the correspondence with other women? For example, from Russia? And how you consider, probably, whether to find the good friend, or the person who will be more than simply good friend, using the Internet?
I have decided to take an interest because when I have decided to get acquainted with the man on the Internet, I, in general, and did not believe that using modern communication media it is possible to find the good friend or the favourite person. BUT now I start to understand, that I, most likely, was mistaken! After all it really works, at least, I can argue so, seeing how we develops with you acquaintance! :). And what you think in this occasion, the darling?
Now I am going to send to you this letter, and then to make the supper. Today it will be something a lung, I think it there will be a vegetable salad. And you like to prepare? You prefer what dishes? I very much like to spend time on kitchen, but I not always have enough time for it. I hope, you had today good day, lovely!
I again look forward your letter, and I hope for your reciprocity in it! :)
I send you one, but very gentle kiss!:-*
Letter 4

Greetings, my good man Raymond!
The warmest and kindest wishes to you, my sweet! The darling, how you today? You do me more happily with each your letter!I work two and after two days I have a rest and so is constant! Excuse me but I yet have no such possibility to speak on the phone with you but I will soon correct it!! And I very much would not want, that once you ceased to write to me, I think it would deliver me weight of disappointment! I wish to tell, that every day, I would like to keep in touch more with you, to learn about you more and more. I even began to notice, that when I am on work or still somewhere where I cannot read your letters, I very much miss on you, the darling! :)
I hope, you correctly understand it. And it at all a joke! Probably, it is all because you very kind and good man, you cause in me only positive emotions! I consider you fair and sincere! Please, never change and be always such what you are now! As you like me such what you are now. :)
Today I had not the simple working day, but, not looking at all it, day has passed easily and I am absolutely not tired. There can be this all because I had today a fine mood and in the street there was a fine weather. In such days, I feel especially well and vigorously!
On the nature I am a pensive person! I very often dream, after all so it is possible at least sometimes on a short time interval to keep away from an existing reality and to cheer myself up, if it bad during that moment! Often in the thoughts I represent good relations between the man and the woman, the first appointments, the first kisses, the first bunch of flowers which is given by the man, coming on appointment! And you like to dream? Whether there is at you a treasured dream? If to you it is not difficult, tell to me about it! :)
You know, I wish to admit to you, that that man my dreams, it you... I do not know why so, but now often I imagine you in the dreams! I do not know, what to pick up words to explain that I feel. We are familiar with you of all week, but I have sensations, that we are familiar with you the whole eternity. I cannot name certain that I test to you. It can love, there can be a love... Nevertheless, I ask you, please, do not think of me badly, I have only told about some feelings. And you test any feelings under the relation to me?
It is a pity, but now I should finish this letter and start to do the affairs on the house. Tonight I have started houses cleaning :).
I will wait tomorrow from you the letter. I give you the gentle kiss.
Yours Kseniya.
Letter 5
Greetings my heart and my soul Raymond! How you today? I hope all well with you, my darling! I am glad to read your next letter!I have neither brother nor sister I have one daughter and only my parents!
I am happy to realise, that I have such good friend as you. And I am happy to know, that you test the same feelings to me which are tested also by me to you! I am am done by it happy and "inspires"! Even if my day passes not absolutely well, and I have bad mood, having recollected you, me it becomes better, my mood improves, and I cease to pay attention to those troubles which occurred to me within day! :)
And when you think of me, whether your mood becomes better, the darling?
But nevertheless, I think it is necessary to "face the truth", having only correspondence by means the Internet, we will not become successful in our relations and for this reason, I consider, once personal meeting in a real life will be simply necessary for us! I ask you, the darling, please, be not afflicted on me and do not think of me badly, I very much like our correspondence, I like to read your letters. But would be where better if once, we could stand face to face, walk together in park or have a fine supper at candles. Whether you share my opinion, the darling? Whether you thought sometime what we will need to meet in a real life? By the way, send me, please, your photos!
Still I would like to tell to you that this night I had a dream in which we with you were together. We were not divided by those thousand kilometres which actually divide now me and you. We went with you on autumn park, keeping for hands, and lovely talked about something, laughing thus. If to describe it in a few words, to us it was very good together. It is a pity, that this dream was short. But nevertheless, I very much liked it, and I have woken up in madly good mood! :) And I sometime dreamt you? I think all it not casually... :)
I hope, you are not frightened by my thoughts, and you will not stop to write to me, after that frank letter!
My warmest wishes to you.
Tomorrow with impatience I will wait your letter, my darling!
I kiss you!!!
Letter 6
You me correctly have understood it I I have correctly written to you I wished you to write that the unique daughter at my parents instead of that that I have a daughter! I wish to know that you think if I arrive to you? I wish to spend this holiday abroad as I when did not do it and I have desire to visit you and to look as you live and to make many pictures on the camera what to show then to my parents as at you beautifully!
Letter 7
Greetings, my most good man Raymond!
How today there has passed your day? How your health? I believe all well at you! I am glad, that you have again written to me!
And now I hasten to write too to you the letter, the darling! :) My day has passed today very well and at me excellent mood!
In last letter as you remember, I said, that the real meeting because to learn the person completely through the Internet, through letters will be shortly simply necessary for us. Simply it is not possible. Today's night I practically did not sleep, I thought of you, about our acquaintance, friendship and in general as a whole about us, that between us can and should happen.
I even at all do not regret that this night I did not sleep, is on the contrary glad to it. I have drawn for myself some conclusions if it is possible so to say. And now, when I write you this letter, I try to collect all forces. It is hard To me to do by the first such serious and responsible steps, therefore I hope, that you correctly will understand me and will support... I still have never doubted you and your serious intentions.
My darling, I wish to meet you. I wish to see you in a real life! It is very important and responsible step to development of our further acquaintance, a step probably to our happy future, a step towards each other, a step towards to our destiny.
You never asked yourself a question why in so boundless open spaces of the Internet the destiny has reduced us? Perhaps, it simply will of a case, and can be and our destiny! :) After all it not accident as I do not trust in accidents and coincidence. It is chance which was given to us by destiny, and this chance we should not miss at all, my darling!
Especially I have still some good news which can please both me, and you! Today I talked to my boss about my holiday. As I was not in holiday still, I can already go on leave in the end of this week, beginning approximately since Saturday, I can forget for 1,5 months about my work! I am simply happy, to know it! Please, do not think that I lazy, I too the live person and me would be desirable to make a respite! And now I really have such possibility. Still I am am inspired by that we have got acquainted with you and I can devote the holiday to you, the darling! We could meet in one of these days! What do you think of it? I think, that you will be pleased too with such news! At least, I am very happy with it!
Now I will finish this letter.
But I do not despair, after all I have you, and you have I, remember it, the darling!
I gently whole also look forward you of your answer.
Yours Kseniya.
Letter 8
Hi, my dear Raymond !As your affairs today? Than you have been occupied in the afternoon? Whether There was at you, what that new? I wish to be with you fair and I wish to tell to you that to me not so simply to dare to leave in other country, but my feelings to you are stronger, than fear. I am assured that with me that not to happen when I I will arrive to your country as I know that with you I will be in full safety, I trust you. I would like to meet you as our meeting much will show, we more and are deeper we can learn each other. I very much wish to be near to you. I think that you can be trusted. You that person with whom I would like to create serious relations on for the rest of the life. You wanted
It? Whether you thought of it? The darling we wish to meet and we need to know that to us is necessary to meet with each other. For this purpose I descended travelling agency and there all have explained to me that is necessary, that our meeting became a reality. If it is possible, I would not like to postpone our meeting. I do not wish to lose you. Today when I had a free time I has gone to travelling agency. And all has learnt about my possible trip to you and what documents are necessary to me that I could arrive to you. I am very glad to that all has appeared, not so is confused as it it seemed at first sight. But thus I am not much upset. As expenses for that have made necessary documents makes 844 euro. This money goes on that the agency has issued to me the whole package of documents which includes the visa, the passport for travel abroad, the insurance, two return tickets and other small documents. I did not know exact exchange rate and consequently I have gone to the Central Bank of Russia to ask to translate them to me these figures in roubles, to learn the exact sum which it is required to pay to agency. To me have translated these figures and I have been very surprised to that sum which to me have told. I certainly guessed that all costs much, but that it costed so expensively!!! It I as could not expect. I cannot pay this sum, I simply do not have such big money. I very much wish to meet you, but that fact that for a meeting with each other we need to pay money to agency, me very much upsets. I now write you the letter and thought that after you will read my letter you too will be upset, these thoughts do to me even more painfully. I now do not know that to me to do, as my thoughts all have mixed up. Thoughts come to a head that we cannot meet you, to me I that I can not do with myself would not be desirable to think of it, but. I was very much upset with such news. Now I will send you the letter that you were well informed about these news which I have learnt today. If expenses on my trip to you are expensive to you you can not doubt that I will understand this situation. After all sometimes it is necessary to refuse to itself in many respects, not looking on our desires. In any case I am very glad that we have got acquainted with you with each other, we will be good friends. I will have supper and I will lay down to sleep, but I think that at me it not to turn out to fall asleep, as I will think of you. In this situation I do not know that would be desirable me more that tomorrow has more soon come or on the contrary did not come. I think that you will find the true decision and I will wait your answer. Good-bye my berry. I hope, that for us still that it is not lost. Your girlfriend kseniya.
Letter 9
My darling you that do not trust me? If you do not trust me that as it is possible to speak about that as we will be together then when relations are under construction on trust and you do not test this trust to me! You are very a pity to me that so can badly think of me I is upset! You to me write what for to spend money when I I can arrive to you to and without that that you would arrive to Russia! Think over that that you trust me!
Letter 10
Greetings my good Raymond ! I'm fine! I was glad to see your letter with words that you would wish that we have met also you can accept me at home! But I wish to inform you that I saw recently the good girlfriend which to me have told that there you have strange incidents in connection with which girls which come to you abroad not seldom get to slavery and become prostitutes and malicious souteneurs take away any documents from them on it I doubt to come to you to me all is very a pity that so there is, if I to you a road that try to dispel these hearings as to me very terribly and I cease to trust in this trip and my parents as now against what I would arrive to you, they worry for me and besides I their unique daughter and I it was not in time at all while to give grandsons to continue our sort. I ask you once again prove me that that I will be in an integrity and safety near to you I very much wish to trust in the return that my girlfriend has told to me as I do not have patience more to test to you these strong feelings on the Internet I wish love in a reality instead of virtuality if you as is strong as well as I love me and you want that will give very soon to me clear and authentic explanations concerning words of my girlfriend about bad hospitality at you abroad. Yours kseniya

Letter 11
Good morning my favourite! I have very little had a sleep and could not fall asleep any more as I have absolutely forgotten when corresponded with you in yahoo the messenger to copy your data it there was your full name and a surname and your address full together a post code and a city I ask you as you will make all write to me all these data together with 10 figures of a confidential code from the western union!! I am very glad now and in good mood and all it from for that that we soon will together it very remarkably wash the favourite!
Letter 12
Greetings my sun Raymond. Your letter to be shone from love. Even me you blind.
I will hide this sun to myself in heart and I will store.
That always me pleased also stars in my heart. That I always remembered you.
And everyone roses thought about our meetings, and here on the end it will take place, and I cannot describe all those feelings which have overflowed me, you understand me favourite?
I so strongly love my angel and unique and my favourite.
I so rejoice that I have such magnificent man.
I so strongly love you that my heart knocks so strongly.
I cannot explain that such occurs to at all me. I likely have completely fallen in love.
And it is simply remarkable. I love you. I so am glad, that I have grown fond my unique and unique. I am very glad that you have dared to help me, it is the big step to our life and to our love. I am infinitely grateful to you my prince, my love. Today I have received that money which you to me sent and not losing time I have gone to travel agency, and have made an application on flight to you, still to me have informed, that after 6 days I should come in a tourist bureau, and already then to me will precisely tell in what day and during what time I arrive to you. I will depart to you to your native city so it will be convenient both you and me, you understand me my love. I so am glad that shortly we can meet. In me the head goes
Round when I think that I have you. You such man about which it is possible to dream only. You such lovely person. I have told to the girlfriends all about us. That we love each other. I was today at my girlfriend. We a little on stirred. We drank tea. She to me has told that at it has occurred these days and I have told that at me with you. It is very glad for me. We with it about much spoke. I to it have told that you very interesting person, and what soon we will together with you, it is very glad for me, and still she has told, what would like to find the same fine person as you my prince, but she does not know as find that with whom it could to spend the life, you do not know casually such person, or a place where it could find it :)?. You love me it it is fine. You my love and sense of my life. I wait from you for the following letter mine ??????.C love Your fine Kseniya!.
Letter 13
Kind evening my darling!!! I again write you this letter in which all feelings I transfer to you favourite! I am very glad to see your letter! How at you today affairs? How at you mood? Than you will be occupied today my favourite? I already spoke to you that my feelings to you all become more passionate every day. You simply do not represent as I you I love!!! At me such feelings to you which I cannot state all in this letter, but nevertheless I will try to write some part of the thought. As all feelings which are at me in a shower not probably to state! I love you to such degree that I can not forget you not for one minute. I always before a dream think of how we with you lay and we enjoy to that that together!!! You would like it? I would rise in the morning and have lifted you a gentle kiss, then would make to you a breakfast? Every day would look after you, but unfortunately while we not together it is all dreams. How you think in this occasion? I will tell not much about myself. Today I have risen and had first of all breakfast. Left on street, and weather was such wonderful!!! I went and enjoyed in the autumn afternoon. Unfortunately the sun not so heats as summer, but nevertheless to me it was pleasant. There can be it last days solar as the winter will soon come. This time for me seems melancholy as at this time year on a shower there is a nostalgia. You start to understand that there has passed one more year, then another and so every autumn, not in New Year when see off old comes and meet New, namely during the autumn period. I cannot explain why. And as for you this season, whether is pleasant it to you. Well will suffice likely about that, it should is necessary to rejoice to that that at us with you all will turn out, I will hope in that that you will not cease to write to me as well as I to you. On it I am compelled to finish the letter, main not to lose courage my favourite, I am right? With impatience I will wait for your letter!!!! Your loving kseniya!!!
Letter 14
Hi, my unique man on all globe! My happiness! Mine Raymond!
How today there are your affairs today?
How your mood?
I so strongly and madly love you. I wish to be with you. I too very strongly love you, as well as you love me.
This morning I was in a tourist bureau in the city before going by train and have enquired for some data and as has filled some papers connected with my trip!
On the one hand I am madly glad to all to it!!!
On Tuesday on October, 5th I will arrive to you!!! I love you!!! And now I am at the aunt in Samara in a city of Russia and it I naaeakf what to say goodbye to it before leaving to you!
On Monday evening I should go to the city of Moscow from the city of Samara from the aunt that in the morning on Tuesday to visit embassy.
I should pass interview and fill the questionnaire.
Therefore I already start to collect things and to pack a bag.
I am very glad to all to it!
But on the other hand I am madly afflicted!!! On Tuesday I should have at myself the big sum of money!
I will explain to you now, that have told to me in agency.
My visa will be lasting 31 day, that is with 5ieoya?y, till November, 5th!
I am obliged to have at myself when I go your country a minimum 50 euro per every day specified in the visa!!! It is awful!!!
I have counted and have received the sum 1550 euro!!!
It is the enormous sum for me, I have no it!!!
All it becomes on the basis of the Schengen agreement.
And consequently on Tuesday morning when I will arrive to embassy in the city of Moscow I I will be obliged to have this sum at myself!
Otherwise to me not to allow to arrive to England!
It means that our meeting under the threat of failure!
I am upset very much and cried even today!
But here there is also a positive side.
(1550) I should show this money in embassy and have at myself when I will drive to England, I to pay them there does not be not nobody and should not give to their other people.
I do not know, that to me to do now!
I am very sad!
My kitten, I as can take the visa for two months or on three. If I take the visa for two months (to have time to learn well each other and to speak about wedding?!) I should show that 3100 euros. And if I take the visa for three months as we and wanted I should show 4650 euro.
I wish to ask you about the help, after all we do not have other exit! I have paid already money to agency!
And still I wish to tell to you, my favourite, that as soon as I will arrive to England, I will give to you of this money back in charge (exactly so much how many you can help me if you tell that I took the visa for 3 months) if you can help me to these! I should whom give money, I only will show them in embassy and then as I will arrive I will give all to you my love. Money not where will not be gone.
I hope you you understand me?
This sum will be no place is not spent, I simply should have it at myself on border with England.
I hope you will help me?
I really did not know about such turn of events and consequently have not written to you about it earlier.
I have learnt about it only today!
I hope I have not afflicted you?
I very much love you, and I hope, that I can arrive nevertheless to you on Tuesday!
I will wait today your answer and I will try to write to you once again today, my love!
I love you madly! I you strong whole my love. I very strongly love you. As strongly I love you. I so strongly wish to see you. Necessarily write to me I will wait for your letter my love.
Your favourite Kseniya.
Letter 15
These are data of my aunt my favourite! As you also asked! I will wait for you!
first name:Nataliya
surname: Korobeynikouva
address:new-station 155/145
Letter 16
Why you again do not write to me? What has that again occurred? What does that go as it is necessary?
Letter 17
Greetings my darling! I worry for ours a meeting and I do not wish to think of that that we have in vain done such big way to our meeting and were receded. I ask you inspire me that we will be together on October, 5th and that will not separate us! I thought of ours with you to a meeting and now I will write you as I it to myself I represent. When I to you arrive, you meet me at the airport with a bunch of flowers. To me it will seems to look very beautiful and romantic. So it not seems to you? I leave the plane and our sights meet with each other. From a kind each other, our persons become happy and our hearts start to knock very quickly. Gradually we come nearer to each other and when we closely will approach to each other, we is gentle, and we will strong embrace each other to feel heat each other. Our breath becomes frequent also we with you we merge in a strong kiss which says to us that we very strongly missed about each other even more and we waited for this moment. After we still on stood a little in embraces each other, you take me for a hand and conduct to yourself home, on road to you, we discuss as there are affairs at each other and share impressions about each other.
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