Letter(s) from Marina Sofronova to Steven (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Steve.
At once I ask an apology that did not write to you some days, but in our family has taken place big to mountain. My unique uncle, the brother of mum has died. We should leave urgently from city on a farm to help with funeral to the wife of my uncle.
It is the big loss for us. My uncle was very good, cheerful and kind person. Without him in our heart emptiness is felt. We will not have not enough very much him.
I only yesterday late at night have come back home. Forgive, if has forced you to worry.
My dear Steve, from burning and excitements I have unintentionally removed your letters. So I do not know, about what you wrote to me. If there there was something very important write to me it again. I do not want to miss your letters.
Today I still feel mourning and I have a bad condition. So I shall write to you longer letter next time. Know, that I remember you and I love.
Always yours Marina

Letter 2

Hello my loved Steve!
As your affairs. I very much miss on you. My dear, I very much would like to hear from you very pleasant news, But I should suffer and wait. I regret about your problems with local bill collecting agency.
I hope, that you can easily settle it. My lovely I very much do not have you near to me, I wait for the moment to be near to you. Ideas about you do not leave my head! And it comes to an end the good arrangement of my spirit! I frequently present, as your lips softly concern my lips!!! We leave this world, and us carries away in eternity! I so love this feeling! This feeling you has presented me!
My feelings to you grow with extraordinary force! I so am grateful to destiny, that we had a meeting in the Internet. It has caused to opening in me of new magnificent feelings! And it makes my life, more beautiful and desirable. I think, that you will make me by the happiest woman in the world.
I do not have words to express all feelings to you, I so would like to tell you, That I thirst for you and I wish constantly. But I do not know as I shall tell to you it when we shall meet. I would like, that you would caress me gently and tenderly, kissed all my body and lips burning from desire, But I do not know when it will take place. I want to thaw in your embraces as a slice of ice on the hot sun. To whisper to you words of love which would raise ours of flesh, I want to be given you all completely and nothing to leave to myself. I want, that your gentle hands would study all my body and to burn down in them from desire. I know only one you will present me many happiness and love. Now you may understand me why I do not have patience to wait???????????
I love you you the most tender, loved and desired.
With tenderness Marina

Letter 3

Hello my dearest Steve, my love Steve!!!!
I am very glad that again has received your warm letter! My love Steve, I with the large impatience wait for each your letter! It strongly pleases me. Like I also receive your letters very much frequently, but it would be desirable even more often because I very much miss on you and your warm letters force me to feel closer to you.
Certainly is not so closer as though to me it would be desirable, but I am glad also to this, my love Steve! If we could become even closer, I understand that you can think that it too early for you, but for me it not too early. We already so long communicate with you under the Internet, I already had time in you to fall in love, I feel your heat … to me it would be desirable to be near to you in real life, my love Steve! But you see it will be very speed, whether not so? I know it, I feel it. Mine favourite, my love Steve, soon you see we shall together for ever, truth? I dream of it each day, each night, I think of you so frequently! My ideas all day and all night are engaged in you. I dream of that as we shall live together, that we shall do together. It will be wonderful, my love Steve!!!!!!
I so am happy!!! You at me are therefore I all light with happiness,
if you only could me see, you would understand as far as I am happy.
You would divide with me this happiness! Because I am happy because of you, with what you remarkable, with what you sincere, with what you happy!!!!!! I can not wait of our meeting, my love Steve! If I only could be with you … I tell to the mum as I am happy, and as I want to be with you. She too are very glad because of me. She too too long waited that I have found such good man as you. I never really loved … and consequently now I want to be with you, I do not want you to lose,
I do not want that you from me turned away, I want that we always were together. You only be mine always, it is good. All of us equally sometime shall meet also you will grow fond me even more. I so it want. I want to be in your embraces, my love Steve!!!! I am very strong you I love! Be with me, please!
I very much am afraid that you sometime simply will cease to me to write the letters and more we never we can be seen and hear each other. I very seriously treat you, I do not want that you have caused me a pain. When I think of it my eyes are filled with tears, heart begins so quickly to beat … I do not want even assume that such sometime will … There can be I you has upset with the words but I want that you have understood me. I you see the woman … It am complex - to be the woman, I want that you simply have embraced me and has told that you always will be mine, always will be near to me, to support me, to love me, my love Steve!! I strongly love you so, my love Steve!!!!! Love me always, be with me always, you are very expensive to me such with what you is!!! Force me to be pleased. I think, hundred are pleasant to you my smile, and when we shall be together to you my laughter is pleasant also! Mine favourite, my good man, my love Steve, be always only mine, gentle, caring, sincere and the pleasures in your eyes are larger! By the way, I very much like your eyes!!!! Such beautiful!!!
Please, having read my letter think of my requests to you, I was sincerely with you and spoke it from the heart. On this point I should finish the letter. But you know, that I very strongly love you, I want to be with you, my Steve! Write to a thicket, think of me more often, love me even more!
Sincerely yours and only yours, About all
love, Marina!!!

Letter 4

Hello my dearest Steve, my love Steve!!!!
I so am happy that again has received your letter! Large to you a thank from pure heart, that you at me such good! A thank, that you me do not overlook and want with me ever more and more to correspond!
Large to you a thank that you at me are. You the remarkable man! You write me such sincere letters, that I simply to thaw from you! You very good!
How your businesses, mine favourite Steve? How your work? How you there live without me? Miss, probably? Yes? I too on you very strongly miss!!!! And I so love you, mine lovely Steve!
My dear I promised you to tell about my former relations with the man.
In the childhood when I went to school also institute I was friends of boys who liked me. But I think, that all this was frivolous. I simply tried to find suitable for myself the man, looked narrowly at them.
After institute I have got acquainted with the man. Him called Pavel.
First at us all developed well. He was gentle and attentive. He well looked after me, loved me. I planned about the future, about wedding.
But gradually our relations became worse. Pavel began all over again a little and in due course more and more and to drink alcohol more. It tightened him all more strongly. First he has lost work as on work do not suffer drunkards. He began to live on my maintenance. And you know, that I have the small salary. It was difficult for me, but I suffered, I tried to help to get out to him of this hole. I thought then, that I can help him. He promised to stop to drink, promised to find work. But probably alcohol has completely subordinated already him to itself.
But the strongest shock was for me that he began to change to me. Once I have come from work home before usual. And I have seen him on ours a bed with other woman. It was for me a terrible shock. When I earned money for our residing, tried to help him, he drove women in our house. I could not suffer it more. I left from him. I have returned back to the house of my mum. More I had no with him the relation.
It happened more 2 years ago. And approximately 1 one year ago I have learned, that Pavel the automobile when he passed street in a state of intoxication in the place not put for it has brought down. After that I had remorses. I began to think, that if I have remained to live with him, have endured his insults he, probably, would remain to live. But I could not endure it, I could not cross through the vanity after his changes.
What do you think of it? What you now think of me? Write to me about it. Now you know a history of my unsuccessful love. But you you see not such, mine favourite Steve??? I know that you not such, that you never so will not act with me! It would be so is sick! The wound from it would remain with me up to the end of life and I think, that more never could believe the man and furthermore fall in love with him. Please, favourite mine Steve, love mine Steve, never so do not act with me. Trust me! I only yours, I always shall be only yours!
I am too strong you I love to lose you! I do not want to give back you to anybody. You you see too always will be only mine? Whether not so?
Mine favourite, my sweet man Steve!!!! Do not force me to cry, it is good?
Now I should go. Simply know that I always shall be yours!! I too strongly love you! Write to me more often, recollect me, remember me always! I am too strong you I love, mine good, mine favourite, mine sweet, mine san Steve!!!!!!
Be with me always, my love Steve!!! I very strongly love you!!!
With all my love to you,
only yours and truly yours,

Letter 5

Hi my dear Steve!
I was very glad to receive your letter. I'm fine with health and mine I spoke mum about you. What you the person also that you to me write.
I do not think, that I have acted badly, I wanted to express this act of feeling to you and as I concern to you.
I wrote the last letter to you, that that person who really counts relations normal is really necessary for me. Such as 50/50. Because when there comes love I know, that this great feeling, and I also know, what not all people can love each other, understand, feel any sympathy for someone. I think, that love it something such, that heart forces to tremble, to excite your blood when you see the favourite person. When you start to worry and know from whom this excitement proceeds. I do not love such words as " I love you ". For me it is simple words. My purpose to search and find such person which words let also are not told by him in the person, and are written in the usual letter, it is sent by simple e-mail, really give such energy,
that it is transferred and in the letter. I loved the person, but I loved him is not realized, as though in dream, instead of in reality.
And when my dream has left from me, at me feelings to this person were gone also. You know, what I can love and you Steve? But the love is a long part of mutual relations between the man and the woman. And also as time treats, as well the love demands to itself the special approach. This feeling, instead of a thing. And to this it is necessary concerns with extra care. If you have lost such person Steve which you loved, and liked very strongly. I regret to you Steve and I express you the gratitude, that you really felt, that such love.
I want to tell to you my history from my childhood. I was familiar with several families which were friends among themselves and lived in one house. At that time we were children and were friends together.
Among us was many boys and girls and everyone differed in good or the bad side. Then, when these children have grown steel adults, all of us have together understood, that the world is not limited only to one dream which at us was in the childhood. Us such problems as cost of training in the supreme institutions began to worry how to find for themselves suitable and highly paid work. How to create family and to do for the life and a life of children all necessary. At once to you I shall tell, that someone has gone on a bad (bad) way. And subsequently we any more did not know about it anything. But I have such girlfriend as Marina and Natasha of which we are friends almost from the cradle.
And even now we sometimes at leisure from work spend together time. I very much would like to notice, that you Steve, have understood all values of my words which I have written to you. Understand Steve,
that now you for me very important person and I trust you. I never thought of making to the person bad. And I did not know, that such happiness (it is possible in my dreams). But I do not know as you to tell Steve, that you of very wide soul and the good person. And I shall be never capable you to offend even in ideas Steve. I wish you all best on light Steve. And it seems to me, that I test something to you. But let we shall name it not love, and very deep sympathy, it is good Steve? I wait for your letter with impatience and I hope for your sincerity Steve!
Marina which tests to you deep sympathy waits from you for letters Steve!
With impatience.
P.S. I want to write to you about the physical data. My growth - 168 centimeters, my weight of 60 kgs. My data in a grasp - 89/59/90 centimeters. I hope to you it is pleasant.