Roamnce scam letter(s) from Michelle Rhoads to Dimi (Australia)
Letter 1
Dear Dimi,
How are you doing, My Name is Michelle Rhoads,i want you to know Age is nothing but number and i was adopted so not planing to have kids for now dont know in future............................ I'm usually described as pretty,loyal, romantic, affectionate, down-to-earth, and one who loves to laugh. I see myself as a regular lady: One who loves deeply given a solid foundation and who enjoys staying home together or going out for dinner with friends. I am a down to earth individual who enjoys life and knows that it is a precious gift that only comes around once. I love to laugh and can sometimes be described as a "big kid". I'm just an average lady who feels comfortable in blue jeans as well as dress. I'm one of the most honest and sincere women you will ever meet! I love to send flowers if for no other reason than to see you smile. I like to give big hugs and kisses that last all night. I like to cuddle and watch sun sets. I believe "family" is one of the real treasures in life and I have a good one. However, I truly miss having a male companion in my life. I have had more than my share of career and economic success and don't feel unfulfilled in those parts of my life. I am a fun & playful yet practical & dedicated person and business woman.How you preparing for creating a better relationship, am so happy we are communicating.. I work as a designer but as freelance in Queensland ,am freelance and my work get makes me travels a lot i do interior designs to newly built homes,offices and hotels . I have never been married i love my job and i have been traveling around but i think its right time for me to have a companion which i have missed for a very long time due to work, also i have a yahoo instant messenger we chat on there anytime just go to and have yahoo instant messengerdownload we can talk at length . I like to ask you some question HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN ON MATCH SEACHING -- HAVE YOU BEEN TO ANY DATING SIT BEFORE APART FROM THE PRESENT ONE--- WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING IN A WOMAN --- ARE YOU READY TO BE IN GOOD AND TRUTHFUL RELATIONSHIP --- ARE YOU A LOVING AND CARING MAN --- I will be waiting to read from you Michelle
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