Scam letter(s) from Valentina Sidorova to Amjad (Syria)

Letter 1
Good morning,Good afternoon,Good evening dear Amjad!!!!
I don't know what time is it in your country but I hope you are glad to receive my letter in any time!
To begin with I would like to introduce myself ,my name is Ludmila,I am 28 years.I am from Ukraine, my native town is Slavjanoserbsk.This is my first experience in communication through the Internet but I hope to enjoy myself in communicating with you and I will try to do my best to amuse you.So what can I tell you about myself,I like to read Russian and English classical books,listen to the all kinds of music,watch films,the most important is the sense and melody everything else depends on my mood.
I adore to spend my free time with friends,to prepare surprises for them,I like to prepare some programs for their birthday party.I am very active and creative person and I didn't used to sit on one place,like to travel.I like children,animals,nature,different figurine,I have a collection of different figurines from different countries that my friends brought to me.As I have never been in other countries this in my first dream to visit some of beautiful countries with my friends or with my future love.I like sweet-smelling rose,all that make our life beautiful.I am realistic in one hand and romantic in other .I am quite assured person and I prefer to live with pleasure and happy,I am cheerful and I used to strive for all my dreams and desires.My life is not a drama, it is a holiday.I cant imagine my life without love,emotions.I need the stoutness of feelings and combination inclination for mind,soul and body.I like to increase spirits of encirclement.
For the person in whose life emotions,feelings play the main role is typical the most wild,mad,hot love and relations.I am kind person,sometimes too kind,sensible,educated,sensitive.I am dreaming about great,real love.I hate lie,vanity,selfish people,I can't forgive treachery.I respect wise,kind,sincere people,who are ready to support and help in any situation.If you have such qualities and you are serious I'll be very happy to communicate with such man!!!! I am interested in you and I will be very happy if you tell me about yourself,about your likes and dislikes,about your country,what special in your country,what are you seeking for in the Internet,friendship or love?As I have already told you that this is my first experience in communicating in the Internet but I know a lot of people who already find out their love,friends.I think it is a great opportunity to find out your destiny and enjoy your life.I think that all people are equal and have the same rights we just have a great distance between each other and communicating in net it is one way to cut this distance and to share with your own experience with each other,to make somebody happier.And what do you think about it,it will be very interesting for me to know your opportunity!!!Have a nice day and remember that in this huge world someone is waiting your letter and thinking about you!!! Yours truly Ludmila!!!
Letter 2
Hi darling Amjad!!!!! Glad to receive your letter,it is very nice and I think that we have a lot in common and happy future together:-)
Thanks for your worm words and I am glad that you like me as I am very interested in you too.
What can I tell you about myself to impress you,I think nothing jet,just tell you about my life,job,parents as this is my real life ,and I can't live without them.
I like to help people,and I do it every day,this is my job.I am a nurse at the hospital and I like my job very much.I was dreaming about this job from my first steps,I was playing in my childhood in doctors,treat all my dolls and bears.i think it is great to hear every day that someone thanks you for your help,job,if someone feel pain you make him better,you take care about people and it is great.And what is your job?
About my is the most important and closer people to me,I respect them and love very much.I am very happy to have such family,I will never change it to other.I have a big family,My mommy,daddy,three brothers and me.My father a bit strict person but he grew up a great kids.He thought us to respect each other, understand,help and support in any situation.I have one elder brother(Timur) and two youngest(Nikolay and Boris), they are studying in the university,and the eldest is in the army now.We miss him very much and wait.My brothers are very talented little mans,they play guitars,piano,bass and singing great,I am just playing piano and singing a little,just on the caraoke Also we like to gather and play pool,bowling,they are very funny and we like to spend time together.
Tell me about your family,hobby,job.What plans do you have for the future,do you want to create family,or you want to be a business man?Wish you all the best and waiting your next letter!!!! yours truly Ludmila!!!
Letter 3
Hi my sweetheart Amjad!!!! How are you dear Amjad,I like your name Amjad,it is very soft and kind i think and the ???My name means Ludmila-who loves people.Yes I have great family,my mom is a housewife and dad is steel work.I am only girl in my family.I rent a flat as my family live in the village near the town and it is far from my job. I work in the woman's centre ,nurse. My celery is 200 dollars per month,I pay for the rent of my flat 100 dollars per month.I am Christian also.Want to write you also what is important for me and why I am here. you must know this for me,the most important thing is is a strongest relation between two persons.and most beautiful feelings in this world. a family can be happy and stay happy only with power of love.without love,I don't want to create a family.this will be a big mistake.what are you thinking about this subject? but before love two persons must talk everything with fearless,they waste time to understand each others this is very important,they must share everything,they listen carefully each others with full respect.finally their hearts will beat together,and they can say everything without words only with looking in to eyes of each others.this is way to this way there is no you or me,there is only "we".love is this.two persons in one heart. we can find a man or woman but ?it is not easy to find love even very difficult,because first you must find true person in this vast world.I am saying what I am thinking that you can understand me. I am here because I am searching for my great love that I will love only him, forever.So as I see you are here for the same reason it make me very happy as I found a lot in common between you and me and my desire to know you more and to be closer grow and grow with each day my dear.What can make person happy if not love????money,yes ,may be but for a short time,famous,I think you will tired from all this but love is something that grow in your heart with each day and it can't be boring,it just make you happy and don't ask anything just to care about your love and that's all,I think that this is the most great feeling in the whole world and most strong feeling,stronger than angry,sadness or any other feeling.And I am happy that in my heart something special,it is not love yet but something very warm,and I feel this warm when I reed your letter,when I receive at least one word from you,your photos,my heart trembling like a leaf before storm or something unknown as we don't know what could happen between you and me,it could be just pleasant friendship or passion,wild love and the ocean of emotions,I hope so:-) I BELIEVE:-) now I will stop here and I will wait your reply.Wish you the best day and **** million kisses for you dear Amjad!!! Yours only Ludmila!!!!
Letter 4

Hi my only love Amjad!!!!!! Honey what could be more wonderful than letter from your love man????I think that better could be only his kiss:-) My love you have no idea how many times I am thinking about you per day and what my imagination do with me,this is something unbelievable but very pleasant.And I am dreaming about our first meeting since that time my heart start beating reading your letters,no one could make my heart beat so fast and with so passion.Honey I am so happy that at least I found that man I was dreaming about.How many days passed and how much useless people I have meat and I spoil my time :-( and all this time you were so far from me I think this is only reason why I didn't meat you before.But in any way I think all that in our life all this was for best and I am glad to meat you now and will do all to not loose you.The only difficult is distance but with such man like you I don't scared any distance as our love could cross everything in this world. I want to create our own family and putt all my heart and soul in it,grow kids and make you happy I think that this is the reason of life.Honey letters it is wonderful but more i understand how deep my feelings to you more I realize that letters it is not enough to improve my feelings and all that I need now is you,real ,so that I can touch you,hold you,kiss you ,I hope you want the same my love,so what we shall do with it????I was so happy when you tells me that you want to meet me in real life,this is the most beautiful words my love,I appreciate this very much.Honey I have time for meeting but I have no opportunity to come to you,I don't know how much will cost this trip and haw can I organize it. Now our working computer work better after broken so I will write you more often my only and my biggest treasure Amjad!!!!!!!!Kiss you million times!!!!! yours only Ludmila!!!!
Letter 5
Hi my love Amjad!!!!! Honey I am so glad to read your letter,I also want to see you.
my love I saw a dream with you this night.It was amazing dream,I didn't want to wake up,I want to stay in this dream for all my life.In my dream I saw my coming to you,I was flying in the plane,I was nervous,my heart was beating faster and faster.Then the plain start coming down,undercarriage touch the approach,I become nervous,my heart start jumping like a crazy,the Stuart told us to live slowly the salon of the plain,I felt a lack of the air,now I see the man for whom I am here,for whom I cut this great distance,for whom I live everything,packed my baggage and fly.I didn't know what is waiting for me in that country but I was sure that it will be the most exciting trip in my life,I will meet a man of my dream,now,in some minutes I will see his beautiful eyes,his tender lips,feel his strong hands,I will be listening the beating of his heart all that time I be there.I start coming down the stairs,the wether was amassing,it was such a feeling that today everything just for you and me,sun shines brightly,I was in a silken dress,wind **** soft,wind was playing with my hair,my soul was shivering,I sought that now I will lose my head from the happy,I saw you,you were more beautiful than I was imagined to myself,you was amazing,you hold a rose in your hand.You was in black shirt with unfasten upper buttons,Your eyes was shining.You say:"hello" to me,I answer to you with a trembling voice:"Hi".My heart was jumping faster and faster, you hold me and I felt myself in safety,you smell so wonderful,I didn't want to let you go,than you take my hand and we go,I was the most happiest woman in the whole world . So my love what do you think if I come to you,I want this soooo much I was never been abroad and this is my dream!!!
And in my country there are no nothing special for first meeting and I wish it would be very special and in a wonderful place!!!!!Kiss you!!!
By the way where are your photo at least one????????????????????????????????????????? yours only Ludmila!!!
Letter 6
Hi my sweet love!!!!!! Amjad honey I am so happy to see your letter,my day will be great if you write me a letter!!!!my love I am more happy as you invite me,I will come with great pleasure ,I will have vacations from the 25 of August till the 3 of September so my love if you are serious and you can help me to come I will go today and ask how can I travel to Syria and what documents I need for this,ok???I am soooooooo happy my love !!!!I want to fall a sleep in your arms and wake up with you and kiss you and love you all the time!!!!!So my love write me as soon as possible are you ready to meet me on the 25 of August and I will write you all details about my travel,I love you,miss you too much and waiting your answer!!! yours only Ludmila!!!!!
Letter 7
Hi my love! Honey I need to know the town where I need to come as Syria is big and I need to know the exact town my love!!!So please write me and I will send you the full information later.Kiss you!!! Ludmila
Letter 8
Hi again my love!!!! I am just from the travel agency my love.I can come to you only by travel voucher as there are a lot of problems with visa my love,your country don't give visa as I am young and unmarried woman ,so only possible variant for me is travel voucher as it include tickets in one way and back,hotel ,travel visa and medical insurance,as you told me my love that I will live with you I asked them how will costs the cheapest travel voucher without hotel,they told me that I need to book hotel at least for one day this is rules my love,so I get cheapest variant ,the travel voucher will costs 745 dollars my love .I was told that we need to pay in one week or in two weeks before my travel.I can come on the 25 of August my love if we pay for the travel voucher.SO my love think and answer me can you help me with money to pay for this travel voucher or not as I can't buy it,I have no such money:-( if yes it will be great I will be with you on the 25 of August already and we could spend wonderful time together my love and I will appreciate your care and help my love.I want to be with you as soon as possible!!!!I love you and waiting your answer!!!!!!! yours only Ludmila!!!
Letter 9
Good morning my love!!!!! How are you honey????Sweetheart Amjad I didn't want to make you sad,I just have photos with wrong format,so I changed them and now I can send you them,please don't be angry my love I try to make everything to make you happy. Honey about my travel,The travel voucher for three weeks ,it include double room with one huge bed(2094 dollars for 22 days),breakfasts,tickets in one way and back only for me,visa,medical insurance.The Hotel is "Four Seasons",I include everything the price for the hotel,for the tickets and for pocket money the whole price will be 3.010 dollars . Honey the sum is huge,This travel is from the 27 of August and if you want I come on the 27 of August we need to pay for it to the end of this week so they need time to prepare everything,book hotel,tickets,make visa..... My love the hotel is wonderful,I saw the room and the hotel inside and out,it is a real paradise for lovers!!!!!!I want to go there right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to sleep with you and wake up in the morning with my love,to prepare breakfast for you,to spend time with you,to talk,to kiss you,to hold you,to go for a walk.It will be amazing!!!!!my love I don't need underwear as I have prepared some for you,you can see it:-)I am fond of underwear and have a lot of nice things,you will like them!!!!!! About my details :Name:Ludmila Zalyznyak ,Country:Ukraine ,City:Slavyanoserbsk ,Street:Lenina 54\,Postal code:93700 .as you ask my love. Amjad I am so happy that you can help me to come,this is really male action and thank you for your care about me!!!!My love grow and grow each time when I am thinking that very soon we could be together!!!!!!! So my love tell me all details and what did you decide about our meeting.Kiss you and waiting your answer!!!! yours only Ludmila!!!!
Letter 10
Hi my love! Honey you are very naughty boy!!!!:-)I have no all photos you asked,I am not a photo model:-)My love about the travel voucher ,as you asked I call and they count everything again for us,hotel for one week and all other will costs 1.680 dollars my love.My full name is Zaliznyak Ludmila Andreevna.My love soon we don't need any photos as we will be together very very soon my love.I have no many photos my love as I have no my own camera,so I send you all I have.Kiss you and waiting your answer.Kiss you!!!! yours only Ludmila!!!!

Letter 11
Hi dear again! Honey I have al;ready told you the sum and send you all information about you,I don't know,you can go to the bank and send it and they will help you to do it.Such system as western union ,there are no any problems,my granny send me money in this way two years ago,so it is very easy.Honey if you are serious with me we need to pay to the end of this week and do everything in time.About photos I will try to make some more but the most important is our meeting I think so please answer me when you will sen money as I need to call to the travel agency and book the voucher.The final sum I told you in my previous letter and you have all my information.Kiss you! Ludmila.
Letter 12
Hi my sweetheart!!!! How are you my love?????Wow so much information,I didn't know that you need all this,in any way this is all you ask:
Name:Ludmila Andreevna Zalyznyak
Street:lenina 54\8
Postal code:93700
Birth: 1982,18 December
Work:woman's centre ,street Kolchaka 52.
On the picture my ID so my love you have all information you need ,your information you know and the sum for travel voucher you also know.I asked the travel voucher for 7 of September my love so we will have time to prepare everything. Honey I hope that everything will be great and we could be together my love as soon as possible.I can't wait the day to see you.What plans for weekends do you have my love?????I will be missing you too much!!!!I have so much work this days ,I am so tired and want to run away from all this and be with you my love,will you make my dream come true?????:-) Love you and **** million kisses for you!!! yours only Ludmila!!!
Letter 13
Hi my love! So how are you honey???I send you all my information but you ignore all this!!!!!!!!!!!Have a good day! Ludmila.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Amjad!!!
Sorry for the delay in answer!!!
But I had some problems so I couldn't write you, I missed you very much for this days!!
My dear it will be easier for me if I will buy tour voucher here,because It is difficult for our women to enter your country,(I have already explained you this!) but it isn't the most important reason,The first reason is my parents!
My dear they don't understand how it is possible to go some where with electronic tickets...My father said that he will allow me just if I show him real tickets,so the most comfortable way it is to buy travel voucher!What do you think my dear??Will it possible,I have already wrote you all information about it!
So everything is depends on you!!Will we meet or not...I really dream about this day,I hope you as real man will do everything for this!!!
I love you your Ludmila
Letter 15
Hello my great love Amjad!!! Ever since you walked into my life I have been smiling.There hasn't been a night when I have gone to sleep with a frown on my face, and it's all because of you.Honey, I am glad that you came into my life. I have always wanted the love of my life to be understanding, loving, caring, and faithful.. I know that I've found that person in you. Yes, Life is not easy, we need to struggle and toil for our future,and I'm sure that we will be very happy together my dear!!!!I really love you!!! You are all for me!!!!My dear I have already sent you the copy of my passport !It is good that the photo will not be used,so I will not worry Amjad!!!Ok my love here I resend it once more!I love you my dear!!!!I can't wait that time when we will be together!!!!Here is my telephone,so we can hear each other voice!!+380500527007 I'm waiting for your call my love!!! Kiss you your Ludmila!!!
Letter 16
Amjad I want to ask you,how do you imagine I can change photo,in my passport???
It is document,not just a piece of paper!!!Nobody will do that for me!!I want to know do you really want to see me???Find another way to sen money,maybe through western union,my friend receive money from her parents in this way!Please find the solution!!!!I love you!!!And want to be happy with you!!I want you to think about me not just about my pictures!!!I want to be with you in real life!!!!Send me your photos!! Ludmila
Letter 17
My love I gave you my telephone please call me and we will decide everything!!
Please I'm waiting for you!!!
Letter 18
Hello Amjad!!
Sorry for the answer so late
How is you brother?I hope he is ok!I have some problems so I can't write you!!!
I want to ask where have you send money??And how can I get it??Will you give me some information?Do you really want me to come??I want this very much!!!Because I dream about you!!I want you to write me about your feelings to me!!
I love you very much!!And I see only you as my future husband!!!Only you!!
your Ludmila
Letter 19
my love!!! where are you?
is something happened with you or you are just playing with me?
i don't understand you !!!
let me know please, Ludmila
Letter 20
My dear thanks for your answer!!
Amjad I can't understand where you have send the money to which bank?Because I went to the bank and if you send me money through the western union and they ask me to tell them mtsn number.Pleas my dear explain me through what bank you send money.Amjad if you want me to stay for one month it will cost very big sum of money 3.010 dollars (it include double room with one huge bed),breakfasts,tickets in one way and back only for me,visa,medical insurance.The Hotel is "Four Seasons",I include everything the price for the hotel,and pocket money!)so you see it is very expensive!
I need from you to write me the sum you send,your full name and through which bank you made transfer!!
I love you and want to be with you all my life!!!You are the bast man in this world!!!
Please my dear answer me as soon as possible!!! Ludmila!
Letter 21
My love I don't have bank account so it will impossible for me to get money,you should send money through western union,here I give you identity my ID Code 3773890108 so it will be faster and easier for me to get it!
Because I can't understand how to get money through bank.Maybe I can give you the bank account of my cousin if she will allow me ,because I don't have my own my love!!
Please tell me what to do???
I attach the copy of ID My dear!!!I don't have any other friend with bank account, so you can send money only on this...I don't know what to do..I have only this account!
So what shall we do???Is it possible to send on this account?I'm very upset because we have this problems!!
I love you and want to be with you!!!I don't have another pictures with me now.
your Ludmila
Letter 22
I don't have such opportunity....can you send couple of times on one account?
Are you at the bank now??You write me very quickly,are you near bank now??
Amjad I want to meet with you...but you see we have problems......I won't be able to find friend with bank account only this one!!!So WHAT TO DO???!Is this the end???
I need to go back at work now... I have send already everything before!!
I was my passport!!And I don't have another one can you understand????
How can I send you another if it is only one???I have send you scaned copy of passport and identity,they are on Ukraine language...I have send you my full name and address I can't understand why they don't allow...We need to think about everything for tomorrow! I don't know what to do I try to find some solution,but I can't
I want to be with you...but it is very you
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