Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Vdovichenko to Ulf (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello!!! My name is Anastasya. I the modest girl from Russia. My age of 26 years. I think, at this age it is necessary to search for the man and to create strong family. For this purpose I write to you. I do not search for casual relations. I search for the future husband. I have seen your profile on interkontakt. And have decided to write to you. I do not know why. I think, it is female intuition. I hope to not be mistaken in this choice. I shall be glad to learn you better.
And I ask to answer my I shall be glad to see your letter and certainly a photo. I also promise to answer you at once and to send you my photo. I hope, you will answer soon. I shall wait your letter on my e-mail.
Letter 2
Hi Schoki! I was very glad to receive your answer. But you at once write about a deceit!! I do not understand it. I heard about a deceit on the Internet. But you should not think so of all girls. Why you write it to me. I search for love. I do not require your money and I do not wish to deceive you. I ask to not offend me. I hope, you understand me. I do not search casual relations. I search for love!!!
I already wrote to you it. I the real person. And I do not want and I shall not deceive you never. And I hope, you will not deceive me. You on wrote to me and I have decided to remove my profile on I have decided to not search for other men. And now I have not profile And I hope, we shall learn each other better. Ok. A few more words about myself: My age of 26 years. I live in not big city Pavlovo. I work in a trade company as an office manager and I spend the most of my work time in the office.
Among numerous responsibilities I deal with translation and notarization of trading documents. There's a lot of work to be done daily but so far I am satisfied with my job. I like to travel but my kind of job doesn't allow me to travel very often and frankly speaking I envy a little those people who travel several times a year or whose job is connected with business trips. Anyway I have three weeks of vacation annually and of course I try to devote these precious days to travelling to some places inside my country. I graduated from the University where I studied English linguistics and intercultural communication. I am 26 now but no one gives me my age. I look younger.
I like to dance (I attend dance classes), like to go to the theater, like to spend time with my friends. I adore listening to the music when I come home after work, it helps me greatly to relax and gets my mood up. I currently live with my parents. I have elder brother. He leads his own life and I see him very seldom. They are very close to me and I love them all. Tell me about your family. What attracts you in living and working in your country? Have you ever been to Russia? I would like to know more about you because you seem to be a very interesting and intelligent guy. And I would be glad to receive some of your pictures. I hope our letters will pour a little light on both of our souls and will let us get closer. Have a nice day! Waiting for your reply.
Bye! Anastasya!
Letter 3
Hello Schoki, I'm so glad to see a letter from you. And thank you for your very nice photos! I like your photo!!! You know, the whole idea of looking someone through the Internet is so unusual to me. A very good friend of mine thinks that I'm a little crazy, she says:
"there're so many people around you and they are here so close, but you are looking for someone so far from you". I tell why I'm doing this though it may be to early to talk about such personal things, I have very hard period in my life now and they say, when in life everything seems really ****** and hopeless and all doors seem closed, take a deep breath and look for a window, there always is one even if its on the fifths floor and you have to jump out with NO WAY OF GETTING BACK IN. I just mean that need to change something in my life and the Internet dating was the first thing I thought about. And you, why are you looking for someone through the Internet? I hope we will get along well and may be one day will visit each other. I never was in other countries Tell me about your country, or may be you have some pictures of it - the landscapes or some nice places that you like most? Like I said, I've never been abroad but always wanted to. Ok, I think, I need to tell you something more about me. Well, I live in a small Russian city, called Pavlovo probably you've never heard about it and if you'd like I tell you few facts in my next letter, anyway, it's very beautiful and has the river, I'm lucky to live close to it so I have very nice view from my parent's apartment. I'm very romantic, like flowers and animals, I have a dog, his name is Barsic.
I like doing sports specially skiing and aerobics. Schoki, what do you like to do at your free time? Do you have pets? Well, it's all for now, but if you have questions, please, do not hesitate to ask me I will answer you with pleasure.
Have a good time, Anastasya!
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