Scam letter(s) from Kristina to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear Jake, nice to meet you here and I am very glad that you are interesting in me as I found your profile very interesting too. Hope that during our I so hope not long correspondence we will try to find out as much as we could about each other and may be then we could meet each other in real life. I don’t believe in long correspondence and I think that real meeting is much better. I am Kristina.. I was born on the 12th of January in 1985, so I am 25 years old. I live in Ukraine, in Schastie town in Lugansk region. I live with my family that is quite big. I have an elder sister and she is a already married and has her own family. I have a lot of relatives and from time to time I love to spend time with them. I am working as a teacher of English in the kindergarten. I know English quite good, I was studding it a lot when I was studding in the University. I have never been married and I don’t have children. I was in love but now I think that it wasn’t serious as we both were not ready for something serious. Right now I am sure that I am ready to get married and have family. I was looking for my beloved person here but without any success. I have serious intention to find my beloved man. there is a lot of lie, hypocrisy in our life and i'm tired from all this and that is why I want something real in my life, i want to find my one true love. i have even never thought to play with your tender heart, with your sincere feelings toward me and i think it's not ok at all if we would play with each other. and i tell you this,. i want that we would become for each other very dear, very close people, i want that our relationship would be built on the respect toward each other, but it means that none lie, none secrets, none hypocritical games. What are you looking here, my dear??? Can you tell me more about yourself and I will be very glad to get some your photos. I will be waiting for your reply. Kisses,
Letter 2
My darling Jake, thank you so much for your kind reply. I was so glad to get it and to know more and more about you. I so hope that our relations that we start so nice will become much more then just friend in the Internet because here we are looking for our beloved people, am I right???? I so hope that we have the same interests, by the way, do you have any hobbies???? As for me I am going info sort. To my mind it's very useful for our body and for our health, I try to in for sport every time I have a possibility. I like swimming and every morning I try to do my morning exercises because very often I have no time to go somewhere in for sport. You know I want to play tennis but, unfortunately, there is no courts in our city. It's a region center but it's not very big. I hope one day we'll have wonderful game and you'll show me the rules of tennis. I promise I'll be excellent pupil. In my childhood I dreamed to be a professional dancer and I spend much time in the club where I danced. We often went to another cities to show our performances. Unfortunately, it's not professional club and it is impossible to become a professional after graduation from it. To my mind dancing help us to become more beautiful, to have slender figure, to have beautiful step. Do you like dancing? What music do you like to listen and listening what music do you prefer to dance? I really like to read very much, especially i like to read fantastics , I'm fond of dancing, cause I think it's one of the best ways to get rid of bad emotions. I like to listen to the music like trans. And what music do you listen? As for my dreams I would like to have a person whom I can really trust and rely on .It's very important for me ,I want to love and to be loved by someone . I want to create my own family, based on trust, devotion and candor and, of course, upon mutual love and understanding, because I'm sure that it's impossible to be happy without love and being loved. I'm sure that being loved is more important than being rich, cause being loved means being happy! I wish to find my second half on this planet and make him the happiest man in the whole world! So, my dearest and nearest prince, I will be very glad to get letter from you and really hope that our communication will lead to serious and forever lasting relations. I think you want it also! Waiting impatiently for your reply. Sincerely yours, Kristina. I am waiting!
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Jake, nice to get your rely.
it's very pleasant for me to get to know that you liked me. believe me i was trying to tell you as more as possible about myself, about my city so as we would become closer each other a little, so as we wouldn't feel so strangers.
You see I'm also romantic person and need a reliable person who will near ( first of all with his heart, with his thoughts), who will feel that I need his support and help and who will never betray. And who will value you not for your body or money, but for you are such as you are. Only this is extremely important for me. And you know, for me it is really the sense of life. Maybe it is the reason that I couldn't find a worthy man. You see I have friends, job, but all the men, which I met, did not understand me as I would like. All they said me beautiful words, but their hearts were empty, they could give me ***, but this is not what I really want. I want a wonderful family with mutual understanding, devotedness, and of course love. And as a result of this love I want to have children. I haven't them now, but when I marry I obligatory will have them. I think a woman can be happy only when she have a beloved man, a family, and of cause if she is a mother. I don't know what can be more wonderful than to have own house, to have family's happiness, to have an opportunity to bring up children and spend together all time. I do not think that it is such an unusual desire. And it seems to me that you want the same. And what do you value in domestic life? how do you imagine a real family and the relations in it, what do you expect from your match and what are you ready to give in exchange?
I think that between man and woman, their relations must always be honest and open. They shouldn't reserve the things, which they want to do or have done. i think our life is not so long so as to waist it for such things as lie, superciliousness and hypocrisy. it's so great to say to your beloved person, how much he/she means for you, it's so great to care about him/her, to make for him/her a coffee in the morning, to make a massage if he/she is tired after hard day, to come true his/her desires, to live for beloved person. I hope that we will be able to become for each other such beloved people. On my opinion, the woman is made for care about her man, for creation of warm, family happiness, for to come true all his wishes and dreams. And what do you looking for in woman first of all, which her capacities do you appreciate most of all?
i have to say to you good buy, but i hope that our separation will not be long and soon i will get the reply from you.
i'll be waiting for it impenitently
Your Kristina
Letter 4

hello my darling Jake, how much happiness and gladness you bring to me, every your letter as one big tender kiss and you know how i'm dreaming to feel real kiss of your soft passionate lips on mine and that it would never end:o) my honey so much sunshine, when i'm with you and so much darkness when i'm alone. if i could i would never apart with you any more. You know, I am very glad to know that we have a lot of thing in common and this is really important in relations. I also think that there more 3 points that are also very important. #1 good communication, understanding, compromise. These go together and I could expound on for hours but if you can’t talk, listen or work thru things you’re not ready to be committed or willing to make it work forever. Without communication though you’re doomed. Plus good chemistry and compatibility never hurt...#2 Trust, mutual respect and ability to forgive fundamental to the foundation of any relationship. #3 Desire to make each other feel special, cared for above all others and fiercely loved... It helps quite a bit too also strive to inspire or motivate each other to always be the best they can or reach for more. So support and genuine love for the other round out my top three list. Can you tell me what do you think about it and what you think could me really important in relations???? I will be waiting for your letter, and so hope to get it son, Kiss you tenderly, Your Kristina
Letter 5
My darling Jake, thank you so much for your letter. I was very happy to see your letter when I came back from my business trip, unfortunately it took more 2 days then I was thought. . I was really missing you and all this time I was thinking about and how you are there without me, my letters. I had a nice but very busy time there. I was really great to see new places and to speak with new people. You know that they are different then we are. I really can't explain why but I had this feeling all the time. They are really interesting in talking and they are very kind and nice. Every days was full of meetings and conferences. I wasn't alone, there were about 135 teachers from all over Ukraine and also about 500 from many places in Russia and about 300 people from Poland, Slovakia and we were studding their culture, their traditions, their educational experience, they were presenting some new elements of teaching, some new technology. From last Monday till Wednesday we were in Rostov on Don, then 2 more days in Krasnodar and then Saturday and Sunday we were in Gelendjik, a nice town on the sea side, but frankly speaking I was on the seaside just once. We were living in hotels there and woke up at 7 in the morning, having breakfast and at 10 we were starting a conference and then was meeting and I was free at about 8 in the evening and the only one wish was to go to the hotel room and sleep. I wished to go for a walk, to see town, but any way, I think that may one day I will have a time to go there as a tourist. I wished to have a camera with me, but I didn't have it and I can't show you the wonderful photos from that place. Missing you so much and waiting for your answer very impatiently, Your Kristina.
Letter 6
Hello my honey Jake, I was so waiting for this moment, when I could check my mail box, read your letter and write you my reply. My dear I want that you know that you really changed my life. It's not as before, it's brighter and every your letter, every your warm word about me, or for me makes her brighter. But there is sadness in my heart however. You are like distant sun for me. I see you, I feel your warmth, but can't touch you. I think of you all time. How have you spent your day? What are you doing now? Where are you now? Who is near with you? What is your mood? Do you remind about me? How often? And I began to reread our letters. It gives me a feeling that you are near, not for long, but it's becoming warmer. You know yesterday, in the evening I met with one of my friend, her name is Yana, and we went to drink some wine, to eat ice - cream and to discus her future wedding. There was music in the cafe. I heard very beautiful, slow song. i'm not sure, but it seems to me that it's called "Kiss by the rose" it's one of my favorite songs. And it reminded me about you. And at that moment I felt such sadness because of you were so far away and you were not here with me. And that such pleasant music was sounding and we were not dancing and you didn't hold me in your arms. by the way do you like to dance? i would like to dance with you, put my head on your strong shoulder, feeling your strong hands around me, breathe with your smell and listening to the beating of your heart near mine:o) do you like the romantic dinners? For example when you come back home after your working day and a such pretty surprise is waiting for you. pleasant, relaxing music, candles, laid for two table, the bottle of your favorite wine and of course dear for you woman. you sit down opposite each other, you look into the eyes of each other, you see as her eyes sparkle and the smile plays on her lips and you know that the reason of it is only you. you feel the delicate smell of her perfume and you are loosing in it.
My lovely, may be your heard that slavic women is more open than women from other countries, does it frighten you? Do you like when a woman doesn't reserve her feelings and emotions? have you already got the experience of communication with Ukrainian or Russian women?
I am missing you so much and thinking about you all the time,
Your Kristina.
Letter 7
Hello my darling Jake, thank you a lot for your letter. Your letters are like sun lights to me and it's very great to receive them in the morning, because each your letter means that this day must be very good...Thank you dear for your beautiful words... Dear, thank you a lot for answers... I was very happy to see them... it's really a great pleasure to know you better and better... and dear, i can tell you that my favourite colour is red... because it a colour of passion... but I like all the other colours very much... really... I like all sorts of music, it depends on my mood... when i am in good mood i listen to catchy and dynamic music, and when I feel not very well, when my heart is aching, or I feel lonely, I listen to tearjecking and romantic music... dear, as for me, i do not really know where it's better to live, because the village is good because of the fresh air and there is no noise and pollution... and I like cities, because there are a lot of things to do and many people to meet... but honestly I can tell you that I think that it's not so important where to live, but the key think is to live with beloved person in piece, with love and without arguments... :o) the financial situation is not important for me, it is very important for me that i have such an opportunity to take care about my beloved, it is very important to cook a dinner for him, to have a small dinner in the small and cheap restaurant, to have a picnic somewhere. it is very import to cook a dinner for my beloved man myself.
When I read you letter I feel very similar to you and I am very glad that I have such an opportunity to know you better. Darling, as for my friends I can say that I do have good friends... We were in the same form and we are still friends. and i know that in every difficult situation i can rely on them and they can rely on me. We have a lot in common and that's why it's always very funny to be with them... Each time we are together, we can do nothing but laugh... and i am sure that it will also be very interesting for you to be in the same company with my friends... :O) we have the same world-views and that's why it's very interesting to communicate... I love my friends very much and I think that they are my real friends, who are ready to give the hand of support in every situation, and in difficult minute they are ready to be near me... and as for me, I think that a real friend is the person, who is ready to make one step back, just to let you go farther... and sometimes we do the same... we can ruin our dreams and goals, if we want to help someone... and I think that it's really great... Dear, what friends do you have friend??? Do you have such a friend whom you can trust like me??? even if you do not have such a friend, i do think that your woman, your wife can be a real friend for you and i do hope that i will be such a friend for you. because the beloved woman is not only a wife, but also a reliable friend, lover, mother and sister. I do hope that one day i will be such a person for you...
Your Kristina
Letter 8
My darling Jake, you can’t imagine how I was happy to receive your letter.
It was like the first sunshine in the morning for me. I am thinking about you all the time and I am really thankful for the fortune that allows us to meet. My darling you know, I have a dream and I want to make my dream true with my lovely man and to see all remarkable places with him, I want to travel around the world and it doesn't matter how it will be: by bus, by train, by air, by ship or by car. It would be so romantic to have a voyage and to see all sea's beauty, I to feel sea wind and a lot of sea-gulls above us. I know everything has its own smell and sea has too and I want to feel its smell, its character and mood. Traveling by air it's possible to see all world's beauty from heaven, to be on the heaven and to imagine ourselves like angels who look after people and try to help them if we need, I believe every people has an angel near him and we always feel them in difficult times, they help us to find our second half and I know I have an angel too because I find you and I feel so happy and I have no words to describe you my feelings. Traveling by car is the most romantic traveling, I can feel you near me and to do everything I want and when I want, to sleep under the moon and to feel your body near mine and to warm ourselves. I don't want to sleep in the hotel it's more romantic to do it under the moon light and to hear tree's rustling, to hear breathing of nature and to become a part of nature and to become one person in two and to have one heart for two, to see our eyes and to understand each other without words. And to take refreshing shower together and we'll help to refresh our forces to continue our adventures. To me I like traveling and I dream to see the whole world and it'll be great to do it with you and to share with you all my feelings and all my happiness. You know when I was a little girl I tried to watch all TV programs about the world and remarkable places, I always imagined myself in different countries with my lovely man, sometimes we were like pigeons, we had a lot of love and tender kisses, another time we looked for treasure and had a lot of adventures together but it was just dreams. Today I dream about my love and my family, I know if my lovely man wants to look for treasure I'll come with him and will take care of him, if he wants to have happy family and to live our happy and calm life I'll happy to share my happiness with him and to gave all my love and all my care for him and our children. How do you prefer to travel?
Missing you a lot and thinking about you all the time,
Your Kristina
Letter 9
Hello my dearest Jake! As usual today I got your letter and I was very glad. I don’t know why but I feel that we get closer and closer with every letter. And when I get your letter it seems like everything is booming in my body, like everything is blooming in early spring. All my problems stay behind, I forget about them. In my life I meet very seldom such people who I can open my soul to. I see that you have good energy, cause it is very easy for me to communicate with you. Maybe you have a lot of friends, don’t you? And I’m so happy that you have a free minute and pay attention to me, writing me a letter. Your letters support me. You know, while writing you a letter I don’t need to think long what to write you, cause all my thoughts appear in my head very suddenly, cause I want to communicate to you, to share with you every day of my life, to tell you everything that happened to me during the whole day. And I feel such a good pleasure inside that I have you who I can speak to, can ask for advice. But I’m not sure that you like my attitude to you. Maybe all my letters, where I tell you everything about me and my life, are extra problems on your head, and I don’t know if you want and if it is interesting for you to read about all my life and all my problems. I don’t know if it is not difficult for you to give me an advise. But I do want it to be such a pleasure for you as it is a pleasure for me to read all your letters to me. Kisses,
Letter 10
My darling, my sweetheart Jake,
I want you to know, that you are the person, who is the sense of my life now, this is really true and I have been thinking rather long and careful before writing you this. I want to tell you thanks a lot, thank you for entering the world of mine and staying there till now and I hope that you will stay in my world till the end of my life. Yes, I understand, that all these words are very responsible, and you should never pronounce them, if you are not sure for 100%, but I can surely say this, that I love you, and you made all these feelings appear in my soul and in my heart. You made me understand what this word of love really means. Due to you I understood that it is possible to stay all day long without any meal, but being absolutely healthy and merry, and never feel the hunger, because everything inside of you, even your stomach if filled with this feeling, with the thoughts of you and only you, with the dreams, that have confused with reality. Only due to you I understood, how it is possible to spend all the night in the bed after a hard working day and never have the desire to sleep, but just laying with the closed eyes and thinking of my beloved, and imagining the most tender, romantic, and sometimes even too ***** and lecherous episodes from our future. You know, sometimes it seems to me that all those fantasies were reality and it seems to me that I have been living with you for a long time. Due to you I understood how it is possible to sit on the most exciting lesson, and not to hear the lecturer, but only the tender words, that you whisper on my ear, due to you I understood, how it is possible to jog in the morning and notice nobody and nothing, not to feel the road under your feet, not to see the people, jogging near, but just seeing your smiling face, noticing your hands, that can embrace me with such tenderness and at the same time with such great passion and power. Due to you I understood, how it is possible to see some stranger, passing by me, but seeing only you in him and running up to him, and only then to understand that I was wrong, and to behave in such a way all day long.
You know, I would never believe anybody, if he told me, that there can exist such a condition of the brain and body, if I didn't feel everything this myself.
My dearest, you may not have the same feeling right now, but I should say that it is the most pleasant feeling of all in the world, this is the feeling that gives you the wings, and makes you become sure that you can touch the brightest star on the sky... This is the greatest feeling of being in love and feeling that it is mutual... I think nothing, but this and only this makes us really feel HAPPY.
Missing you so much and so love you,
Your Kristina.
Letter 11
My darling Jake, I am missing you so much and all the time you are in my thoughts. Honey I miss you so much! I want to be with you as soon as possible!! You are a part of me and I need you everyday like I need air to breathe. I need you in my life. I feel it and I'm sure that you are the only one in the life who I need. You know this night I even had a dream about you and me. We were together there and we were really happy. We were sitting together and talking and our eyes looked so happy and our children were playing in the yard. It was a boy and a girl. The boy looked just like you!! I was so happy of that dream! And now I know that it will be reality very very soon we need just to wait for a little. Honey just I want you to remember all the time that I want to be with you as soon as possible and you are the only one person who can make me happy!
My love, my sweetheart, you know today I took 5 days vocations in my work and the reason is that my best friend is getting married. She called me today and invited me to came to her as soon as possible to help her and also she told me that I will be her bride’s friend on the celebration. I was in real shock , because I didn’t expect this. We were studding together and then she moved to live in Taganrog town that is in Russia with her family and after school we saw each other only three times, but really we were really best friend!!!!!! So she called me and she was pleading me to come to help her. She is getting married and the wedding will be on Saturday and she didn’t even buy her wedding dress so, my darling, I am leaving today. I an hour it will be my bus and in 5 hours I will be in her place and we have just Friday to organize everything. I really don’t know what is going on there and why she doesn’t have time to prepare everything before but when I will be back I will let you know. I will be in her place till Monday and on Monday evening I will be back and I will let you know about everything. I will be missing you so much, my love. I am in such hurry. I wish you will be with me because our Ukrainian weddings are very interesting and I am sure that you will liked it and when I will be back I will tell you everything about our wedding traditions, ok???
Love you so much,
Your Kristina.
Letter 12
My darling Jake, I am so happy that I am again with you and have an opportunity to write you. Oh, my darling, I was missing you so much and you were all the time in my thoughts and dreams.
My love, everything went really great with my friend’s wedding. I came to them on Thursday evening and we had a nice dinners and discussing all the rest that needed to be ready for the wedding. Friday was full of deals, decorating cafe, buying flowers, wedding cake, fireworks, wedding dress and all the others so small but necessary things for this. In the evening we had a girl’s party and it was really funny. Of course it was without men there and were talking, singing and dancing and remember all things from our childhood and school life. On Saturday morning we helped to prepare everything for wedding, decorated cars, rooms, prepared a lot of tasty things. Later it was wedding ceremony and the bride Maria was so beautiful in her white wedding dress and he husband was also really nice in back suit. In the morning, when the groom came to take his bride, he made some traditional rules that he could take her from her house. He must paid some money for the person who guarded her and made some traditional things for it as sang song for her beloved woman, declared a poem and his promises for her. Wedding ceremony was in the afternoon and after it we went along the town, visiting some special places for them and then went to the cafe where his parents were waiting for them. They were meeting them with wedding bread with salt and two glasses of champagne. They took two pieces of bread with salt, feed each other, then ***** champagne and pushed glasses for happiness. In the cafe it was a lot of competitions for them and for guests too and at the end of this was a wedding cake and a huge firework. Everything was really great, my darling. I imagined myself in such wedding dress in family surrounding and also I think that wedding is a really serious step and more over church marriage is much serious and important then official. What do you think???? Do you have the same in your place????
The celebration went on on Sunday, we were on the Nature near the Azov seaside, swimming, playing, singing songs, had tasty dishes on fire. In the evening we came back home really tired but happy, I was really happy because of my friend and her happiness and all these days you were in my thoughts and I was imagine our wedding and how it will be.
Yesterday our just married went for a honey moon to Crimea. I am sure that they will have really great time there. Unfortunately they don’t sill have wedding photos but they promised me to make them for me soon. I really can’t wait to see these photos. And I came back to my home yesterday evening and the road was tired and the weather was so hot and today also but I am very glad that I came back to you again, my love.
My sweetheart Jake, how are you???? Is everything ok with you, your family, your work???? Did you miss me???
Please, write me as soon as possible. I can’t wait to get a letter from you.
Your Kristina.
Letter 13
Where are you??? Please, write me!!!
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