Scam letter(s) from Irina to Matthew (England)

Letter 1
Hi my friend!!!! My name is Irina. We had acquaintance to you.
But our communication has been lost. And I could not answer you at once. I am glad that now I can to write the letter for you. I hope you still remember me. And we can continue our dialogue. I send my photo. I shall hope that you like it. I also shall be glad to see your photo.
Write to me. Irina
Letter 2
Hello my friend ! I would like to tank you for this your letter and writing to me. I am very glad that I met you here. I didn't know much about the Internet, till not long time ago one my friend told me about it and told me how she found her love here. i was really excited and decided to take risk. This is why I am here. I think that it is really nice that we managed to meet each other here among lots of other people. I really would like to know you and be your friend. Would you mind telling me a little bit more about yourself? What do you do for living? What do you like and dislike? What do you like doing apart from work? I think that I should tell you a little bit about myself. I would like to tell you that I am newer to all this kind of correspondence and this is why I would like to tell you that I probably don't know some laws of writing here, but please know that I am writing to you from the bottom of my heart! So my name is Irina. There are lots of ways friends can change my name and call me Irishka, Irusya, Ira, Irulka and so on. I think that you can change the one that you like. so I was born on the 13th January (not on Friday:)) 1981. I was born in Russia , in the town called Saint Petersburg. My childhood was quite difficult for me because I had to live without parents. My mother left me when I was the small child and I was really lucky that my grandmother adopted me. She was everything to me. She couldn't help me much because she was from poor family, but she did everything to support me. I hardly can recall that time without tears. But nevertheless this made me stronger and I became and adult much earlier than my friends and peers. After school I decided to went to the law college because it all was really interested for me and after graduating I started my work in the law enforcement. First it was very difficult for me because I fetch and carry everything, but then all my efforts were noticed and I started my work as the criminalist. It seems to be quite difficult work, but I like it very much because I think my work is really useful for other people. This is a small chapter from the book of my life. I hope that you are interested and I will be waiting for your answer. Take care Yours Irina
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Matthew! I am so happy that you are interested and that I receive your answer.
I think that in some way corresponding here is like the fortune telling with the help of the camomile "will write me or not". I am glad that you wrote me!
I think that corresponding here is like meeting step by step, closer and closer and I right now it is my turn to make one more step to you. I know that you would like to know more about the things that make my life, that are my interests, hobbies... I like also to communicating with my friends. I have best friend, her name is Ann:). When I have free time I really like doing something that can help me forget about my work, as it is very tiring and difficult. I like good books and I adore listening to the music. There is no some my favorite kind of it, but I like listening all kinds of music except rap. what about you? I also like nature very much and when i have time I like spending there time having the picnics with friends, or just walking in the forest! This is how I spend my free time. One more thing that I like is rain. i like all kinds of weather and all seasons, but I am always happy when it is raining. I like to sit on the window sill and watch how the drops of rain fall on the ground, I like the smell of rain, I like its sounds... What about you? Now i will finish my letter as i am a little bit tired today because of my work. With kisses Yours Irina
Letter 4

Hello my sweetest Matthew! Thank you for your letter! I am so glad that you were not bored with the things that I sad to you and that I didn't scare you off. This is the good sign and I am glad that I have such a good friend as you. This means that our common way can lead us somewhere, right? I am so thankful to you for your understanding of my problem with the language. I think that you can help me with learning of your language and if you would like to i could also teach you Russian or Ukrainian.
I am sure that in this way we will be able to understand each other well. I think that I could cook pizza for you. I also like this dish very much. I really would like to tell you about my past, about my relationships, because I guess you really cannot understand how could it happen that I don't have the boyfriend. I can tell you that I had him. We had the relationships for four years and we were thinking about creating the family, when he suddenly got into the car crash and died. That was the huge hit for me. I couldn't do anything. I thought that the cruel destiny didn't give me the mother and right now took my beloved person. I didn't know what to do. That was the time when my friends and granny were around of me, they did everything in order to make me forget about this. It was difficult, because in every person that i see in the street I saw something like in my boyfriend. That was like the most terrible torture. But it is true that time can heal everything. Two years passed and I understood that I am able to start my search again, that my heart is not that hurt any more. And then I thought that I can try the Internet. This was the sad story for me, but at least it showed me that the life is going on and that the main thing for us is not to give up! You know I had lots of difficult situations in my life and I am not looking for some miracle, I am just looking for the real person, whose hand i can feel in the moments of happiness and depression. Probably you are that person for me??:) I don't know this, but I really hope so. Now I have to finish my letter, as today I am going to make a big clean at home, so I will have lots of things to do. Looking forward to receiving your letter With affection yours Irina
Letter 5
It is so nice to get your letter today! I was waiting for it with impatience and I am smiling right now seeing it in the mail box you! I think that there is something really amazing when you see how the relationships appear and then started to be stronger and stronger, this is what I can see between us and this makes me happy:)! I think that you are a wonderful person and I am really glad that once I managed to meet you... I think that this is destiny for sure... I believe that everything that I do is only my choice and I know that when you choose right variant the whole Universe do everything in order to help me with this... I know even this feeling when I am on the right way. I hope that you understand what I am talking about... I just mean that you are so much in my life and I want to thank you for making me what i am right now. You know yesterday my Granny asked me if i had the relationships right now. I think that it was difficult to hide from her my happy smile and the sparkles in the eyes. She knows well what this means. So I told you . I was a little bit afraid to tell her about this, because I think that it is better not to talk about the things that you are not sure for 100. But i told her. She was so happy for me and told her best regards to you:)! I am kissing you thousand times and i hope that this will be not the last my kisses to you. Always yours Irina.
Letter 6
I am happy to write new letter to you very much. This big happiness for me, that we have found each other. I wish to tell to you about much, but I forget about it sometimes when I visit the Internet-cafe.
I worry very much when I read your letter and I write the letter to you...
My dear, I wish to find out more about your city and about your country very much. I shall be glad very much if you will write more about it in your next letter. Also I wish to find out, what do you know about my country. In my letter I shall tell to you about Russia shortly. I hope, that you will tell about your country and about your city too. It is very interesting. Probably, you know, that Russia is greatest country in the world. It is located in two parts of the world: in the Europe and Asia. Russia is very multinational country, and many people lives at us. Each people has their customs and traditions. Many people here have their national language. Therefore Russia has very rich culture. Also Russia has many holidays. But the most known and favourite holiday at us is New Year. You know that we can holiday New Year 12 times in Russia? Because Russia is located in 12 time zones. And what favourite holiday at you??? I shall try to guess. I am assured, that it is Christmas. Am I right? Certainly, I have told a little about Russia. It is the difficult country. And a life here is very difficult. If you will have any questions, I shall be glad to answer on its.
Still I would like to ask you some questions. I wish to ask you, do you know some words in Russian? May be you want, that I have learned you to some expressions? Still I wish to find out, what are you wait from our relations on correspondence? You want serious relations or you search for the friend on correspondence. Because I have some feelings to you. I wish to find out, it is mutual or not. I hope to receive the letter from you with answers on my questions soon. Bye, my dear. Always yours Irina
Letter 7
How are you today ? It is very important for me to have a close man next to me. I trust you as never before. I know there is a huge distance between us, but in spite of that we are still together. Have you ever thought that it would be possibly to think about the person which is far from you?? :) As usually I came home yesterday after my job. I felt an emptiness in my soul. Do you know why? I was alone. Alone like a she wolf in the wood. I am so tired of the loneliness. I am lack of my loving man, I am lack of warmth at my home. I must confess you became my obsession. Lonely woman is a miserable creature. :) I need to take care of somebody, I want to prepare something tasty and delicious for my beloved man, I want to surprise and I want some tenderness. Now my life is a hall of waiting because I am waiting for my future life. I am like a girl of 15 before her first kiss. :) What else can I add? I think nothing. My dear man, I am a woman of one man. I have opened a new page in my Life Book and I am ready to read in it just pleasant moments, which are connected just with you. Very often I imagine us together walking along the river or in the forest. You hold my hand and I look into your eyes. I see there love and tenderness. Then I embrace you and give to you my kiss as a gift. Our kiss is sweet and honey. We don't notice the people which are around us because we are happy. All the world belongs just to us. Then you hug my waist and we go home. So, we come to our home. We have there a big fireplace. There is a soft bear's fell next to it. You take a bottle of red wine and some exotic fruits. We lie next to the fireplace and I feed you with fruits and some creams. My fingers are soft and gentle. I tease you and you are crazy about me. We are the happiest couple in the world.
My dear, please tell that you think of our meeting? I wish to see you in a reality very much. And I wish to feel your heat. My dear, I want that you have arrived to Russia. My house is your house. Because you my be” loved. And I want that we for ever were together. Please write that you think of it. I do hope my dreams will come true and I will be waiting for your next letter very much! Your Irina.
Letter 8
The account is not accessible. There is no enough money in this account. You can contact the manager the Internet-cafe.
Letter 9
We wish to inform you that there is no more money on the account of your Lady Irina so she isn't able to correspond with you any more. If you wish to pay our services for lady Irina, please open the attached document and give us your answer. If you do not want, or cannot settle an account Irina. Inform us on it. We shall close her account. Sincerely yours “IPCC”
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