Letter(s) from Marina Rybakova to David (USA)

Letter 1

my love David, thanks you for your care. The same information:

dmc> Name Country - Russia,
dmc> City - Moscow,
dmc> full name of cousines - Elena Tsaregorodtseva

i love you!!! karina!!!

Letter 2

hi my love David!!!! Yesterday I have taken a walk a little on Moscow and then I went in the airport.
But I was stopped by the militiaman and has asked documents.
Officially in Moscow is possible to be 3 days.After that if the person does not have registration in Moscow to him threatens the penalty and prison.
He has told that you are in Moscow more than 3 days and has told that should go in a police station with him for finding - out of circumstances. I have explained all to him, but he did not want to listen to me.
Then I have bribed him. He has asked bribe him 2000 usd. I have received yours 2700 usd and was compelled to give him 2000 usd.
O my god I hate our Russian militia. All of them selling fuckers!!! I very malicious now on itself and on Russian law enforcement bodies!!!
I not the first victim of this law. Each day hundred visitors of people suffer from it!!!
Certainly I understand them. Because they protect the order, prevent acts of terrorism and much another!
But they exceed the powers! They should put me in prison, before finding out of my data, the purposes of trip, check of documents!
And it occupies more than 2 days, besides me would deport back in my city and whether impose a big penalty!!!:-(
And for not putting me in prison I has given them money and they have released me.
Do you think I has correctly made??? I very much am afraid that you become angry about me for my big expenses.
It is very a shame to me. I do not know that to me to do now. I can not go even up to the airport.
Please help me. my sweety David i need about 2000 dollars to fill loss because of militia.
This money are necessary for me as soon as possible..
To me I am most of all sad that yet with you. So my support is necessary for you!!!! It is shame to me that I still here in Russia.
When my beloved suffers and still I am in Russia!!!
I wanted to take off already today to you, but now I can fly only after indemnification 2000 usd and only on February, 16 I can fly, I shall arrive to you and I shall be with you up to the end of life!!!
I pray every day that to you was not so hurt and that you have recovered as soon as possible!!!!
On February, 16 we shall be together!!! There are only 3 days.
For the sake of ours happy the future we should still more very few!!!
my love I wait for your help very soon. :-( For me necessary 2000 usd.
Forgive me David for that that I not attentively went along the street and the militiaman has seen me.
I all life shall appreciate your care of me.
Nothing can not prevent to our happiness!!!! I am sincere to trust in our happiness.
Dear David, on February, 16 we will become happiest people on the ground.
I very much love you!!!!! Yours Karina

Letter 3

i love you my sweety baby David, my mum has sent me on my email photos, I send them to you. love you, karina

Letter 4

my love david please be not angry with me! Has much put, I so to get tired every day. I did not want to trouble you with superfluous problems!!!
A little more wait please. It is necessary to finish the document that I do not have anything in Russia that I without problems was released from the country.
i love you!!! yours karina

Letter 5

my love David I do not understand that with you? I still to run with documents in the whole days. I did not have opportunity to find internet cafe and to write to you.
It is very far from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Additional documents which have appeared still was necessary to issue.
love you!!!! yours wife karina

Letter 6

Yes my love david I understand you worry. I write always when I have time. And even when it is not present. I shall take off all over again in Moscow. Therefrom to you.
From Moscow I still want to call to you. yours karina

Letter 7

my love David I go tomorrow to buy the ticket. Has just now stopped all to pay and run on officials!
The horror how difficultly to leave for three months from the country!:-)
as you? I shall come and to give you the most pleasant evening for all your life!
Wanted to take off on February, 7. But it will seems to take off on February, 8 only. I have not time a little.
love you sweety, karina

Letter 8

my sweety David at us now morning 11:00 am, I shall call to you tomorrow in the morning.
Yes I find out the information and I shall call you. Be about phone approximately in 17 hours
I to you I shall call and I shall dictate the information on the
ticket and trip to you on February, 7. ok sweety?
i love you very very much!!! yours Karina

Letter 9

My sweety David I understand you. But please understand that at you other country and other laws.
Yes I know, that the citizen of America can come to Europe without the visa.
And the citizen of Russia without the visa at all has not the right to come to the country Ukraine!
Though this country always was a part of Russia!!! And its ancient territory!
Your country on much greater is advanced economically than Russia.
Therefore citizens of your country have much more trust in all other countries than citizens of Russia.
Hence the citizen of your country does not need to have at itself the certain sum of money,
What to prove that he it is capable to provide itself the stay in any other country of the world.
You should know, that when the Russian citizen wants to leave to Europe, he should have the Schengen visa.
It obliges to have at herself a minimum 100 euros for one day of residing in Europe!!!
The SAME is necessary for the citizen of my country when he leaves in your country.
Duties of Travel agency include the help in registration of the passport for travel abroad and the visa.
Other consultations concerning trip abroad and expenses for it are not included into duties of Travel agency.
About the certain sum of money necessary for departure your country I have found out in the American embassy.
My dear you should understand, that from these 2700 usd the Travel agency will not receive any dollar!
I shall return all this money to you at the Airport at once as I shall come to you.
You do not lose any dollar from these 2700 usd. This simply next bureaucratic requirement of your country for citizens of Russia.
I am not guilty, that your country so has strongly toughened
requirements on entrance. my dear David is necessary hurries up to find this money for some days, I should take off to you on February, 10.
love you, yours Karina.

Letter 10

My sweety David I plan to fly to you on February, 10.
I can not without you!!!!!!!! I want to meet you faster!!!!
I began to book a ticket aboard the plane. To me have told at the airport that I need to have at itself the document
About presence of the certain minimal cash sum of money. Cash are necessary for departure to your country for me.
As to me have explained I should have at itself this money that in yours To the country had means for existence.
That was not the gangster or the robber. Certainly it ridiculously sounds. But
Nevertheless it is very logical. If I have money I can is quiet
To live to your country. If I do not have cash that to me it is necessary them
where that will take. Unique way for the foreigner to find money it is a dishonest way them to earn.
To me have explained it in embassy. As to me have told I should show one official this sum of money 2700 usd, he will write that saw this money and will put and will give me
Paper on which will put the signature. With this paper I go behind the ticket and to me allow to leave the country.
my love I hope that you understand that when I to arrive to you I give you back all this money at the airport. Because this money as will not be necessary for me
I have arrived to you. As to me have told a minimum of cash on one of residing in your country it is 30 usd per day.
It is a minimum which to me it is necessary. My visa duration of 90 days. Therefore in the sum it is necessary for me 2700 usd, it desirable now, differently I can not be in time. On arrival to you I shall give you this money at once back.
This is simply bureaucratic rule. We shall outwit them, and on arrival I shall give you this money back.
Now the main thing to receive the sanction on departure from the Russia!!!
Understand? All will be good. I wait for your help. Borrow this money to some days. After will give them back when I shall come on February, 10. It is the easiest exit from the usual situation.
my love David i will call you today. With love, yours Karina.

Letter 11

dmc> . I need some answers from you. Is this the total cost to get to Phoenix or to where? What about the flight home?
hi my love David, by the way 1100 usd it is a return ticket. I to fly to you under the tourist visa therefore at me demand a roundtrip ticket.
It to you will be confirmed with any tourist.
I shall arrive to you and we shall hand over the return ticket and we can receive half of this sum 550 usd, you will spend only 550 usd for the ticket up to you.
We shall hand over the return ticket in cash department at the airport when I to arrive to you.
It is the cheapest ticket from Khabarovsk up to your country! To not find I everywhere more cheaply searched and have found the cheapest ticket for 550 usd! I to not hurry you but I should buy the ticket already now because differently to me will not issue the visa and documents,
Will think that I have decided not and I have no serious intentions to use these documents for myself instead of for somebody another!
I ask you send this money 1100 usd the nearest day.
dmc> . How long do you want to stay?
sweety my visa is valid 90 days.
lvoe you, yours Karina

Letter 12

My sweety David I am very glad that process of the visa goes quickly and successfully!
It is all due to you, my love David!!!
This visa is valid 90 days, it is necessary for me to arrive to you as soon as possible that we could plan our future and enjoy our love!
I love you very much, soon we shall together and I at last can embrace and kiss you!
Soon I shall make and will have received all necessary documents and began to pack some clothes I shall not take many things, at me only bag and a small sac.
In communication with crisis our airline has been ruined last week, and they cannot pay the ticket aboard the plane.
They have told that very much apologize that the contract between my firm and their airline cannot be valid as the firm is the bankrupt.
And all its obligations are cancelled. :-(
Yesterday I went to the airport and have found out the information about the air ticket.
First class tickets cost - 1700 usd, Economic class - 1100 usd
I have thought that is not necessary to buy a first class ticket as it more expensively on 600 usd, The manager of the airport has told that it is necessary to be insured on this flight.
I shall fly economic a class cost 1100 Usd, I to you it by phone have already told. I do not want that you spent superfluous money for my trip.
Therefore I shall fly economic class.
I hope that you can help me with air tickets and send me 1100 usd, as soon as I shall receive your remittance, I at once shall go to Moscow and I shall buy the ticket on the next flight. After I shall buy tickets, I shall write to you at once the necessary information about number of flight and time of flight that you could meet me at the airport,
My sweety David I with impatience shall wait for your help now has remained last a step up to our meeting.
I love you and I kiss you in your gentle lips a long and passionate kiss you!,
love you, yours Karina

Letter 13

hi my love David,
well, info for you for Western Union:
need 325 usd, Country - Russia, City - Moscow,
Name - Elena
Last name - Tsaregorodtseva
Her full name - Elena Tsaregorodtseva.
The information of bank: VTB Bank.
The address of VTB Bank: Moscow, Myasnitzkaya street, house 35.
Sweety David i will call you that day when I shall receive a
remittance that you did not worry. ok sweety? sweety i sooooooooooo happy!!!!!
Love you, yours Karina

Letter 14

my love David you my most fine creation on light, lovely my, loved, long-awaited, my charm!!!!
I love, I love, I love, and I can not more without you!!! You my happiness!!!!!!
I do not find words for pleasure that you are at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love and adore you, and I wait for our meeting!!!!!!!!!!
Lovely, loved, my most beautiful, charming, my the pretty girl, my the clear head!!!
My dear and loved - YOU ARE MY!!! :-)
DO NOT FORGET I you I LOVE than you me more strongly!!!:-)) Ur! Ur! Ur!!!! I love and adore you!
I love you beloved!!! I can not even minutes without you live!!!
My beloved, my the sun, you are simple a miracle which to me the destiny has presented,
I love you so - as nobody liked!!! I want you!!!
Also I want to visit all places of your body!!!
And to kiss it sooooooo - that you finished from each my kiss!!! :-)
I shall open all your intimate places!!!
I am hungry to you, and I want to be sated with you and to seize you!!!
I love you and I want you and I can not without you my dear!!!
I love you, Sincerely, yours Karina

Letter 15

My sweety baby how are you? In me all is good. How weather in you?
At us strange weather - all over again will drop out snow, then will thaw, and so is constant.
But now I think that snow will not thaw. Has already sharply become cold.
But I am heated in heat of your letters and I dream of day when I can hold you in my hands.
I feel warm heat your soul, and I feel strong need for you.
Your letters always bring to me huge pleasure.
I feel to you a huge attraction and huge love.
and I want to tell you - I love you!!!
My mum transfer you big and hot congratulations,
And also hot embraces. They are very much interested as in you business.
You already simply a member of our family. My Mum of you very much love mine.
Each day asks to transfer you HELLO!!!, And also strong embraces.
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, And also my most passionate magic kisses,
And also my hottest embraces from my heart of love.
I very much miss on you, my love. You are absent on me, my charm?
I very much would like, that you were close to me, my love.
Each day I dream of our meeting to you, my love. Each night our meeting at the airport dreams me.
I dream of the first kiss with you. When I shall arrive to you, my love I give you
The longest kiss which very much is pleasant to you, to my Prince.
I am sure, that our first kiss will be my love, lasts very long.
You trust in it? I dream of our first kiss in the airport.
And also about the first strong embrace. I always present our meeting to you, as in a fairy tale.
I very much want, that our meeting remembered well.
I very much would like it, my love. You for me an ideal of the person.
Each minute of reflection about you brings for me huge pleasure.
I shall expect your letter. I shall write to you tomorrow.
I love you!!! I want you!!! I very much miss on you, my charm!!!
You are very necessary for me. I finish my letter to you with ideas on you!!!
I love you, yours Karina

Letter 16

Sweety 325 USD it is money necessary for registration visa and passport and other documents.
The ticket aboard the plane to me will be paid with my work.
I wanted to tell, that I talked at work to the director. he has told, that may help me with the ticket aboard the plane. At me for some years money which have collected has run into debt to me the state.
You probably heard, that in Russia frequently detain the salary.
Plus is a lot of years to me did not give out money when I left in holiday - holiday money.
Some sum of money is collected.
The administration of city still does not have money which they owe to many to bookkeeper and me.
Someone from bookkeeper instead of this money has received free-of-charge food stuffs and clothes.
The matter is that our airport owes many money of our administration of city for fuel and still for what that. I precisely do not know.
To me have offered to refund in replacements of the debt for the ticket to you.
Plus they completely compensate the ticket from Khabarovsk, up to Moscow is 9000 more roubles = 300USD. Both it is good me also well city and it is good the airport!!!
Because probably I more never would see this money
Because never probably the administration of city to give me this duty.
And the airport it is not known when will give the duty to city. And so mutually advantageous barter turns out.
It is all it became possible due to the director of my works. He very kind and simultaneously influential person.
They can not pay to me the visa because it outside of the competence of city.
The American embassy is engaged in it. Therefore I asked you only 325 usd visa. It is more than money for trip to you to me it is not necessary. love you, Karina

Letter 17

My love how are you? How is the weather at you?
At us weather today simply magic, because today at us in city not so coldly,
Such weather very much is pleasant to me.
I very much love warm weather.
At us in city brightly the sun today shines, the warm wind blows.
And consequently it is very pleasant for me to feel a touch of a warm wind on my face.
This touch of a wind probably will be similar to a touch of your hands to my face, and to my hair.
I very much would like to feel a touch of your hands to my face, and to my hair.
Today saw a lot of youth go on park. They embrace, kiss.
I too very much would like to feel your kisses, and yours of caress.
My mum asked me that I transferred you
Big and ardent Hi, and also the most strong embraces.
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my most sincere
And passionate air kisses and also my hottest and ardent embraces.
You would like to feel my passionate kisses, and my passionate embraces from my loving heart?
I dream of feeling your passionate kisses and hot embraces
What you think in this occasion? I very much miss on you.
Remember, that I love you, my charm.
I shall wait for your letters, my love.
Sincerely, yours Karina

p.s. Has by the way overlooked to write at us today to night with 13 for January, 14 marked old new year.
At Russian many holidays.:-)