Letter(s) from Natalia to Tony (England)

Letter 1

Hi, my new friend!
I was very glad to receive your answer back. Thanks for writing me!
Frankly i am new at the Internet and moreover i have never used such dating at all. I just heard a lot about it from my girl-friends, so that's why i decided to try to find my happiness here. But i also heard that some men just want to find beautiful women and then want them to send nude pics or when they come to them, they take their passports and are rude with them. But i hope that it will never concern me.
I hope to know more about you because i consider you to be a really interesting man. I hope that in the future letters you will tell me more about yourself.
As for me, I am 28 years old. I am blond, my eyes are blue. I am tall, slim and slender. I work in police as a criminal investigator. May be it surprised you but I like my job and my duty is to fight with criminals and lawlessness to keep stability and justice in our town. I hope my job doesn't embarrass you because I really want to learn you better!
Here i am looking for serious relations with a kind, honest and reliable man to create a family. My intentions are very serious and i am not here for playing the games. As for here, it is impossible to find here a good man i think, the town is not big and it seems that i know everybody here. More over men here are not responsible and very often they seem to be selfish.And what can you tell me about yourself? Why did you decide to use Internet to find a woman? Hope to hear from you soon. Don't forget to send me your photos!
Best wishes,

Letter 2

Hi, my dear friend Tony!
I'm glad that you answered me, it's really pleasant.
I was glad to make acquaintance with you because I read your letter and I consider you to be a very good man. I hope that it will be pleasant to write to each other because it is very good to have friends in different parts of our planet.
I live in a great country Russia but in a small town Yaransk. But this town is very beautiful and nice. Here is a nice park and i like walking here very much. I was born in this town, here is my Motherland.
In childhood I studied at school and did sport. I have a lot of medals and awards for my achievements in sport. I was a very good swimmer and once I was the winner of the competitions between the towns which are bigger than mine, for example, Kazan.
I was good at school, and after I had finished it, I entered the university. As for me, I do sport a lot because it is my hobby and the meaning of my life. Very often I run in the morning and ski in the forest. But best of all I like swimming and I do it well. But don't think that this is all that I can do well.
I also know English and German not bad. It means that we will not have any problems in understanding each other. As I told you, I like my job and i decided to become a policewoman in childhood. One day when I was 10 year old my mother and me were going home late in the evening and 2 men attacked my mother and they stole her sac where was her salary and her documents. I was so shocked at that moment but I couldn't help my mother because i was too young. As a result, now I'm a criminal investigator and I defend our citizens.
I wish to be a prosecutor in the future. But it is only my dream now. I have two close girl-friends whom I know from childhood. We try not to spoil our relations because we don't want to lose each other. Sometimes we go to the cinema or bar, but best of all we like to walk in the park where we can have a rest from noise of the cars and fuss of the town.
And as for my family, I have very nice and careful parents. But my parents are already pensioners.
I still live with them because they need my help and support in everything.
And may I ask a question? I'd like to Know very much: What do you enjoy doing in free time, what's your hobby?
Could you send me some of your photos accompanied by friends and family and where you are alone, please? I really want to know you better. Well, what's your favorite food? Maybe I cook it well, and I can cook it for you one day ;) I cook very good and spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
I hope my story will lessen your curiosity a little bit, and you'll answer me also.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,

Letter 3

Hi, Tony!
It is pleasant , that you studied my some ideas in the last message. Tony, I don't often tell about the deep ideas and opinions, but i has written it to you, because has felt desire to open it. It is very important to have a person whom you can trust and open your soul. I'm very glad that you understand me greatly and i can tell you everything.
Thank you, that you have written to me some details about your life. I closely studied it. It has helped me to understand you and your life better. I feel that you become more close for me.
I'd like to tell you that it's really important for me to find a right man to spend my life with.
It doesn't matter where, I just want him to treat me like a woman, to take care of me. You may ask why I search for him through the Internet. I think that it's the best way to learn a lot of little things about each other, which can't be shared in the real life. You see, we are more opened here, we are not shy, we can tell what we want. It helps to be honest. And I should say that I'm really honest with you as I don't want to hide anything and to start new relationship with lies. I'm not like that.
It seems that in Russia there are no good men now. They just want to have fun wth woman, and then leave her. They also think that after their first date when they visited cinema or restaurant for example, a woman has to make sex with him, and it doesn't matter that they know each other only for a moment.
I don't understand it and think that abroad it is different. Woman must be respected by a man first of all.
That's why i wrote to you and it really makes me pleasure because i consider you to be a nice guy, a strong and kind and careful man.
I'm waiting for your letters,
Kisses for you,