Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Polushina to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Hello the my dear friend Joe!
It is very pleasant for me, that you have answered my letter.
For you my letter to you, probably, was absolutely unexpected. And you very much were surprised, having received it?! But, if it is fair, for me it too the big unexpectedness. And to myself I am surprised, that has taken advantage of services of the Internet to get acquainted with the man.
I am very happy, to see your letter and all ideas were mixed, at all I do not know from what and to start! The matter is that I for the first time have decided to try all to get acquainted through the Internet, till this moment, I never it did. One of my girlfriends, to be exact even fellow workers, has got acquainted on the Internet and has married the good person from Germany. Now there already more than two years live and is very happy.
I very much frequently receive from it e-mail where she describes how there it is good it as her appreciate and respect on work, what at it the sensitive and loving husband.
And in each letter she edifies me, that I too have tried to get acquainted with the man. Well I have tried. Has seen your structure, both you have very much liked me also I has decided to write to you. But if it is fair, did not hope at all that you will answer, moreover so is fast!
Well now it would be desirable to tell about itself a little.
My name is Yuliya as I wrote to you to me 35 year, I the unmarried young girl. I live together with the parents and the younger sister. On a horoscope I the Fish, my birthday on March, 3, 1974.
My growth approximately 5 ' 6, and weight of 54 kgs, my eyes are brown colors.
Love my color is pink and on this I like flowers of a rose.
I was born and have grown in remote places of Russia, in small provincial small town Lyskovo, the Nizhniy Novgorod area. It approximately in 120 kilometers from city of Nizhniy Novgorod.
My city though also small, but very ancient, you even cannot imagine how old is he. For the first time about Lyskovo it has been mentioned in annals in 1410, but our local archeologists speak, that the city has appeared much earlier to what different excavation testify. And our city has received the name under the legend of legends, from the Bald mountain located not far with settlement, but still speak, that is possible, that the city the name has received on behalf of the Tatar khan Lyskovo, grasping ancient settlement.
City our very beautiful, many ancient constructions of museums and historical places.
In general the Nizhniy Novgorod ground is considered very ancient and sacred ground.
At us here it is a lot of monasteries and temples which already it is a lot of many years. And people here live very kind.
By a trade I the children's doctor the pediatrist, work in a children's polyclinic any more one year. I very much like my work, the truth earnings not so big, but sometimes at leisure it is possible to earn additionally. I do to private people massage in-home.
Basically too to small children. Now many kiddies are born with different dislocations and jammings, and my work is claimed. Still I learn children from first days of a life to float in a bath. I hold them for a **** and in a month of such employment they already independently it is fine to keep on water. It too is separately paid, therefore for a life suffices. I very much love children and the trade. Probably, because me too always brought up in family of full love!
My family, it is possible to tell, is a sample for imitation. Mum with the daddy very decent people, and on with the sister too always brought up in severity and respect.
You are surprised, what I write to you from Russia?! Why I cannot find to myself here in Russia to myself good the man? But I shall answer you. Because my mum always spoke me search decent the man! Once I have fallen in love with one boy at school, in the tenth class, it was my first love. I so was happy and for a long time carried this feeling in myself, but have then decided to tell to it about all. And it has burst out laughing to me to face and has told about it to all boys and they began to scoff over me. It was the big trauma for me! Mum to me has told, that it is simple not the decent person.
Then in institute I have fallen in love with the teacher, and it to me has told, that is married, that the family to throw does not gather, and has suggested me: give, as all to combine! Then one case in the bus still was, I went for work and one guy so for a long time at me looked, that I have thought, that I have liked it, and it wants to get acquainted with me closer. But when we have together left at a stop and all people have gone away, it began to pull out at me a handbag, and then in general has escaped.
My mum was simply in a shock, and was more and more disappointed in our Russian men.
Well last my guy with which at me were very serious attitudes in general appeared not decent and has finally broken my heart! Two years ago I went under the permit from work to have a rest in sanatorium near Nizhniy Novgorod, on « the Nizhniy Novgorod Sea » and there have got acquainted with one young man, at us attitudes were fastened, we met, the truth it lived in Nizhniy Novgorod, and I in Lyskovo. But it frequently came to us visitors, has got acquainted with my parents, has completely come in my life. And when my mum has hinted us about wedding, whether that we want to register our attitudes, it has laughed the matter off, has then left and gone. The whole month from him it was not audible any messages, I have decided to write to it the letter both there has soon arrived his wife and has told, that I have ceased to withdraw its husband from family, and that they have children. During that moment at me heart has broken, I thought, that I can not breathe and live any more. There was, that my married person beloved for a long time, is simple his wife worked in the other city and he had fine opportunity to twist novels on the party. And I at him, apparently, was also not one. Such nightmare to me should be gone through. But time probably treats all. Already has passed enough time, and I understand, that the life proceeds, but in Russian men was disappointed completely. If the drunkard it is necessary not the decent and mean person! So and to look at anybody it would not be desirable. And having given in on arrangements of my girlfriend, I have decided to look for the happiness. I do not know even that to you and to write, that from this it to turn out. But I want to tell, that I the person very serious, that for me all this seriously and under the truth. I the adult brought up girl and in any games I do not play I want to find present the man, is not dependent on age and from position in a society. For me it is not important poor or richer, that it loved the most expensive and respected me, and the everything else is possible to achieve together, there would be a health and love. And the more so it is not important for me at what edge of light it lives, I shall come tearing along to it from other continent, I shall find it at edge of the universe if I shall feel, that I am really necessary for it! To tell the truth, I never was in other countries, but I think, that for the present love in the world should not be what barrier. Perhaps, I am a little naive and till now I believe in fairy tales about love, but to someone carries, so let will carry also to me!
Dear friend Joe, I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Write to me about itself in detail, about the family, where do you live, whether there were you in other countries and what know about Russia?
What your country, what traditions at you?
Well, and I shall wait your answer! I send you the photo! Let to finish to me the letter.
Sincerely yours the best, true, new friend from Russia Yuliya. P.S.If you suddenly do not receive from me the letter all of you early write to me and I shall necessarily write you the letter.
My structure to me the manager helped to create the Internet of cafe and I do not understand why my structure speaks that I live in America, there is no I from Russia and always lived here.
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