Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Polushina to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear Ken!
How you? How are you doing? At me all still work, the house, family.
I am very glad to receive your letters, to learn all about you, about your country. I am very glad, that too it is interesting to you to communicate with me and to learn about me all secrets. Though in each woman should be though one unsolved secret. Otherwise it will be not interesting to communicate with such woman. Therefore my secret remain, only for me and I of her not to whom when I shall not tell. But you and so already about me know much. I promised you in the last letter that I shall tell about the hobby and about the family as we here live in Russia.
I do not have any special hobby as I am fond very much of much, all depends on my mood, in this or that the moment of a life. I at all do not present the life without music. She takes the important and significant place in my life. I very much like to listen to classical music.
I like Mozart, Beethoven's some symphonies, and his well-known « the Lunar sonata ». Vivaldi and his seasons simply demented me. I cannot tell, that I listen only to any certain music, she is pleasant to me in many directions if she is written talently enough. Speaking about pop music, at me too many favourite executors. Besides I repeat, very much frequently it happens so it is connected, that this or that song happens, is connected from any moments of my life. If to me it is bad and nasty on soul and I hear any song, she then will remind all time to me of this episode from a life and his mood. I like to listen Pugacheva, to Valeriya, Kuzmin and many to others about which you for certain even could not hear. From foreign executors, I prefer: Selin Dion and many others, now even and to not remember all.
As to my hobby, whether I do not know it is possible it so to name, I since the childhood collect different rare marks. Not expensive certainly, but beautiful at me is present six albums. At me it is a lot of friends in different cities and they too frequently send me beautiful marks.
Still I am engaged in the favourite indoor plants. I like to potter with them in the ground, to look after, water and all to a volume other.
One more of my hobbies of weak places is a cinema!
Cinema, cinema. Yes, many favourite films and actors, what even the whole letter will not suffice, that all to list, for example, such as Last dance, with Kurtom Russell, the Fair courtesan, Kingdom of heaven, Legends of autumn, Leon, Temptation, the Taxi and many other things.
As if to TV and the TV so I almost do not see it. So it is borrowed on work and when I come from work already that good on the TV except for the report of news do not show.
And to cinemas and theatres to go I like. To us for work there come distributors, and we with fellow workers sometimes do cultural - mass outputs in places of leisure. But it happens not frequently, now not as earlier and the prices of tickets, very much bite.
Sometimes even to have to choose, descend in theatre, cinema or to buy to itself something from clothes. Yes now all is expensive. And how you concern to art of theatre and a cinema?
How frequently go to cinema or theatre? And how at you affairs are with the prices for tickets?
I heard, that abroad, foreigners very much love an opera. And you?
About myself I cannot tell, that I love her. It is possible even to be expressed more precisely, I do not understand. To me to like, as wonderfully sing the arias talented singers, but special I in an opera did not notice game of actors, and director's finds.
Except for my loved fate - operas « Yunona and Avos » directed by Moscow theatre " Lenkom ". There actors play, so to them start to empathize all heart and soul. You overlook about all problems and you start to live problems of the main heroes, their unfortunate love.
You sometime heard about this product? If yes, write to me the impressions, there can be only on me she has made such space influence.
Great tragedy, love of the man and the woman, they like each other, but should leave for ever.
I am pleasant to be taken a detached view of it, to empathize them, itself to go through such I more in the life I do not want.
I spoke you already, but really the tragedy in my life could learn much me. Now I concern to men much more closely, for me all this is very serious. Well, something I again about sad.
And in fact above all I adore comedies. Knowingly clever people speak, that the laughter prolongs a life. And not minutes, and the whole years. To laugh - means to live!!!
What at you a favourite comedy? At us in Russia very long time, directors were not able to remove at all a comedy, but such remarkable director Gajdaj has then appeared. All at once has changed. It has removed the whole series of films. Not simply films, and amazing comedies.
Comedies in general are considered as family films, and we too as all usual people love houses all family to settle down on a sofa and to laugh loudly with all the heart, above any comedy.
In general our family very amicable. All of us time together, all the friend about the friend everyone know also all are very happy. Parents are happy, that they have we with the sister, and we are happy, that we have mum and the daddy, moreover such remarkable people.
Yes Ken, I have told about the family, that some days as I am familiar with such remarkable person, you. That we have got acquainted on the Internet and now we are copied. They have very validly considered my choice and are glad for our dialogue and friendship. They transfer you greetings.
Parents at me very good people and for them the most important happiness, this happiness of their children. It would be desirable you so many to tell about them. But, apparently, that for these some letters I already well know you. And as though we are familiar already whole life. You have somehow come smoothly in my life and steel very native and the close friend.
In mine the family can carry out all holidays together. And how at you?
We together meet New year, Christmas, birthdays, and also all religious holidays, as our family very much believing we mark Easter, the Christening, the Pancake week. And mum even observes all posts.
I too sometimes adhere to her, but I suffice not on for a long time. Though it is very useful for an organism, doctors when the organism has a rest from abundance of meat food speak.
A post it at us when between church holidays people abstain from the certain meal, and in the most strict post in general eat nothing except for water and bread. And so in a diet peep enter: a fish, greens, juices, a potato, fig. Generally I very much like is tasty to have a meal and for me it is always very difficult to refuse in such days delicacies, but the figure comes in the full order so any diets do not go at all in comparisons. But when posts come to an end, there come holidays, at us in the house the present feast begins.
We with mum and with the sister prepare a lot of tasty, we invite in the house of visitors and then for a long time we eat all that were going the hands. At us many traditional Russian dishes about which you probably also did not hear even. For example, on a holiday of Easter, in each orthodox family it is accepted to bakee easter cakes and to submit them on a table together with chicken eggs of red color which we to paint in onions feathers. And visitors who come in the house, should bring with themselves the eggs, exchange them and tell the Christ has revived, and we answer them in true has revived. Such interesting custom exists in Russia any more one century on end.
And with the sister great gift of preparation has got to us on true peep by right of succession from the parents. All remarkable recipes are transferred in our family from generation in generations. Both on mother's, and on a father's line. And from all products I prefer to potter with meat most of all. To tell the truth, for some reason it is considered to be, that men always should potter with meat only, but I with it categorically disagree. At me too not badly it turns out to conjure with kitchen with preparation of meat dishes. Most of all I like to improvise. One of my most tasty viands is a dish with the interesting name, the truth, I do not know, how it it is possible to translate into the English language. It refers to the Smoke Lya Mo, it when in a deep frying pan meat, an onions, a potato, carrots are stacked by layers and all this is extinguished under the big leaves of cabbage. It is adored by all my family.
As it is pleasant furnace to me is carried with the test and something: cakes, cakes, cookies, brushwood, pies and the everything else, that only it is possible to make of the test. All it I indulge myself, the friends and familiar. In general I like to prepare for everything if only there were products, and the everything else is not difficult. Who really likes is carried on kitchen at a plate, that will always please surrounding with the magic food.. As I, for example!
It can is not absolutely modest, but it is the truth! And if you were now a number, I with pleasure would feed you with something tasty. Well so to you with all has painted, that itself awfully it wanted to eat. And anything except for an apple in a handbag at me is not present.
So I shall be content with an apple and to represent an our supper with a heap of meal at candles! Yes, I know, that I am romantic and with it that you will not do!
And in general already it is time to run. On it I say good bye to you. I ask you answer all my questions, it is very important for me.
See you soon, all good Ekaterina!
Letter 2
Hello my long-awaited Ken!
By the way, my parents and friends ask about you all time, how you? How we communicate?
All time joke, that as though we with you already present pair. My parents and the sister wish you good mood and health. So it is a pity, that I cannot hear your voice and talk to you also simply, how to correspond through the Internet. We in an apartment, much to our regret, do not have home telephone number. And the cellular telephone too at me is not present. And on the account of a city home telephone number and to tell it would not be desirable. That to us it have put some years are necessary to stand in a queue and to pay not really big sum of money.
Yes, phone for the Russian citizens is big luxury. Cellular telephones very much provided people, capable to pay for him every month presume to buy to themselves only the sufficient sum.
But I at all for a long time heard, that is possible from city telegraph, namely from a public telephone booth it is possible to call in other country. Therefore very much I ask you write to me in the following letter your full phone number, to codes of city. Perhaps, I will manage to try to call you.
I have huge desire to hear your voice what you want it just as also I?!
And as I want you to ask to write to me your full address and your full name, so just in case.
Suddenly it is useful. And my full address and my full name:
The postal index 606210
The Nizhniy Novgorod area
The city of Lyskovo
Street Bitter
The house 87, apartment 128
Full my name and surname Ekaterina Kukarkina.
But dear Ken, very much you I ask that you only that to me did not send by mail. All the matter is that now everywhere KGB and FSB, in connection with an opportunity of acts of terrorism, check all mail from other countries, including a mail from America. I at all do not want to have a problem because of a parcel with these bodies. I even to the girlfriend from Germany about which I to you told, have forbidden to write to me usual letters. It is much easier to take advantage of services of the Internet and e-mail and it is much more safe.
It is very dangerous, the matter is that in our country can open envelopes and parcels at the best, and in the worse it will be gone, and anybody never will find it. Yes I heard time about such bad cases happened on the Russian mail. Workers of mail even can steal contents of letters or parcels.
I also heard many bad histories and responses, about work post the express train of service on delivery of letters and parcels the different foreign companies. I know, that it is very sad, but it is the truth of our modern life.
I very much would not like, that I had with it problems. Therefore I once again ask you to not send me anything. I do not want that your parcel have stolen, as the most dear and desired gift from you for me are you and your letters! I am always happy, to receive from you letters and always I wait for them with impatience!
As soon as at me the free time I at once will appear shall go in the central public telephone booth and I learn, how it will be possible to call you.
Now at me so the free time so I beforehand apologize that can be is not enough cannot answer at once on your letters. We now have epidemic of cold of diseases. Many sick children. To have till the late evening to be late on work. Still it is a lot of calls on houses. Parents cannot result sick kiddies in a polyclinic with high temperature, therefore have to leave to treat on the house. I very much get tired, but it is my work, I should help kiddies. Always it is a pity when a pain kids, they are always much more helpless than adults. And now simply huge flash of diseases. But I very much want to be with you beside both to write to you and to read your letters. Therefore I ask you understand me and do not take offence. I shall try to answer you as soon as possible. You are very dear to me. I do not want to lose you and your friendship. You very good person, simply remarkable the man. I want that at us all was good.
I believe in you all soul, that you not such as everything, that you already became a part of my life.
When I receive your letters and I write you the answer see you and as though I talk with you.
When bad weather or bad mood, your letters help to live and I overlook about all bad.
To me it becomes warm from your words, I smile and I fly all the day happy!
Many fellow workers began to notice in me changes that there was absolutely another, in the best party. But they also do not suspect what to be created with me. In my head and in my soul.
I have told only to my good girlfriend Alena, that friendship and I communicate with one remarkable and decent the man. And she to me has told, that when I to it told about you and about that as we communicate I simply all shined with happiness. What is the changes and dialogue with you have done for me good. I went gloomy, sad whom did not notice except for work, and now any secret friend could change my life and to change the attitude to men.
Before acquaintance to you I even to hear about them wanted. Me has very strongly offended the man, having caused me it is a lot of pain and having crushed all my feelings, but there is a life proceeds. Time treats really all. Certainly, there are scars on heart, but very much it would be desirable to trust, what not all such bad. That is, there were still good people, even at the other edge of the ground.
She to work together with me. We live near to it in the next houses and have grown together with the childhood beside. I very much love her and she is my best girlfriend. We know all the friend about the friend. We do not have among themselves any secrets. She always wished me only good luck, as well as I to it.
I dream of that you have made me the happiest person on the ground. But for this purpose we should be together. I very strongly to wait it. Promise me, that we shall be together!
Promise me, that you will think of me every day! I shall wait your letter.
With the letter I send you photos of me on a workplace, but unfortunately they why that have badly turned out.
For ever yours Ekaterina!
Letter 3
Hello the most dear Ken!
I have received your answer and as it is usual, and I was so happy.
I want to tell to you, that your messages began more than simply letters and words and friendship.
I think of you all the days long and nights. And you do not leave my head! I always write to you with all sincerity and care and I receive in the answer still the big heat understanding and respect. You have arisen in my life, and I receive pleasure from dialogue with you. It seems to me, that something the greater, than simply friendship. I for a long time was afraid to admit to myself it, and especially to you. Write to me, what you feel? It is very important for me. There can be we hurry events and we need to learn more about us. To get acquainted closer. But it seems to me, that has passed many years, that I know you as myself. What is the ideas converge. When I read your offers, I understand them, than they will end.
But understand me correctly, I write to you it with the big care, respect and care. I do not want, that you thought of me, that I the thoughtless woman. No, all that occurs to me, all this is very serious. From your letters I too see, that we are not indifferent each other.
And I every day thank the God, that we could find each other in this complex and spoiled world.
I am very happy and I do not want to hide it from you. I cannot already without you, I am attached to you all closely and closely with each letter. You are necessary for me and I am necessary for you. When I was small, I frequently thought of desires when saw how from the sky the star fell and sometimes they to be executed. I shall do it again, and I want to think, that we were together and for ever.
My mum speaks me, that she even did not suspect, that it is possible to find the man thus on the Internet. And I to it have told, that probably, probably, time I have found you!
But, then she has asked me, why all of us yet together. And I to it have told, that she to hurry up and thinks on before. That there is a set of problems, both we shall soon speak by phone and I, probably, I shall die of happiness! But I as think, that for us not Will exist what barrier. I searched for the man, favourite, full romanticism, tenderness, trust, understanding and cares about each other. And as it seems to me, I have already found it!
I want to be with such person with whom it is possible to live all life and to have the happiest family on light. I want that we cared about each other and helped in all difficult circumstances.
Certainly earlier I wanted to see all this in my favourite person, but it has betraid me. And I more shall not go through it.
My heart has been broken, but love she can kindle even such fatal insult! For what I am very grateful to you!
I do not want to live in the country in which there is no I the man, in the country full of a deceit and meanness on the part of people and lives.
Now I shall be very close and I shall not allow to whom and not to that to destroy my happiness. You agree with me?
I not so a lot of time know you, but I understand, that you the fair person.
That person who is necessary for me also to which I shall be necessary!
I with impatience shall wait for your prompt reply the my dear friend.
Sincerely yours Ekaterina.
I wish you sweet dreams, whole! Good night my slice of happiness
Such desired as if the sun in a bad weather
At I shall lie, be weakened and have a sleep
Perhaps there I will be seen by you!!! Good night my kitten
Do not overlook that I with you
Both day and night and always
Where you would not be
And I was Let night will nestle on you is sweet, sweet
As I cannot nestle on you
And for me let will whisper to you furtively
Good night! I love you! Dream your gentle I protect
Night to you goes big
Stars tenderly mutter
Sleep, the Kitten, kind night!!!!
Letter 4

Hello my love Ken!
I have waited your letter my sun!
At last I can feel like quite happy, I can luxuriate in your light and heat of your words, to be warmed by your love. I can present the love, give all saved up ideas and hot emotions.
Yes I for a long time hid the emotions, but it is justified - I simply lose gift of speech at reading your letters, as between us such distance.
It would be desirable to see your letters daily, hourly, every minute. And it would be desirable even more, that you were with me beside. To go with you under a hand along the street, to feel your presence, are not afraid that on light. It would be desirable to talk to you, to smile, kiss you, to stick. With you so it is good me, so easy and confidently.
I catch your love, I see her in your words, I feel her between your lines. I do not want to miss on you, I simply want to be with you beside.
I am obliged to the life to you. Without you its sense is dissolved. I do not have you beside, but you are in my head, in my heart. You know itself about it, the truth?
You - that for the sake of what I live, you speed up an idea, you allow a life, you fill all with sense. It seems to me, has passed so a lot of time while I have understood it.
But now all at us ahead. I love you!!!
Be with me. I give you light. I know, you hear me!
You are, you live, you exist.
Now we necessarily shall together, in fact we have found each other. Thanks you, for your patience.
You are necessary for me as air and water. I know, that you very much from me are far, I cannot reach you a hand, I can not, embrace you, cannot feel, your smell which I present also which reduces me from mind, but I know one, that every day I rise with your name, I live with it during all day, I lie down to sleep, and again I remember you. Pretty my and native, in fact every day, only the idea on you forces me to rise. My sun, I LIKE, VERY MUCH you I LOVE!!
Loved, I madly miss on you. Yet there was no also an instant that I did not think of us!
So it is hard for me. And so it is cold without you. But though you are far, the main thing, that you are. Such kind, tender and loved. And the most important mine! Only mine!
I never was afraid of the future, and now I am afraid. I am afraid, that in mine tomorrow there will be no you.
And the one who is far, that is for some reason expensive,
More strongly feeling of heavy tests
When from love there are only splinters.
Yes the dream, than weight of justifications is better
To me it is terrible. On distance so our happiness the friend up to the friend is easy to lose, break, to not inform. But you with me always. In the afternoon - in my ideas, at night - in my dreams.
Native mine! I so love you! You do not imagine, on how many you are expensive and important for me. Only your love helps to live, breathe and trust in you! To me to sustain. Only you and your love.
It would be desirable to stretch a hand, to touch you, but it only your image. We are divided with hundreds kilometers. I can look only at him, and me of it so a little.
It would be desirable to be closer, as far as physical borders only allow, to kiss you, to embrace, be dissolved in you. What it - as not love? There is no, apparently, a word "Love" cannot express and the 100-th share of a condition of my soul. My condition in general does not have name, it is similar to illness, but I would not like to be treated for it at all.
You want, I can get for you a star, I can become a drop of dew on your lips, a breeze in your hair, and want, I simply always shall with you.
You now probably sleep, and I - was not present, at us day Even at night I cannot sleep, because too strongly you I love and again I speak you about it
On it I shall finish the letter and with the big impatience I shall wait your letter.
Always only yours Ekaterina.
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