Scam letter(s) from Maggie Jason to Jos (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Dear Jos
How are you doing i really appreciate your mail to me although it took so long for you to reply me i guess it is work.
I will start making arrangements on how i can get a british passport so coming to you will not be a difficulty.
Well i love to cook and go swimming i also love to take long walks along the beach.
I am still here at the orphanage in Nigeria waiting for you to the best for me.
Have a nice day
I Miss your nice mail and i hope to read from you soon.
Letter 2

Hello jos
how are you doing well my apartment in the UK the rent is due as my roomate is married now and gone to meet her husband in brazil. i have friends in school and i know they will miss me but what can i do as my sponsor dad is dead.
get back to me to know if you would want me to start making plans of coming to you............
Letter 3

Dear Jos
how are you doing and thaks for your mail to me i understand everything you have said and it does make sense to me.
I want to tell you hat there will be no problem on my coming to Holland to meet you .
What makes you think am not the youre looking for as i think you are honest and caring too get back to mme
Letter 4

Dear Jos
How are you doing today i am not telling you to come to Nigeria as i am trying all possible to leave here cus am fed up its just situation that caused it i could come to you if you wish so we would tour together[if its ok with you i am Thai npot Nigerian ok
Get back to me if you care.
Letter 5

Dear Jos
How are you doing today and thanks or your mail too.
Well i have been here now for about 6 weeks now since after the funeral and its not that i dont have areturn ticket i bought a one way ticket thinking that i would come and meet soem things dad left behinde for me but i did not know he has been swindled and theres nothign left thats why i am in an orphanage I still haver my thai passport but it would be easy to get a british pasport if thats the case . Well i am willing to relocate to you if you dont mind that .
Get back to me to knwo whats next.
Letter 6

Dear Jos,
How are you doing and its Nice to want to know me more.
Am mary jones by name and from thailand origin,Mum died long ago when i was very young along with my brother in an earthquake and i never really got to know much about my mum. After that tragedy i and dad applied for a visa and relocated to the Uk where we were i was studyin and dads was working due to his nature of work he had to come down to Nigeria while i was still studying and then came the sad new of his death . To make matters worse he was swindled of his finances and properties by his friends.,thats why i am in Nigeria now for his funeral arrangements. Am presently taking shelter in an orphanage here because i know no one here and got stuck after the funeral for some reasons.
I love to cook and make peole happy,swim and watch moveis too,i also love to walk along beahces.
Get back to me
Guess i've told you what you need know about me
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