Scam letter(s) from Louise Matovu to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, hello, salut dear Jerry!! Do not know even how to start my letter cause I am so much excited and interested in this communication. It is for the first time that I am here on the Internet, but I will try to do my best for you to like me, oh maybe you have already liked me????:))
Oh, by the, way I almost forgot to thank you for your interest and for writing to me on my e-mail address, frankly speaking I wasn't expecting that such a nice man would be interested in me. And I am so much happy to hear from you:))
So, as I can guess you wrote me to learn more about me so I won't keep you in suspense:))
Well, as you know I am Mariya, that it my full name, the short variant is Mary. You can call me whatever you like?? and how can I call you?? maybe you have some special name and you want me to call you like that??:))
I live in Ukraine in the western part of it, in a very nice place, called Chrnovci, have you ever heard about my country?? I am asking cause at once one of my friends won the 1 week trip round the biggest cities of France, Germany and Italy. And I was shocked to hear that people there have never heard about Ukraine, this wonderful country, full interesting and exciting things, famous for coal industry and lots of fields of wheat. maybe you know something about my country??? People here are very friendly and hospitable. I am sure that you have heard of Ukrainian borsch and *****, haven't you??
And what about you, what is your country famous for?? You know unfortunately I have never had an opportunity to travel abroad and it is my desirable dream to travel and to see as much as possible. And where have you been, what interesting places have you seen?? what places can you recommend me to visit??maybe we can go there together??:))
what do you think is your country famous for honest, loyal and reliable men, that will never cheat on you and play games?? I am so much disappointed in men from my country. Of course I can't talk about all men, but the ones I met and wanted to be with really hurt me deeply , that I have almost lost the belief in true feelings. Hope that you will help me to dream again, you will show me how great it is to fly up in the skies on the wings of love. Unfortunately, here in Ukraine I was not lucky to find my happiness and I truly hope that this time,here on Internet the miracle will happen and the Cupid will shoot the love arrow in my heart and I will fall in love again, with my far away prince.
and what about you, can you share your love experience with me, of course if it is not hard for you to talk about that.
It was great for me to talk with you today, hope that it is only the beginning of something great, waiting for your answer, as for something really special, warmest wishes, Mariya
Letter 2
Hello my dear new friend Jerry. I am so much happy to hear from you and to know that you have a strong interest in me cause I am also very much interested in you!!
I am so much interested to know more about you, your life, your hobbies, your interests, your family. Well, you know for me family is something sacred, from the early childhood I was brought up in a tradition that family is very important part of life of every person, it is much more important than all the wealth of the world, do you agree?? what is family for you??
I think that I am a very family-oriented girl. I dream about having my own family like my parents have. I have always admired their relationships, you know they are always honest with each other, the trust each other without any doubts. It is so much great when you have really found your second half, the person who understands you from your first words, who can read your thoughts and desires. have you ever met such a person, you are still the same with me in a "great searching"??
I think you must be interested to learn more about my family. Well, I live with my parents. My father is an engineer, my mother is a doctor. My elder sister works as a teacher of English in primary school with small kids age from 6-9. She really adores her work and it seems that it is after her that I love kids so much. I can't look without tears how they make their first steps in life, how they grow up and become real princesses and strong gentlemen and what about you do you like kids??
As for me I am finishing university, my speciality is international economics, that means that I know English and we can communicate with you without any barriers, except this huge distance between us but we can overcome it, as in my fave song they say : "everything impossible is possible", yes???
Dear Jerry, have you ever heard about that "hormone of happiness"?? you know I have just finished reading the book called like that " hormone of happiness". it is such a special feeling when you see , hear or just look on the picture of some person.You may know or even may not know this person. But this feeling is great, it something like you feel the butterflies in your stomach, you are so much excited, you have so much power that you feel you can ruin the mountains, you feel you can fly, you can do everything just to be with that person and you know I begin to feel something similar to you! is that ok that I am telling you that?? I am just used to say what I feel!
dear, I am already missing your answer and you, warmest wishes, Mary
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jerry. This is me and my my new e-mail address, please, write me here cause the old one doesn't work.
My lovely, it seems to me that it is the best day in my life. I am on the seventh heavens because of the happiness hearing from you today. Today I woke up in my best mood and I felt that something really great will happen today and I am sure that it is your letter. You know each of your letters make me feeling something really spacial, some warmth and pleasure inside, maybe this is that" hormone of happiness", who knows???? If it is so I want to thank you for giving me such a pleasure just writing to me. I can't even imagine what will be with me when I see you in reality. I think I won't be able to control my feelings and emotions. I am very emotional girl, I like laughing, communicating and having fun. I am always in a good mood and I try to share that with others. I hate loneliness, I hate being much on my own. I love being in a company, discuss something and enjoy the life. But you know it is very hard to enjoy life when you are really lonely, when you have some emptiness in your heart, when you are full of love but there is no the one who you can share it with. very often it seems to me that my love will be enough for everyone and it hurts so much to keep this love inside bit not to give it:((
Oh, my god, again I am starting to cry, and the tears of my heart, the cry of my soul wash my face, my neck, my arms. I can't understand why lots of people have their second halfs and I am lonely. Why I spend my evenings alone, why I walk in the parks only with my dreams and sleep hugging not my man but the teddy bear, why my soul doesn't sing but it wants only to cry an burst into tears???? I have so many "why" in my life??? and I am tired of solving my problems alone. I want to have a strong man's shoulder by my side, I want to be able to laugh and to cry together, are you ready to be the one for me?? do you want to be with such a sensitive and emotional girl like me??
Lovely Jerry, I am so much sorry for telling you all that but I just wanted to share everything with someone close and you know I already consider you to be the close one for me, and I like that wonderful feeling that grows with each day in my heart, please, make me happy again, write me, please, warm kisses, your Mary
Letter 4

Hello my lovely Jerry. How are you there, how life is treating you there????
I thought the world would turned round if I didn't hear from you. And here it is a letter from you, like some kind of miracle, like the star falling from the sky. as you know it is needed to make wishes on falling stars so I will make my wish now. I want to be happy, I want finally to fall in love and to be loved. I feel that I have already found the person I want to share the life with, the person I want to meet sunsets and sunrises, I want to wish good nights and to give morning kisses. do you have a clue who that person is?? or maybe you want me to give you some hints??
Well, I want to ask what is your most desirable dream?? do you have some dreams about spending tome together with your beloved girl, will you be tender and sweet with her??will you present her a wonderful bunch, let's say, for example, of blue and lilac roses??!!:)
are you ready for some love affairs for your beloved?? will you go to the forest to search for her fave snowdrops in the middle of winter???:))
I know maybe I seem a bit crazy now that is who I am. I want to be taken care of like, I want to be able to hug my man, to kiss him, to caress him. I am tired of watching others being happy and having only dreams about my happiness. By the way what does happiness mean for you?
Now for me happiness is writing to you, sharing more of my huge but lonely world with you. Today I when woke up in the morning the first person I thought about was you. Yes, do not be surprised!!!! I woke up and thought and how is my lovely Jerry now?? what time is not there at his place?? whether you he is sleeping or working or maybe also thinking about me??:)) It is getting colder in Ukraine and it is so bad to fall asleep in a cold bed instead of the warm hands of your man. Oh, how much I wanted you to be here with me last nigh to make all of my dreams come true..........I was dreaming to feel your warm hand caressing my body, your sweet lips kissing and kissing my face, my neck and finally reaching my lips and we will be kissing and kissing......presenting each other lots of pleasure and excitement. our desire to be together and to feel each other is growing with each second and we almost reached that point but the alarm clock:((((
my alarm clock, the birthday present of my friends, it always wakes me up in so much sweet moments that I want to last forever...
honey and how sweet are your dreams, who do you usually see in your dreams??
I give you thousand of hot kisses and wait for your answer, with my greatest love, Mary
Letter 5
Hello my honey Jerry.How is the life in your overseas kingdom?? how are you the king of my heart?? Now you are always with me in my heart and soul. You know when I am walking I always meet people that have something similar with you. Today I even was about to tell the man : is this you my honey Jerry???how could that be that you are here?? please, do not be jealous but I really thought, I really hoped that was you. I wanted that man to be you so much, well, I think that now there is nothing more important for me than our meeting, I am dreaming about it, I am crazy about it, I think I am crazy about you. Well, maybe I am frighten you with such words but please do not think that I am rushing the time but that is what I really feel. I know that it is a bit early to talk about love. only after the real meeting it will be possible to say if that it is love or not, do you agree?? I want to look in to your sincere eyes, I want to see you laughing , I want to be able to touch you, to hug you, to kiss you, to show you my care, tenderness, passion and affection, do you want the same, do you want to meet me, to touch me, to caress me?? Oh, baby, even just talking about our meeting, I feel like you are touching me with your warm hand and I feel some fire burning inside of me and that want to be free so much but I am keeping and keeping it, and I do know what is that, I am afraid of this feeling , I am afraid to let it free, maybe I just want you..........oh, I meant to be with you???? is everything ok with me???
My sister has noticed that something happened with me. and I told her about you, is that ok?? do not you mind?? she is just the closest friend to me and from the childhood we have been used to share everything with each other. I remember when she met her boyfriend and they were dating , she told that only to me. I was watching her becoming happy and happy and I envied her but I think I understand her now......
I understand that it is real to have wings and to fly, to live not for yourself but for your love.and it doesn't matter that we are not physically together, the most important that our hearts are beating together and our minds, dreams and desires are common, do you agree?? If we really want to be together than there are no obstacles on our way, on the way of real love, what do you think??
Honey, I will fly home now , I want to shout very loudly because of the happiness, today my cousin has a birthday, I think I will tell my family about you and about us, ok??
thousand of kisses, flying Mary
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