Letter(s) from Irina Kolesnikova to Robert (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Hello my love Robert!!!!!

How you today???? How your day????

You missed on me much?????

I am much happy to receive again your lines:))))

Thanks for your warm words, again you have brought to me many smiles on my face:))))

I believe much that already time very soon will come and we can already carry out our meeting :)))):

I miss on you much, I require you much!!!!

Robert, I was happy to have yesterday conversation with you though we argued much much, but I was much happy to hear your voice:))) You liked it??? How you can estimate my English???

Robert, I understand that you wish to help with plane tickets. To me really I understand it! I as understand that both of us should try to carry out our meeting!!! I understand it!!! We as with my mum thought of this money much. My mum thought much to take the loan, but we are not confident that will give there all sum.

I did inquiry in tourist agency and have found out about cost of air tickets. It really costs many euro!!! I have been surprised when have found out about cost of tickets to the airport of your country!!! It costs about 1500 euros!!! But the cheapest tickets very little also it is necessary to reserve these tickets in advance!! Other tickets stand about 2700 euros!! I have been much surprised when have found out about it: (((

Robert, I promise to you that we as will try to find money for my travel!!! But now I to you ask to help me for my documents!!! As I will begin official registration of papers my mum will take the loan for purchase of tickets of the plane. I will need to show proofs that I really am going to arrive to you and I require plane tickets. Then to us can give out the loan. But Robert, now I require your help for my documents! Give we will overcome our first step for our meeting!!!

No, there are no problems what to give you my data!

My full name: Irina Kolesnikova!

Russia! A city: Ivanovo!

Street Lezhnevsky 114-53

Today we with mine the fellow worker and Nadezhda went to my aunt of the colleague who lives outside the city.

There we had Russian bath:) Usually once a week it is accepted to accept Russian bath. You heard about Russian bath????

It is similar much to a sauna, but air there damp which appears from water steam. It is really Russian way to take a bath:))))) About two hours we had washing there:)))) in a bath, but I much am pleasant to wash I have the bath:( Tell as take a bath??? You have a sauna or still that that???? I think that it would be pleasant to you in Russian baths:))))

Today there was a much good day, had good rest. We have agreed again to descend in a bath with girls:)

But again waited more likely when already I will come to my house and again I will receive your new letter. Missed on you today much.

My girlfriends well know about us and constantly ask me about you and about our the first meetings. I only answer that will be already fast our meeting. Days without you pass all more difficult. Already it would be desirable to appear with you more likely and already together to spend our time.

When I that do that one constantly I think of you and that would be if you now were a number:))))

Now again I think of you much, already I miss on you much. I cannot present my life without you any more and without your letters.

I already have absolutely forgotten about my last lonely life, now at me a new stage in lives, this our new acquaintance. But very soon when already we will be together at us absolutely new life of which we dreamt very much will begin!!!!

I hope for it much:)))) But now my heart rejoices much when I read your new lines. I as am much happy to it:))))

Well my love, I will wait with the big impatience again for your new letter!!!!

I love you strongly and madly!

I kiss you!!!!