Letter(s) from Angelica Statham to James (USA)

Letter 1

My love i am so sorry i was no able to get a computer to use my computer got crashed i am really sorry for no getting back to you since how you doing and hope you are there now love i am here love and i hope you are doing good love...kisses to you and miss you so much...Angelica

Letter 2

I am yours forever and i will never disappoint you honey,i am always honest and will always be forever..pls get back to me my son is really sick here i got no help honey...Reply

Letter 3

I am always yours forever honey,we have been in pain since and starving hard love i got no computer to use my computer got crashed honey,i am so sorry and hope you are there for me ?

Letter 4

Dear Arnold,
I am still on my knees begging for love, not to a stranger but to one I know ... you. I've been in love and know it's fun. Each night and day I hope and pray that you'll be mine forever more. I know it's hard to trust - giving your heart, body and soul, but know it's me that's on my knees swallowing my pride, begging you, please ... once again I say please; be mine.
Love always,

Letter 5

I am still at the hotel here mark is sick i can never be mad at you honey i understand how you feel but i want you to know i am yours and will never let you down i am yours forever...So honey i promise i will love you forever..Ok

Letter 6

I am here and i have no computer to email you ,mark condition is bad now and he is sick because we got no money honey...I am not happy here and i am so sorry for not getting online here to you honey...Really sorry.

Letter 7

Good Morning Hunnie ,
Hunnie,How are you?I have really missed you Hunnie.I just want to let you know that you've helped me open my eyes and see myself truly. I was a person who was undecided, confused and sometimes forgot to plan, maybe because of the fate my life had given me. But now, I overcome it because you've helped me see my directions and gave me great confidence for my future. You show me how to grow beyond myself. You made me see possibilities that I never knew.Thank you for sharing your life with me and I'm pretty sure I want to share my life and love with you too. The past will never matter for me now. I just want to think of what I have now ... I just want to think of you. I have found the last puzzle piece that completes me - it's YOU!My desire for you grows with each day that passes. I love everything about you. You are a warm, loving, sensitive, charming man with a sense of humor. I find you very attractive. Words do not have to be spoken to know how you feel about me too. When I look into your eyes, I can feel your desire for me. I only want to be with you, please you, give you the same happiness that you have given to me. If I were granted but one wish, it would be to spend an eternity with you. I love you.Hunnie When you are up from sleep please email me okay.I love you so much Hunnie.

Have a Nice day at work Hunnie

Take good care of yourself Hunnie
Your Loving Wife

Letter 8

I got no camera,no phone and no way to get camera i want you to know i am honest and i will never lie to you i have tried my best to prove myself to you but i guess you dont trust me i have tried all my best and if you dont want to believe my passport and my picture just because i asked you for money i will accept my destiny and i pray God will help me and get through with our hunger and starving,i work hard also but just because i have not been paid and you doing all this to me..Well if you wanna help me pls do and if you dont no problem i will understand but just want you to know i am honest and will always be forever,i love you so much and wanna come to you...Here are the pictures of me and my son i have here i got no picture with me anymore here is all i got i tried and love you forever....My love pls i want you to know i am yours forever...Get back to me if you will help me but i got no phone or no camera....And if i got a phone to call you i would have said you should give me your number so i can call you but i got no phone..I tried..love you

Letter 9

Wow i never knew you are back and i never got your mail until now but honey i want you to know its not fear for you to do all this,this is the picture i can send you and i have sent it now,mark is really sick and we are not doing great pls i beg you if you wanna help us pls do i beg you...Pls i emailed you the information of the hotel driver so he can help us get the money pls help honey..Pls