Scam letter(s) from Rosemary Asomani to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Sir , I am happy to contact you finally and hope to satisfy you with our services. As a brief introduction of B.Richard Travel & Tours, we organize Travel packages and exchange programmers for schools especially in the Universities. We also book hotels and organize tours to foreigners and nationals as well as not omitting conferences that we organize all over the country and some parts of Eroupes. I think this says it most about my company.
I can help you get a six month B1/B2 visa to the USA . Duration will be maximum of 1 weeks and minimum of a 4days. I need to get the following from my client and if all is satisfied I promise you will not be disappointed. I want the birth certificate of Client and if not available can be done at the Birth & Death Department in the ministries . Accra. ( can do that by my office) Valid Ghanaian Passport with Four Passport Size Pictures. (current) A medical Examination report. Last checked can be two months ago.The rest of the paper work to support your Lady is the responsibility of my agency. I hope I am clear enough to your understanding. Please I will like to be informed on what she does not have so that I can quickly respond to it in time. But NOTE
These are the requirements as follows…
Application letter.
Passport valid for 6 months beyond
Date of entry into the U.S.A.
Police certificate or report
Birth certificate
Evidence of financial support 1-134 Affidavit of Support

1Visa fee......................................................$ 700
2.Vaccination card.........................................$ 150
3.Medical Report (*** Blood test)...............$ 300
4. Police Report.............................................$ 150
5. Service charge…………………………… $ 250 Total Price : ($1,550USD)..

Thank you and hope to do business with you in total satisfaction. Please do contact us anytime through the mail and do send your comments cos we acknowledge responds from our clients worldwide and quick responds is our motto. Our office is opened Seven days a week from 8:00am to 5:00pm.
Best Regard
Thank you

Mr.Richard Boatengtion on the guy that helps her
Letter 2
Hello Sir Thanks very much for your response and i really appreciate it.With Regards with your question.i meant to say, it will only take a week to get the visa for our clients and she's going to get a 6 Months visa or probably 2 years visa.It depends on the counsellor at the embassy but i gave you my words. we are going to work and get her a 6 month visa or a 2 years Visa.And I Was trying to explain things further to you but with the Financial support, Its our work and we will definately work on that.I Hope you are clear now.What do we do next.We accept paying via wire transfer and if you are ready. we will email you back with the details needed. i will be looking forward hearing back from you.Thanks a lot Mr.Richard Boateng.
Letter 3
Hi Thanks very much for your response and i really do appreciate it.As such with Regards with the Airfare. i will look for a better rates for you and i will keep you updated.The Information you need is as Follows Full Name:Richard Boateng
Address:11 van euro Street,
Zipecode:00233 This is all you need if you wanna transfer the funds and you transfer it either by western union or moneygram. i will email you Back with the Flight Rates. Thanks a lot Best Regards Richard
Letter 4

Hi Sir It was nice hearing back from you. I Do have a website but its currently under construction. we trying to updates more programs in our website, This is the company Information and i can send you the company certificate if thats alright with you.. Company name.B.Richard Travel &Tours company limited Tel:233 030 252 282
Cell:233 249 012124
Adree:11 Van euro Stree,Accra-Ghana. Do not hesitate to ask me anything.Thanks a lot Richard
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