Scam letter(s) from Rehana Annie to Torgrim (Norway)

Letter 1
hummm i like you very much and i like everything that you have said in your emails ok...i just want to imform you that i am already on my way to USA at the monet more so the bank as already wired my money to account on USA...because i was told that it is not possible to send money from nigeria to norway......ok.
hheheh you are a very funny man ok you sent me an email that you want to get me i dont think that is what you should be thinking now ok what you should be thinking is how to get your money back ok aand if you want to get your money back you have to come to me in USA ok.........because at the money i am already on my way to USA....and i have managed to get the 3,000usd for the family and i am free.........dont you even think of trying to make an attempt to find me here because you will be killed by the militant ok i promise you that ok.....ones again if you need your money come to USA.....kentucky louisville you have my address ok.....hope to hear from you soon and see you soon in USA.BYEEE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I WILL ALWAYS DO
Letter 2
Good are you doing today?
i just want to tell you that i am very much grateful for everything that you have been through just because of me and like i always promise i will repay you with everything and make sure you never regrets to help me....

And more so the reason why i have not been online is because sometimes i have problems with my internet connection and sometimes i am not able to come online because i have not been feeling fine lately that is why .....

More so, i am very happy that you are able to send me the money this is also one of the most good time that i will never forget in my life time when everything is over and fine so that i can be able to do the things i need to do one again i am very grateful to you....

One again i promise never to let you down and after everything i will pay every money that i own you and eventually come to you to show you how appreciating and thanful i am to you..i hope to hear from you soon...have a nice time..i miss you
i love you
Letter 3
how are you doing today?? how is everything i just want to tell you that i have not been happy since and i have been sad....honey can you just give me that lasy chance i just want to make more money from it so that i can have all the money that i pay the government back it an opportunity ok...plz give me the last chance i just need 1,500USD that is all and everything will be fine you dont need to worry aboutr your money everything will be fine you'll have your money back...even if you need more money no problem...i dont loose plz think about this ok...i cant wait to have nice *** with you
i love you
Letter 4

How are you doing today? how is everythingi just want to tell you that i am sorry that i was unable to come online this morning becausei had to go for my
family meeting you know concerning the death of my grandma i told you everything last night....

I just want to tell you that the buyer as deposited the money to the bank today and when the money is cleared i will send you your money immidiately so now you dont have any problem with your money at alll..

But there is a little favour which you have to do for me fast about the burial of my grandma i was ask to pay my own part of the burial money which is just 3,000 USD and it's a tradition which is important and i must do before anything i am not the only person

If my parent were alive that is my father he is in the position to do it but he his not and that is why i was ask to be in his position plzz you have to try and understand me this matter ok it's important.....i will explain more to you when i am online tonight ok.....ones again i am sorry for telling you about this again but i am sorry i have to ok have a nice time byeeeeeee
Letter 5
how are you doing today?? well i am sorry that i was unable to read your emails all this while well it good that i can send you emails now ok hummmmm you sound very funny heheh you said you want to report well and you said you dont think that i am in USA hahh anyway i just want to tell you that you should not waste your time if you want to see me you can come straight to me in the state you have my adress and everything dont have to be scared of militant over there they dont killl animals they **** foreign people i am not joking i am serious....dont behave like a kid ok i am not ****** can do what you like your just wasting your time ok i am in the state and if you want your money you can contact me there maybe you dont need your money again as i have many things to do ....and i must tell you you are not watching me ok that is funny ok....come to the state ok and plz dont send me emails about nonsense about how you will come to me and get your money ok....
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