Scam letter(s) from Tatiana to Sandro (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear Sandro!
I'm a warm, sensitive, passionate and romantic girl of 25 from Ukraine who seeks her lover and best friend in life to create a family with in harmony and understanding, so why not give it a try to open your heart for me, to share ALL your thoughts, dreams, desires and fantasies with me and to know EVERYTHING of each other? I'm serious in finding my lifetime lover, will it be you? Only open communication can bring us closer, be fragile and share with me.... You can find me at Looking forwards to see your open reply, Tanya
Letter 2

Hi Sandro!
That is so great to hear from you! I was so excited to get a message from you. But I wish it was more profound, as I really want to know you better! I hope we can start a great and long-lived relationship... I think I'm lucky and I always go for it. I am searching by the Internet for my Prince because its not important where my star live right now. Well, you robably would like to hear something about me. I will try to do my best to describe myself as true as possible. As you probably already know, my name is Tanya and I was born on June,11 year 1980. I was born here in Lugansk, Eastern Ukraine. I love and highly respect my Motherland. You probably do not know a lot about Ukraine, so I'll do my best to tell you some facts about it in my coming letters. That is a beautiful country with lots of fun to discover. I hope one day you will have a chance to see it in your own eyes. I am studying at the Medical College. I entered it a year ago and i enjoy studying a lot. I am going to be a doctor. But now I have to have a part time work as a nurse in a hospital for children with mental illness. The matter is my parents are pensioners and can't help me with money anymore. On the contrary I have to help them. I consider myself as a pretty calm, communicable and truthful person. People say that I am rather purposeful. My motto is "Don't stop, never give up!!!!!". I am pretty different at home and outside of it. At home around my family i am less pushy, much calmer. I enjoy coziness and fond of designing my house. I like cooking a lot. So if you come one day, I will treat you with something special from our traditional cuisine. I have a lot of friends, but still my life is not complete. There's something very important missing in my heart. Do you know what i am talking about? Yes, you're absolutely right. I am looking for love 'cause isn't it the main engine of life? I am sure it is. I am fond of sport. Enjoy working out in the gym occasionally. Do you like sport? Well, that is all in short. So, perhaps you will find me interesting.. a person that you would like to get to know I hope that you do, but should you not then I wish you every success and future happiness for your life. I attach a photo of me, and assuming that you reply I would very much like you to send me a photo too. Enjoy your life. Tanya
Letter 3

Hello, my dear Sandro I am pleased that you responded. It has given me the opportunity to express what you need to know if you wish to continue and I hope you will. Sandro, I also liked your photo, you are very pleasant man! I may not have answered or addressed any concerns you may have, but believe me, one cannot address all matters in one letter..what would I have to write about in future correspondence...but what I have provided I hope it gives you some idea of who I am and what I believe in. During my free time I like to cook something nice for my friends. I am not very sport active, just some Nordic walking sometimes. However I like sauna during winter ime very much. My greatest hobby is traveling. Unfortunately I didn't travel abroad yet, but I dream about it. Perhaps you ask me why I am looking for a man abroad? We have broken down with my boyfriend some weeks ago...we did not fit together anymore. I had 4 boyfriends here in my country and think that our men don't know anymore how to be romantic, how to conquer woman's heart... I don't like to play any games. Its always hard if somebody hurts your heart. I don't like I don't do it to other persons... So I decided to try my fate abroad. As far as what I am looking for in a man, I hope to find a man who has some of the same interests that I have. So that when he and I have free time together, we have activities that we can enjoy together. A man who is ready for a life time commitment. A person who will be there for all the ups and downs that life offers. A man who will work through problems and not just walk away. I'm romantic and belive in love which is the most precious gift we have to care, share and keep in love forever. I hate the word of divorce,I always give my whole trust to the person I meet and hope he would be doing the same. I like to be honest and believe that all have good qualities. The couple could be happy if having mutual care, share, understanding, respect, trust and love. If they can forgive and miss each other, they could have a wonderful happy life and that what I dream to have with my partner. It's a pity I can't speak any other languages apart from Russian. So I have to use translator and computer services in order to write and send you my letters. I hope you don't mind, do you? I'll be looking forward to your next letter. It would be wonderful to know you better. Your Tanusha.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Sandro
Thanks for the message, but you sent me the same one which you sent to me yesterday:-) Here I am looking through the window. This is the evening when people would normally be going out. There are a lot of enamored couples, kissing and smiling. And what am I doing now? I am missing, I am alone! This worries me that I am alone, and I am a person who does not like to tell of my problems. Well here I am now doing this so. I have no problems. I would really like to come home to be loved. To be greeted after being apart and with so much to catch up on. Sounds silly I think. I get used to being by myself. I have been single for a while and I have been hurt before. I won't reflect on that as it goes to the past. Now we have us make contact with each other, this has given me something to put all my effort into. I am a bit of a dreamer, and romantic. I know that to be in love, and to be loved is the pinnacle of happiness for all people. This is a state of happiness that I want to live in again! I also know that my future partner and soul mate is out there somewhere in the world. I just have to seek until I find him, which is why I am writing to you. Like everything that is worth having in life, it is something that must be sought. What sort of man am I looking for? I've given this a lot of thought because I do not want to waste my time or anybody else’s time. I want to find a man who understands himself, what he wants from life, what makes him laugh and happy. A man that knows his identity, and wants also to find his soul mate, and partner. He will appreciate and like similar things that I like. He will have a spirit of adventure and be positive in her outlook. He will want his partner to be his closest and trusted friend. He will be open with his emotions and be honest and truthful. Always yours Tanya
Letter 5

Dear Mr. Sandro,
we are sorry for disquieting you, but we must inform you that we can't translate Tanya's reply for you. The reason is that the money she paid us for the translation of your correspondence is over. At the moment she can't pay us for our service, because of the financial troubles in her family. As Tanya's intentions are very serious and she doesn't want you to worry, she asked us to inform you about the reason of her silence. If you are interested in continuation of your correspondence in nearest future and want to help Tanya with the payment, contact us and we will send you info about our service and our prices. Additional information you may get by the following telephones:
in Ukraine +380953880351 from 9.00 till 16.00 of local time
in USA 13158492835 Sincerely Yours
Principal "XXI century"
Valentin Kravchenko
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