Scam letter(s) from Anna Tolliver to Del (UK)

Letter 1
Am new in here. I decided having you as a good friend, which has to do with honesty above all faithfulness. Friendship takes you by surprise at first but keeps you warm for a long time, just need a favorite one and guess you could make my favorite? Reach me for a better talk through my addy Have a blissful moment and do keep in touch!
Cheers Xxxx...........
Anna I might have delete my profile off here cause i recieve emails which i will not like to reply.
Letter 2
I am so flattering that such a Good man like you can find me worthy to write to me. It's a big surprise but i am thanking you from the deepest of my heart that i can have such impact on someone like you and i hope we can get to know each other far more than this.Am new to this and i wouldn't know how it works either.Distance meant nothing to me when heart that understand each other meet one another, hence i don t think the distance between us can really separate us if you find me agreeable to be with as i can always plan to meet my best of friends if they want and when i am free.I wouldn't say i don t really care where ever you come from but as long as you arouse my interest. Its nice getting to know you but there are things i really need to express.Life is good and at the same time there are still some bad things that is happening in life too but i believe the bad people have spoil the names of the good ones.In life,we try to be sure of the person we are dating he/she truly loves us or Just there to play us and also a friend/child of God. I have gone through so much and all i need is a Man that is trustworthy,Honest,Reliable and God fearing.Not compulsorily a church attendant but have to believe in God.I hope you possess the qualities i need from a man cause all i need is true love because that is what i want to give back as well. Thanks very much once again for Getting in touch and please do tell me more about yourself and where are you at presently?.Have a blissful moment.
Tolliver Anna but you can call me Annie
Letter 3
whaoo that's intresting but you know what?have just got this printed and just shown it to the cop down warburthon ok. You might have been right getting scammers but you are wrong cause you this time and i wount let you spoil my name.never reply cause i will print and get it to them and a promise has been made to take right step. S H I T
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