Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra to Jonathan (USA)

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Letter 1

How are you ? This is Aleksandra. Some time ago we have correspondence on one of online dating website, I'm not remember correct on what.
You write to me your e-mail address but I don't answer to you. I understand that passed a lot of time after that, but mae by you don't find woman and want create serious relationship with good girl. In this message I send to you my photo. If you interesing and realy want find good woman for create serious attitudes you can answer on my e-mail box address. Wait your letter.
Take care. With best regards Aleksandra.

Letter 2

Jake !

I was very glad recive your answer on my letter. Like you , I'm too no good remember anything about you =) So I think we start our correspondence from white sheet of paper =) So let go. I want to tell something about myself. My name is Aleksandra For friends Sasha , I`m 25 years old. I was born on the 19th of January in 1985 in Samara , Russia. My height is 170sm, my weight is 54kg. I live still here in Russia and I`ve never been abroad. I don`t have kids and I never was married. And you??? I think, it`s not necessary to describe my appearance, because you can see everything in the photo! I live with my mother and my cat, called Zyablik. My mum is 57 years old woman, she doesn`t already work. Her name is Galya. My father doesn`t live with us, he has found another girlfriend and moved to the Ukraine. I don't have any brothers or sisters. I'm alone child in family. Have you got any sisters or brothers? I really don`t know what else I should write to you in me first letter...I don`t smoke, I don`t drink alcohol and don`t use drugs... I think, you wonder why did I decide to find a boyfriend in the Internet? I want to find a good friend, that I could talk to. May be I will find a man, that I will fall in love with... I`ve a lot of friends here, but I want to find something new for me. It`s very interesting for me. What are you looking for here??
Whom do you want to find and why? Why have you decided to answer me, I wonder? Did you like me? I want to say that I`m a serious girl and don`t want to play dirty tricks on anybody. I hope you too. If you want only to get my photos, please, don`t write me anymore. I`m looking for serious relationships. I will be very happy to get your letter as soon as possible! But if you don`t like me or don`t want to go on our acquaintance, write me please! I like honest people! I hope, I`m interesting person for you and you will answer me! Waiting for your photo!! I don`t want to communicate with a man, that I can`t see... Take care! With my best regards, Sasha!

Letter 3

Hi, Jake !!!!!!!!

I`m very glad that you answer me! You know that this is no first time my trying find love in internet and I realy hope that all be good now.
This is your second letter to me and I`m not disappointed yet =). I want to tell you something more about myself. I have a higher education and I`m working In a beauty salon. I like my job, even inspite of the fact, that the whole day I spend on foot. I chose this profession and I don`t complain. I like to make people look more beautiful and I`m very happy when people leave me with a smile. I like reading books, cooking in my free time. In summer I like to spend holidays in the open air. I like to go in for sport, I try to keep my body in a good shape. In my childhood I went in for gymnastics since I was 6 years old. I took part in the competitions and even took first places. But when I was 15 I decided to give it up. Please, tell me about yourself! How do you like to spend your free time? Tell me about your work, about what you like. I didn`t have talks in the Internet before and it`s really interesting for me. I was reading your letter very attentively and I try to answer your questions. If you just want to ask me something, I will answer you with a great pleasure! I also want to send you my new photo. I have a computer at home and I can write to you every day! And I hope you also will answer me as often as possible! I`m already waiting for your answer! Take care. With best regards , Sasha.



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