Scam Letter(s) from Elizabeth Opare to Matt (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello i am Lisa Brown and i will like to know u and i hope that u do not mind well i got your ID at woome and added u and u accepted............I am Lisa a Girl of 33yrs old and i am single i am American by birth and living with my uncle here in Ghana and also i am an orphan i had lost my mom and dad at the age of 15 i am also a caterer.......Well the main reason why i am on yahoo is that i am trying to find a man to love me no matter the age or occupation.And any way i have added a pic of me e-mail me when u get this e-mail...........Bye from LISA BROWN

Letter 2

Send money to my friend
Name : Richard mensah
Zip Code:00233
i am very sorry if i could not give u the info later on in the day and i hope that u forgive me and also i was feeling very sick and that was also the reason why i could not come online earlier on..But it is okay now....well there is the info and i hope that u send the money as soon as u can....and forgive me for not coming online

Letter 3

How can u tell me all that matt...well i know that i might have lied to u and not telling u that i used to be a model and it is my picture of me i sent and now that u know i know that u are not going to just leave me alone...and also i told u that the picture ID was for a friend....bye and Love u



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