Letter(s) from Valentina Sidorova to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my Wayne,
It is so wonderful to get your letter!!!:) I'm so impressed that i even don't know how to begin and what to tell you:))
Well,i think that you'd like to hear about my intentions because if you are serious then it is very interesting for you,am i right?
I decided to use the Internet in my searches because one of my friends got acquainted with a man in a such way and now she went to the USA,married him and lives happily with him.They are great couple!
So i decided to try,why not?:))Maybe i'll find the right man,the man of my dream here in the Internet:)
I should tell you that i'm very serious in my intentions.
i feel like there is something i lack of in this life.I thought about it and then came to the conclusion that i want to find my man because all of my friends are with their beloved already and i'm still alone.I don't know maybe it's my fault and it is something wrong with me because i can't find him here.
But i try to think about the best and that's why i write you.I'm still looking for him.
Maybe you can help me to find the right place in this world and you will become HIM?
So i think i'll end for now and i'll be waiting for your letter impatiently with a hope in my heart.If you are really interested in me then please write me again.
you can ask me any questions you want and i'll gladly answer them:0
I kiss you warmly...
Yours Lena