Scam letter(s) from Cindy Musser to Randy (USA)

Letter 1
Oh I am sorry I got Your Reply too and i do respond to Both Text as well..Well They Blocked My Number Off and i Only Receive Text On it...and i am sorry I am still Owning Bills that I need to Pay for the cell and My House Payment too..I am Just Tired Right Now..Hope Your days is Fine..I'll catch You Later Take care Bye..Cindy
Letter 2
I am sorry i was with Amy while you got On here to talk to me..I finally talk to mom and i gave her your Email to Talk to you..and she told me she was going to email and hear back from you..Beside i never tell her about you wanting to help me But will let her know as soon i got her Email back Okay. Hope you got home safely I missed you,..Cindy
Letter 3
Randy I need to tell you what Mom told me Okay..she is my mom and i need you to understand that she want everything to work out good for us and she want me to visit her. well that's the agent info to pick Up money for the flight for me, when you got it sent through his name. Okay there will not be any problem he will handle everything and i am going to get my ticket In time so i can leave in time tomorrow..just email her the reference number and your details so she can forward it to him today Okay...Yours Cindy..i'll look for you at 7pm when you got home okay
Letter 4

Randy Mom finally forward what you told her about the info, but i need to let you know that she can't lied to you nor want your money for something else..!!! well i just don't know what you was doubting Her about Greg that is his name and he is an agent what else do you want him to be..well i am tired Now Cindy
Letter 5
Hello Randy Good Morning..well I am not going to talk too much on this Okay..well i don't know what really going on what i figure out is that if you want to wire the Money to me directly I am fine with it and i can handle everything But what my Mom does is that she don't want to give out Information that will lead to something else that what why she is keeping it out I am sorry if that got you Upset Okay..well now Let me know How Much you was going to send and when you wire the Money send me copy of the info Okay and here is the full address info of the agent. and mine is still there anyone you choose to pick to send the money to Okay..i'll look for you at Lunch Make sure you take care of yourself for me and i do missed you last night Cindy Greg Santos
W.warm Spring Road
Las Vegas
89148 Name:Cindy Musser
Address:227 ROCK HOUSE RD
Zip Code:37659
Letter 6
Hello Randy,Cindy told me Little about You, well I want to be sure if you do like Her and what really are you Looking for On her...Al thought Right Now i am Sick and i am getting little better.. just would like to know you better and see what you really Looking for from her. Joni
Letter 7
Oh I just got back Your respond Now, it's very Good to hear back from you, i see you sound so much Understanding and want something Good for my Daughter, well she is on her Own and i am sure she Love Mama that why she want me to get to know you first and i really want to be sure if you was going to be Good to her, she told me you like her and you want More than a friend from her, i just need to find that out first before i can give her any step to walk On. cos she is all i got and her sister is not in state so she is all i got Okay..well when things work out good for both of you fine. all i want for her is to be Happy and please make sure you never hurt her...i want the best for her so much. Joni
Letter 8
Good Morning, Cindy Just ask me about her Trip down here and i don't know what you ever think about it..well i got an Agent that will help her Out about the Booking and Other stuff she will need..Hope you are Okay with that..cos she has got Into Problem with My ex about helping her out with the flight and he ended Up using stolen Card to book it for her and she got into pro at the Airport..I am just telling you about it Okay..i'll email her now Hang and let her know what i tell you Okay. Joni
Letter 9
Oh Just woke Up again...Cindy told me You need the agent Info..i just got it Now right from my mail..i'll let you have it..Now I am sorry i was So sick Okay.,make sure everything went just fine with both of you..catch you later. and i am sure Greg will handle it fine and she will be able to get in time. Joni NAME; GREG SANTOS
Letter 10
Hey just Got Cindy Worried about what You said But It's Okay when You had the Money Paid In his Name and i am sure with that he will Handle it as soon you got the info sent to me and i will forward it to him today when i got the info in my mail..that's How it can work and for the info that's How I sent him Money when ever i need to booking for any flight on any trip's Okay that way...just get back to me as soon you got my mail..Joni
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