Letter(s) from Victoria Lebedeva to Peter (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello,my sexy man!
Thank you for your message to me and your picture, I like it very much. I want to come to you so very much my darling Peter.
I'll get a visa by myself, O'k. I'll give you the information which will be needed for transfer the money. Here it is Vika Lebedeva, and address of the bank Western Union,AVAL BANK ALEXEEVA KV., 13 LUGANSK ,9101 I'm so happy that we'll be able to meet with you in your country.
You make me really happy and now i stay in a perfect mood. I'm really thankful to you that you are going top help me with the expenses for the passport. i want to meet you as soon as possible. I send you all my best wishes and tenderness. I want you to be with me. With love
yours truly Vika.

Letter 2

Hello, my dear!
Thank you for your letter to me. I was really happy to get it. I want to come to your place as soon as possible. I've send you the information where to transfer the money. I'll need $200 for the passport. And when I'll make the passport i get to know how much it'll cost to get a visa. Then I'll send you the prices for it. OK?
When you'll be able to send the money for the passport. Please do it faster, as I can't wait the time when i meet you in your bedroom:-)))
I'll be waiting for your soonest reply. I send you all my love
Sincerely Vika.

Letter 3

Hello, my dear!
Thank you for your letter to me and some information about you. You have brightened my day and now i feel good after getting your letter.
You'll get to know how I'm in the sex a bit later, when we meet.
I think that you'll enjoy being with me. I'm sure in it. I'm a good lover and i want you. you make me crazy!!! I really take you seriously. Yesterday I got to know the prices for the visa. It'll cost $900 with the discount, because I'm a student now. To get a visa costs 200 dollars. I dream about you all the time.
Truly Vika.

Letter 4

Hello, my dear Peter!

How are you? I hope everything is all right with you.
I'm in despair and don't know what to do. What have I done wrong?
Did I hurt you? I just need money, that you promised. Should I still hope or not?
Please, tell me at least something, dear Peter!
I can't stop thinking of you, honey!!!

With all my love,
Yours, Vika.