Scam letter(s) from Katerina Marchenko to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello here!!!
Hello to you!!! Nice day, isn't it?:) Despite how that started - now I hope you will have smile on your face and interest in your soul...)) While you will read this letter I want you so much to forget about ordinary problems, things to do and simple relax thinking about me. I will tell you from the very beginning - I'm not so straightforward in life, like I'm here now:)He-he) I just saw your profile and I had an intuitive feeling that you could be mine... Why not at least?;) I think if you are on that site you are searching for the same I'm doing - happiness, stability and sincere relations, yeah, sincerity - this is that what is too hard to meet nowadays. Here I'm lonely and not in love. I'm not married, I have never been married, I don't have a boyfriend, but I had some. I hope you are also ready to start being closer:) I'm here because I'm too tired of being lonely, probably you feel the same and you need someone by your side to feel love and taken care of. Am I right? If you are kind and faithful with me, if you want to be a friend of mine you are welcome. I will be happy to help you and to support you no matter what. I wish to you easy day and only smiles on your kind face! It is only a beginning for us and I feel so happy that the first stage is complete. I wrote you! I promise you that I will answer you right away when I have your next letter. Please remember I will treat you this special way only I know. I'm sending you a photo to show you the girl who is so interested in you and..... I'm waiting... Katerina
Letter 2
Hello my dear Misha!!!
Hello kind and attentive Misha!!! We corresponding for so little time, but it seems to me that we really have a chance to build relations, to start thinking about future... Maybe that will be OUR future?)) Who knows! And what do you think about it? I'm happy with your photos so much!!! You are making me feel like i knew you for a long time already!!! I need to mention here - you were cool man at that older photos still now you are better even I think!!! You are extremely handsome! you are wise, you are experienced man with some incredible shinning in your eyes;) Great photos just!!! You are very interesting man and also you are good in company! Thank you so much for your care and for your attention! I was reading your letter with so warm feelings! You worry so much about me!!! No one carried about me so much as you're doing. That's so lovely! Thank you so much! I'm interested in receiving professional skills in making make, hair dresses.. .I want to be able to work in a good saloons, I want people to know my name and to have my own studio of beauty somehow:)) that are just dreams anyway - I will be really happy to make them happen true! I think this is fantastic idea - our meeting! That will be really great for both of us! Moreover - any letter can replace meeting!!! I'm interested in that a lot! When? I think we can spend a little more tie here for learning each other better and after we will plan days for your trip here, what do you think?:) please, do not precipitate events! I know this is important for us to meet and I also know this is simple - to meet and to get what we both feel towards each other - still I'm feeling so worried now and I hope you will understand my wish to wait a bit... You are greatly important for me still I'm here novic, I don't know whether these are such rules - to meet so fast but I want to take a small postpone;) Today this is warm and sunny and I feel sunshine is not only on streets but in my heart also. Something warm and very nice happened, changed me last days... Do you guess what?;) I intend here our meeting. Letter by letter, step by step I feel that you are that man who feels me, despite so little time together... Time will show of course what we will have still now all I can tell you - this is I feel fantastically warm and sweet reading your letters and answering that! I wonder what is happening inside of you? Have your life changed? What are your thoughts now in the morning opening your eyes?;) My heart is full of love and tender and I've nobody to splash it out! And now I found you and my eyes shining with happiness and sense! Even my friends asking me - what happened? Why am I so mysteriously lucky?... The reason is you, Misha! The only one problem disturbs me – unfortunately I don't speak English! For this reason I use the services of the translation agency. I pay them and they provide me with translation of our letters and Internet service. I sincerely hope that you are not disappointed in the fact that right now I do not speak English. You have to understand – that I just had now time in my past for it! But now I have a wish! I will very soon! I'm easy going! Do you believe in me? I'm waiting impatiently for your next letter! They are very necessary for me! I re-read them for several times... I'm very interested in you in whole your life! P.S. There is next part of my photos, hope you'll also like them...) These one are not very modest, still I consider they are nice. Hope hearing from you very soon,
kisses Katerina.
Letter 3
Hello my dear sweet man Misha!!! I couldn't wait for your letter! Minutes without your letters last out like weeks! I hope you will find photo to send me..;) I will be really happy to have your photo with me all the time! :) I do hope Well, answering your question... Where scam? Do you know what is word Scam mean? That means mean people who are playing with feelings of other people in order to receive their benefit, you think I'm one of them?... I hope you don't think so of course! Next - I'm here paying for translations of our letters, yes, but this is necessary thing, moreover - without their help I won't even be able to meet you... So tell me now again - does that bother you now?:) I feel one thing just - you want to be happy - I'm also interested in you - we are together - what else do we need?... Let's just live our life full and bright! :) I really want to make your eyes shinning from happiness, I think you also interested in that?;) Misha, now I can tell you really, I feel like you are my dear! It’s not a game it’s not just simple letters any more! It’s something more ******! It’s stronger!! I have to tell you that I was hurt by men in past and that is why I was a little bit skeptical and even afraid to open my heart and my soul to a man I was really afraid to love again. Despite you quickly made all my fears and doubts melt away. You really made me feel so comfortable and secure! My dear Misha I really hope you reciprocate my feelings! Your letters so sweet so warm so sparkling. My darling, I want you to know about everything what happens in my life! How I spent my day and so on! I have one simple but very sincere dream for a long time already - I want to sit with near dearest person and to hold his hand. Now I want to realize it with you! I feel you also longing to me! I'm not mistaken? :) From my side I can swear you – I'll make true everything I promised! I have a good memory)) and I really can make even impossible for my dear! Nothing can prevent is to express out feelings! To live how we want! I'll learn English, so that will be easier for us to communicate! Only in your letters I feel kindness, sincerity. Sometimes your lines overtime my thoughts! Sometime you write as like you know my minds! It speaks about our unity! I cannot hide more from my mum and best friend reason of my good mood every day, I told them about you. They are really glad you for making me lucky! Thank you for making my life happy!!! Lot's of kisses and hugs! Write as soon as possible!
Yours Katerina! P.S. Now I'm sending you my revealing photos. Now I know you'll like them. Don't be worry - no one see them except you! And photographer, but that was she) my friend! so everything OK. I prepared them only for you, dear!
Letter 4

Welcome to "Leader Translation Company"! For having regular correspondence with miss Katerina we propose you our services and gladly provide you with our prices and conditions: 1) Translation service:
- 1 translated letter from Russian into English 5 USD;
- 1 translated letter from English into Russian 5 USD; 2) Interpreting service:
- phone conversation (per 10 minutes) 5 USD;
- during meeting per hour 30 USD;
per day 100 USD; 3) Additional service:
- scanning one picture 3 USD;
- printing one picture 3 USD;
- communication via web-camera per 1 minute 5 USD; 4) Unlimited service (all inclusive):
- translation unlimited service per 1 month 240 USD;
- translation unlimited service per 2 month 380 USD; The way we work is prepayment. To make a payment for our services you may use the following ways: - Western Union,
- Contact
- Unistream,
- Bank Transfer (contact us if you are interested). The more fast way to renew your correspondence with miss Katerina is to make a payment via Western Union to your lady. The information you need is: the receiver Katerina Marchenko
the address Gorodok OR, 21
the city Luhansk
country Ukraine
zip code 91000 After making a payment you have to inform us the full information about your transfer for getting it: 1. your full name (first name and surname)
2. address (Country, Town/City)
3. 10-digits number - MYCN number (for Western Union transfer)
4. the sum of payment. Independently on your choice we ask you to inform us about your final decision to use our service. We must inform Katerina about it. Thank you for your choice beforehand. With best regards,
service manager of
Leader Translation Company
Tatyana Sokolova
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