Scam letter(s) from Galina Veselova to Dave (Canada)

Letter 1
My darling love Dave.
I always rejoice when I see your letter.
Each your letter as if air sigh when does not suffice some oxygen.
I read your letter and I feel us together for an instant. Dave, you my happiness.
I very much wait our meeting in a reality.
Dave, I have visited bank. The manager of bank has told
That really there is a system of remittances western union.
So you can send the help by a remittance from any office western union which to be in your city.
The manager of bank that western Union the checked up system also has told.
We can easily take advantage of this translation system of money.
You can send me the help and I can receive them very quickly.
And the main thing that money will not be gone anywhere and will not be lost.
We can trust this system. The manager has told that for this purpose
That I could receive your help I should have your full name,
Your address, the address of your office western union, control number of your help.
As the manager of bank has told that I should give to you the data for this purpose
That you could send the help.
Western union in our city to the address:
RUSSIA, 426076
My Name - Anastasiya.
My Surname - Barmina.
It those data on which you can send the help.
I can receive your help and we will speak with you in a reality.
Dave, I love you. My darling Dave so we can begin official registration of papers and we be very fast we can with you in a reality. I all time think of that bottom when we will be together.
I very much love you. I think of you much. I am very glad that very soon I can to hear your voice in a reality.
I love you Dave.
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