Scam letter(s) from Alina Butina to David (England)

Letter 1
To me it is very pleasant that you have written me the letter. I am very glad that you haven't disregarded my message on a dating site. You, probably, interests, why I have decided to write the letter to you. You approach under criteria of my search of the man. You have seemed to me the decent man. And I have decided to get acquainted with you. My name Nastya. To me of 26 years. I think that in this letter I won't tell much about myself. As if you are interested in further about correspondence with me, I will tell to you more about myself. I will send you together with my letter a photo. I won't write much today. I will be very glad, if you want to continue with me dialogue and will answer me shortly. I will wait. Nastya.
Letter 2
Hello my friend!
I am glad that you have answered my letter. It means that you want to continue ours with you correspondence. My friend, I want to warn at once you that I don't search simply for ***. I the girl in search of serious and loving relations. I hope that you as search for serious relations. I hope that you write to me with serious and sincere intentions. Many men with whom I got acquainted, wanted only *** with me. I was tired of all it and I want only sincere love. I as want to warn you that I won't send my ***** photos. As I the brought up girl and it seem to me trite and dishonourable. I think that you understand it and won't ask from me ***** photos. My friend, now I want to tell to you a little about myself and then to answer all your arisen questions. You can ask me in the letters any questions which you interest. I will answer them with pleasure if only certainly they are not trite and on a *** theme. As I already spoke to you, my name is Nastya and me of 26 years. I live in settlement Kashmashi. It is small settlement of city type. I as want to tell to you about my hobbies. I am fond of music. I like to listen to various music. Basically it depends on my mood. I love such directions of music as pop, rnb and foreign music. I love sports. I love such sports as volleyball and tennis. When I went to school, I was engaged in volleyball. We went on various competitions and occupied prize-winning places. Our volleyball command was considered as one of strong teams in district. As I like to watch film. I like to look dramas and comedies, and as films about love. My friend, I hope that in the following letter you as will tell to me more about yourself. It will be interesting to me to learn more about you.
I not absolutely understand, why you have written me today such strange letter. About what yorkshire you speak to me? What is it? I don't understand about what you speak to me!
If you are adjusted on serious relations and at you sincere intentions then I will wait for your following letter. I with impatience will wait for your answer. Your following letter will tell to me about you much, and I will already do the first conclusions about you. Nastya.
Letter 3
Hello David!
I am glad to read your letter again. I think that now I can come to the Internet of cafe and to be completely assured that you have written to me. I hope that you aren't tired of my letters. How your affairs today? How you feel? I feel very well and vigorously. At me just fine mood. Than you were engaged today? I visited my parents. I have father and mum. They already enough older persons, despite that I still very young. My mum has married my father when she was almost 26 years old. My father then already was 30 years old. As I have younger sister. Her name is Dasha. It is more younger me. To it now 19 years and she enters this year the institute. I as will send you a photo together with my sister. I hope that it to you as to be pleasant! I as would like to send you a photo with my parents, but, unfortunately, I don't have such photo in a digital format. My parents already on pension and they anywhere don't work. I love my parents. As, first of all they have presented to me life. They have brought up me and have made everything that I was happy. Tell to me, you will tell to me about the family? It will be very interesting to me.
Unfortunately the photo which you ask, isn't available for me in a digital format and consequently I can't send you it!
I don't understand why in my profile have been written that I have already children. Probably, you have mixed? I precisely remember that when filled the profile wrote that there are no children.
For me has no problem that you have more than years, than me because for me private world of the person, instead of its appearance is important. To me feelings are the most important and think of the person, its character trait. Road I to think that this core, for me it and for me it very much even is important. It seems to me that much more it is more more pleasant, to communicate with the clever and kind person, but not beautiful, than with very beautiful person, but the fool and the villain. How you consider into the account of it?
Besides, I think that the person should be women in marriage, are more senior as it should be the head of the family and should take over control family firms in hands, and it needs age and experience.
Forgive, but I can't communicate with you through msn, facebook or yahoo... As for me it is very difficult programs and the more so I don't have a lot of time to spend to the cafe Internet... I Hope that you understand me, and will continue to correspond with me...
I think that on it I should finish my letter. I leave the cafe Internet in hopes again to see your new letter tomorrow. Yours Nastya.
Letter 4

Hello David!
Unfortunately, I can't write you the big letter today. I have come to the cafe Internet to warn you about it. As I don't want, that you worried. Tomorrow I will write to you more and all to you I will explain. I hope that you won't take offense at me. Nastya.
Letter 5
Hello David!
Forgive that yesterday has written to you so a little. When I have come to the cafe Internet, the manager has told to me that they are closed in 10 minutes because of what that checks. I had not enough time to write. I hope that you don't become angry about me. For my small letter. How your day today? How your mood? At me everything is all right. Today on work I checked compositions which were written by schoolboys in the spring. It were the composition on a theme that such for them friendship. Also you know, when I checked their compositions, too have reflected on it. Tell to me, what for you such friendship? On what you are ready for the sake of your friend? For me friendship - this sacred. I consider that it is better to have one friend, but the best and which never will betray you. Than to have it is a lot of friends and from whom someone can betray you.
As I want to tell to you that my growth makes 175 sm. But why you it so interests?
As I have written, to three men, but have answered from a three only you one. At present I correspond only with you one. But why you ask such strange questions?
I use the Internet of cafe, as I have no house computer. For me the computer costs very big money, and I can't allow myself it. I hope that you understand me! To me it is very pleasant that you want to send me the laptop. Darling, me it is very pleasant, what you want to give me such pleasant gift but how you want to send me the laptop? How much I have understood from your letter, you ask my data what to send me the laptop by mail. Correctly I have understood you?
On it I will finish my letter. I will look forward your new letter. I hope that tomorrow you will please me again with the fine lines which will present to me mood. And you will send me the photo? I hope what yes. Yours Nastya.
Letter 6
Hello my friend David!
I am glad that you haven't disregarded me today. And again you have pleased me with the fine letter. How you feel today yourself? How has passed your day today? You had something amusing? Tell to me something interesting and new of your life. It will be very interesting to me to read about it. Tell to me of what you dream? You have a dream? Of what you dreamed in the childhood? I always dreamed of true love. I dreamed of love as in fairy tales. That this fairy tale came to an end with the happy end. I always dreamed to find the ideal man. With which I could construct the happy future. The man who would respect me and appreciated. For me the most important thing in the man is its character. For me the main mutual understanding and love in relations.
As if in relations there will be no mutual understanding relations won't be long and strong. You agree with me? I hope that you understand me!
I would like to tell to you that I actually was born in village Kasmashi. As I want to tell to you that I all life live in this small settlement.
Darling as I have understood, you want to send me the laptop on my home address. I would like to tell to you that it is not necessary to do it! Darling, you understand, in Russia mail works for us very badly and many things simply don't reach a proper place. Darling, I am afraid that your laptop won't reach me. Darling as, I would like to tell to you one more reason on which I don't want, what you to me, sent something on the home address. Darling, at us in Russia is a lot of hooligans who steal the simple newspaper from mail boxes. Darling, I don't want that your laptop would appear in another's hands. I hope that you understand me and don't take offense that I ask you not to send me the laptop. Darling, tell to me, can at you there are any other offers? Darling, if you want, I can descend in post office what to learn how you want to send me the laptop. Darling, I hope that you understand me!
Lovely my friend, on it I will finish my letter. I will wait the answer from you with the big impatience. Your girlfriend Nastya.
Letter 7
Hello my friend David!
Darling, I am very glad to receive your new letter. Your letters to me bring a lot of pleasure. I am very glad that you don't cease to write to me!
Darling, I would like to tell to you that today I haven't had time to descend in post office as at me was a lot of work. Darling, I hope that you understand me!
Darling, today at me was very much an unlucky day on work, and I am very strongly tired.
At present to me it is difficult to you I would like to tell to live in England or not as I never was in other countries.
Tell to me, you look dreams at night? Or to you to dream nothing at night? Yesterday I had a fine dream. How we with you sunbathed on a beach and helped one another to put on a body a cream for sunburn. Not to describe that feeling when you to iron my back a cream. I was happy! Tell to me of what you think? Of what you dream? That would like? I don't know why, but I am assured that I can trust you any, secret. And consequently I from you don't have any secrets! You know all. I hope that you as don't have secrets from me. By the way my friend asked to transfer you the greetings and congratulations. I hope that you, you receive them together with my air kiss which I send you.
I will wait for your letter tomorrow. I already miss you and your letter. For ever your girlfriend Nastya.
Letter 8
Hello my dear friend David!
Your letter again brings pleasure and happiness to me. I am glad that you haven't forgotten about me and have written me the fine letter. I very much waited for your letter. My day has passed simply remarkably. I hope that your day too has passed successfully and all is good. Darling, all these days off I have spent at home. Darling, at us in the country very bad weather and consequently I wouldn't like to go out of doors. All days off I was engaged in affairs on the house. My love as I also promised to you, I have learned a safe and reliable way of transfer of parcels from your country in my country. Darling, this system is called DHL. Darling, is reliable system and your parcel will precisely reach me. Darling, I give to your the reference of a site of system DHL - You can look at a place on this site, whence you can send me a parcel through system DHL. Darling, I hope that to you it is clear. Darling, the most nearest point for me DHL is in city Cheboksary. Therefore you should send a parcel on city Cheboksary. To me have explained that system DHL the most reliable post system. Darling here the data necessary that you could send me a parcel:

My name – Anastasiya
My surname - Samaeva
City (in which I will receive a parcel) - Cheboksary
The address – Vashskaya 18 - 12
The postal index – 428000
The country - Russia

Darling, here office DHL data in which you should send a parcel and in which I will receive it:

The address - Yaroslavskaya 34
City - Cheboksary
The postal index - 428000
The country - Russia

Love washing, I hope that to you all is clear. Darling as, me have told that when you will make sending of a parcel for me to you will give a special code. Darling, you necessarily should give me the given code that I could receive your parcel. As by means of the given code, I can watch in what place a parcel to be. Darling, I hope that you understand me! Love washing, tell to me when you will precisely send me a parcel? Darling, I once again ask you to send me a parcel only through system DHL.
We communicate not the first day, and I feel that ours we reach tops on which we soon should we will, we will meet you. I much that have learned about you interesting. You very much are pleasant to me. But I would like to learn even more about you. You have secrets from me? You have something, what you hide from me? Tell to me, please. I don't have from you secrets. I can speak with you about what I want. I don't know, why, but I think that you understand me. I don't love lie, I don't love people who deceive and simply play with feelings of other people. I since the childhood am brought up so not to say lies. My mum says that for this purpose, it would be necessary what to say lies, to have very good memory, what not to get confused. But I think that it is better not to say lies at all. And then all will be good. I don't know that for us waits at top of mountain, mountain on which we to ascend. The happiness, love, passion, tenderness can, and the disappointment can. I don't know. But I hope that this happiness and love. I hope that you aren't tired of my letters and questions. I want to know about you more, you more and are pleasant to me also I is glad more that have met such fine man as you. I already told you it. But I hope that you weren't tired of me and from my letters. How to you my today's photo? I hope that it is pleasant to you. I will wait for your new letter! I wait and believe that I will receive it very soon. Yours Nastya.
Letter 9
Hello my darling David!
Your letter as warms a sun beam my day and does everyone seconds of my life pleasant. I so am happy that we with you communicate and pleasant each other. I am assured that between us there are no secrets, and you hide nothing from me. In your life there were many girls? At such man as you likely much. Truth? Why you couldn't live together? You had different plans for life or simply different, not suitable characters?
For example, I couldn't find the love because everything that is necessary for our guys it is *** and alcohol. I want more, I want passion, love, tenderness, to clear up in the morning in embraces of the beloved and to enjoy in each afternoon together with it. And you?
I want that life would be full of happiness that it would be full of smiles and love.
Darling, certainly you can trust me the heart. Darling to me it is very pleasant that you are ready to present to me the heart.
Darling, I as well as you very much want to hear your voice. Darling, but meanwhile it isn't possible, as I don't have enough money. I hope that you understand me!
It is a pity to me that the laptop it is necessary to wait some time.
I understand that you want to send me the good laptop. But I ask you to tell to me, how many approximately on time it is necessary to wait for your laptop.
I want to learn more about with whom you communicated and as it has ended. In my life there were no many guys. With one I was on friendly terms at school, but it has left, when I was 14 years old in other city, and I more it didn't see. Then we have started to go on dances, and I have met another. It was more senior me for two years. But then was gone. It has appeared that he married the rich girl, at which the rich father. And me was very sick to learn it. It has appeared that money is necessary for it only. When I studied in college has got acquainted with the guy. He has suggested to meet. But in the evening I have learned that he the fan only to drink alcohol and to walk with girls. And I didn't meet more it. I thought what not to meet more the good man who will understand me and not only to see beauty and to want only ***. Also has met you. And my life has changed. In it there was what didn't suffice long time. It is truth. You know that I think, we with you as climbers, we soon will at mountain top. Only from the different parties. And when we will meet at top we are waited by happiness, and we can enjoy the sky, stars, love and passion. How you think? Tell to me, it actually and will be? I send you the gentle kiss, with a star which you will see today the first. Inform, how you will receive it. Well? Tell, how your life has changed, after we have met. Strongly? How? I hope that tomorrow you to me will tell about it!
I wait for your letter, I miss and I hope that you will write to me soon. I wait. With impatience I wait for your answer. Only your girlfriend Nastya.
Letter 10
Hello mine darling David!
Your letter again to bring pleasure and happiness to my heart. I feel heat which to flow on my body when I receive your letter. How you feel? I want to learn, how passes your day. What do you do? In how many you wake up? As you think, how would put has changed, if I have arrived to you and was with you? What is the time we would be together. I would like that we would spend time together, could enjoy our love and passion, kisses. Would like, what we to clear up every day in embraces each other. Darling, you would like it? As you think, how there will be our first kiss. I think that it will be fine. I can feel your love and yours to concern, your tenderness and passion. I very much would want to try your kiss. I am assured that it is fine. I don't know why, but after acquaintance to you I feel just fine. I had many forces, it would be desirable, something to do. I am very happy. I don't know why, likely because I have you. You looked at the night sky? You saw the big she-bear? It is similar to the big she-bear. I send to you of kisses, a lot of, which won't go in even in this ladle. I hope that they bring to you happiness and success in a new bottom. You like my kisses? You want to try them in a reality?
Unfortunately, I have mobile, not no house phone number. The mobile phone in me has stolen 3 months ago in public transport. I have been very afflicted, when at me have stolen phone. My dear, it is a pity to me that we can't talk to you in the near future. We in village have a public telephone booth, and I could call you, but it seems to me that the call to you will cost very expensively and I should save money. It seems to me that in a current of three weeks I can make to you a call. As I would like to tell to you that I as well as you very much would like to speak by with you to phone. It is a pity to me that I don't have such possibility.
To me it is very sad, what you can't send me the laptop, but I don't understand why? In what the problem consists? When I went in DHL to me have told that you without problems can send me a parcel from the country. Darling, I ask you to explain to me that to you have told in DHL.
I will wait for your letter tomorrow. I already miss, and I want to ask you, you will come today to me in my dream? It is a pity to me that meanwhile ours with you the meeting can take place only in the sleep. I will wait with the big impatience of your answer. Your gentle and sincere Nastya.

Letter 11
Hello my love David!
I am glad to your letter, I very much miss you, and I think of you constantly. You always in my heart. I feel, how my heart to knock, when I think of you and to me it is good. I don't know that with me, I don't understand that occurs.
Darling how much I have understood from your letter, you simply don't trust me. Darling, I am right? I don't understand, why at you such mistrust to me. I understand that someone tried to get acquainted with you with my photos. But you should understand that it was not I. I don't know as you it is all to explain. If you don't trust me, you don't need to do to me painfully. You understand that to me it is not pleasant that you communicate with me and consider me as the cheat. I hope that you understand me!
I hope that you understand that I feel to you. I don't know that such love, and I feel that to you at me other relation. Other feeling. I don't know how to describe it, but I think that it is love. You as are close to me as my mum, as my friends, as my father. I don't know how to describe this feeling. It can't be described. I am afraid to make a mistake, I am afraid to be mistaken in you because you are pleasant to me very much. I very much worry, I don't know, how, but I should tell to you it. I can't hide anything from you. I feel that my heart, somewhere away. In my opinion it with you. I don't know, whether it is exact, but me, I seem have fallen in love. As you think that it for feeling, tell to me. I don't know, your life has changed or not. It has changed, after we have got acquainted? I feel, precisely I feel that I love you. I as want to know, with what feeling you concern me. Tell to me, What you think of me? What you feel, when you read my letters? I am not assured that is love. That, which I searched. I am not completely assured. But I precisely know that you that man with whom to me it will be good. I think that you of whom I dreamed since the childhood. That prince on a white game whom I waited all life. I miss you and your letter. Very much. Your sweet Nastya.
Letter 12
Hello my love David!
I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you understand my feelings, and I am glad to learn yours. Your letter has again warmed my heart. And I am glad that is familiar with you.
Darling, I already many times said to you that as soon as I will have a possibility I will call at once to you. Darling, but you should understand that while I don't have such possibility. I hope that you understand me!
When I don't receive your letters I feel lonely and as though anybody in this world isn't present also to me it is not necessary to live. Especially I very strongly miss you on days off! Your letters allow to me forces to live, and I feel better. What did you do last night? Last night to me my sister has on a visit come. We looked, what that a film together with the sister. I didn't look it attentively. I thought of us. And the sister has asked to make to it massage, you love massage? My sister says that after my massage to it it is easy, and she feels better. As though it had new forces. I very well do massage, and I think that too it would be pleasant to you. You would like, what I would make to you massage? I would like to feel as your strong, and gentle hands do to me massage, you will make it to me? I very much would want to try it. I send you the most gentle and sweet kisses, and I hope that they warm you and your heart, and you feel better. You looked at the sky? Saw stars? I send you so much kisses, how many stars in the sky. With each star and if you look at the night sky they will begin to sparkle to you, transferring my kisses. I will sleep, and to dream of you. Perhaps we will meet, in our dreams? I hope that I will see our meeting. Your gentle and tender Nastya.
Letter 13
Hello my beloved David!
I have received your letter. Darling, your letters, always to me bring a lot of pleasure. I am very glad that have found such fine man as you!
I can't check that you don't trust me... My dear but for what me you to deceive! I understand that you from other country, but not nevertheless cheats! Darling, I as read much that deceive good men, but darling, I completely not such. Road if you don't trust me as we can construct ours with you relations? For me you very interesting person and I thought that you have a trust to me. I so hoped that at us with you in the future all will be good, and you now so speak to me. Darling when you want to find the love and you find well the man on the Internet it doesn't mean that something is necessary to the girl from the man. Darling, I hoped that at me it to turn out to construct relations and now it turns out so that because of someone another to me don't trust. Darling, I am very afflicted by that that you to me have told!
You are interesting to me to whom have still told what you communicate with me? Someone else knows, what I communicate with you? What do they speak? What do your close people which judgement for you is important speak? I very much want to know it. I think that you already understand that you are pleasant to me. Mine mum and girlfriends say that though don't know you, but you are assured that for whom I have been born. But I would like to know also judgement of your close people. You understand? You know, I thought that I have all. But it appears, I much simply have no. I can't touch you, I can not experience you. I can not kiss you, experience love and passion fire. I CAN not WITHOUT IT! And so it would be desirable. And I hope that it becomes fast a reality. Between us there is some distance, but we have found a method to find one another. And I am assured what be fast we can in strong embraces each other. I think that at all of us it will be good. And you as think? That your relatives and parents think. I with impatience will wait for your next letter! Only your, sincere and gentle Nastya.
Letter 14
Listen rumpling silly you *******. You that think have frightened me?
Yes in general without a difference that you write to me. You the idiot who was conducted and all that I wrote to you. You a ram, I will **** you. To you there will arrive Russian mafia and will **** you! =)
Letter 15
Today I have found the photos and as which I wrote letters to you in the Internet. To me very much it is not pleasant that you profane my name and spread my letters. I don't understand for what you it do? For what you have laid out my photos. If you don't clean my photos from a site I will simply complain of you in embassy of your country and as I will as spread your photos. To me it is not pleasant that you cause to me so much a pain. I hope that you will understand easy my letter and will clean my questionnaire from a site. For what you have made it? I at all didn't ask from you any money and you have suggested me to send the laptop. I ask you to clean immediately my questionnaire as it is slander. If you don't fulfill my requirements I as will arrive with you. I hope that you understand me!
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