Romance scam letter(s) from Juliet Soil to Chris (UK)
Letter 1
Hello Chris, Thank you so much for getting back to me and i really appreciate reading from you, I'm honest and sincere woman with a great heart full of love and i just need a serious man that will be ready to love me forever and i'm totally new here on net searching....I would like to know you more better and see how it goes cos i believe asking each other questions make us to know each other more better, Can you kindly tell me more about yourself cos i am interested to know..Where are you from?How old are you?What do you do for a living?How long have you been here on net searching for the right woman?What are you looking for in woman?What are your dreams and goals in life?Do you believe in long distance relationship cos i am from South Africa but i live in South Korea in Seoul but i will surely relocate as soon as i meet the right man for me that is ready to build serious relationship with me because serious relationship that will last long is what i seek for and i think long distance relationship make us to know each other more better to see if we can match and when we are then we meet for real....What do you think about that?I have been to UK before but i went there for a visit to meet a friend of mine who met the right partner here on net and she was the one who told me to come over here to see if i can be lucky like her,that is why i am here on net seeking...Do you live alone and can you send me your picture...Looking forward to read from you and i will email you my picture when i get to read from you.. Juliet xxxx
Letter 2
Hello Chris my Soul-mate, Good Morning and how are you doing?It's nice to read from you and i just cant stop thinking about you cos i truly love you so much with my life and i am just back from the travel agent right now to know how much it would cost me over there and he said it will cost me 950pounds to get everything sort out and i only have 400pounds and it remains 550pounds to balance up which i dont have and i really want to be with you and stay with you for the rest of my life and honey can you kindly help me with the remaining 550 to balance up so i can come over there then i can get my flight details and can send you the flight details for you to know my arrival time and the time for you to know when to come and pick up at the airport..
I really want you so much and sweetheart let me know if you can help me with the remaining amount so i can give you the travel agent to send it by Moneygram outlet...
I am so ashamed of myself asking you for help but i have no choice and i believe we should be able to help each other in time of needs...I need you so much and really want to be with you forever and ever.. Looking forward to read from you, Juliet xxxxx
Letter 3
Hello Chris, Thanks for your mail and i really appreciate reading from you, well i have already confirm myself and that is the amount my dear and you said you want to book it ,i dont think that is possible cos my friend is about to go to jail because of that cos her man book the flight from UK then and getting to airport, we are both there together and they start asking her alot of questions that where did he get the card he use in buying it and they dont allow her to fly until she buy the ticket here and the travel agent helped her okay.
So i dont want to be in any mess at all and if you truly want us together then you will help me and you said you did that before are you trying to say i wil do that to you too?, O.M.G you make me UPSET now...I am totally different cos all i want in my life is LOVE and to meet you for real but i can see you cant help me with the remaining amount, i am so sad and depressed now and if someone do that to you before, that doesnot mean another woman will do that..OMG
I can never let you down at all that is my word and you make me feel i am forcing myself to you...maybe we should forget about meeting.. Juliet
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