Letter(s) from Valeria Bright to Randy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Randy,
How are you? My name is Olga, I am from Russia, I am 27. I am interesting, sociable, clever and decent girl, but I am lonely. I want to find my half... I want to have acquaintance with you and to learn about you. I expect your answer. Write me...
Yours faithfully,

Letter 2

Hello Randy,

Thank you for developed interest to my persona. Very nice to meet you!

Thank you for photos. You seems like interesting man!

I do not know where can bring our acquaintance. But in this time I have big desire to know you beeter, because I don't know about you anything. Of course, it's difficult to tell about myself, but I will try.

I was born in usual Russian family in small city Ioshkar-Ola and still live here. I have remarkable parents and younger brother. My parents in marriage already more than 25 years, and they still love each other. In the future I would have such frendly and strong family as my, that my kids can grow in the same harmony, love and care. I have wonderfull relation with my parents, and my mother is my best friend.
I don't live with my parents, but I visit them very often. I think that I am happy woman, because I have happy family, nice friens and intresting work. But there is one thing in my love, which I haven't it's feminine happiness, i.e. loving and one man near to me. Man with whom I will divide my life, who can make me happier. I never been married and I haven't any children. But I hope that in the fast future all can change in my life.

I active and creative personality so I have chosen so profession. I work as fitness-trainer and teacher of dance in club. I am optimistic and I like life. People feel it and this help me in contact with clients. I try to see all possitive in world, I like beautiful clothes, nice people and all what make this world better. I like animals, flowers, butterflies, sundown sun.

I am communicative person and I have a lot of friends. And I very like to spend time with friends. Of course earlier we had more possibilities for meeting. But now I am in such age when majority of my friends already have own families and children. But even this don't disturb us to communicate and to meet. We celebrate together holidays and leave on nature, visit cinema and theater.

In people I value internal beauty. For me ideal man is not very handsome man from cover of the journal or from screen of the television set. Most main tit's internal quality. He must be clever, decent, with good feeling of the humour, faithfull and reliable.

What else? Ohhh, yes! My height is 167 sm. and my weight is 55 kg. My date of birth is 26-th of September 1983. I send my photo to you, I hope you like them. And of course I would like to see your photos with your letter. Please tell me all that you consider necessary, about your family, about your fascinations.

Take care and have a nice day.

Letter 3

Hello Randy,

Thank you for answer on my letter. I really happy to recieve letter from you and it's so intresting for me. I hope that we can be freinds as minimum. And who know what can be in the future.

Thank you that you tell me detail about your life. So I can better to imagine you and your life.

Thank you for a nice photos. It's so fantastic to see your photos. You are intresting and nice man. I will send some photos to you in my next letter.

Let it's not conservatively, but I want to tell you that you found nice and reliable person in me. And I would be a friend for you, and in future may be can be some more between us. I don't want to play games, I promise to be honest with you and you can trust me. I think that trust is most important thing in any relationship. Randy,what important between man and woman in realtion for you? What is ideal relatioship for you? Which woman you want to see near to you?

Randy, I want to tell that you can talk on any subjects with me. I am ready to listen you, to understand and to help you. It's very important to have such person in life, who can listen , understand and advise. I hope that I can trust to you too. I feel that you are nice and good man. And I am glad that now I have such friend as you. You can ask me anythings, I will be happy to answer on any question. What else do you want to know about me? I will try to tell more about myself in my next letter, because now I must go.

I will wait your letter, I hope you will write soon.

Respectfully yours Olga.

Letter 4

Hello dear Randy,

Thank you for your letter. I always with emotion to chek my mail box and always so happy when see letter from you.

Randy, usually for me it's not simple to talk about my thoughts and sufferingses. But with you it's so simple and I can entrust to you. I am gald that you understand me and I think that there are many general between us. Even in such big distance I feel that you have good nature. I would like to talk with you for ever, but it's unpossible.
It's most pleasing minute, when I chek my mail box. I don't have my own computer and do it at work or at parent's home. And when I see letter from you I feel some intrigue and excitement.

I am glad begin our friendships, and if it could grow in romatic relation it would be exceed. I am happy that you appeared in my life.
You give me new emotions in my soul. For me it's somethig new to began relation by mail. Now I write to you from home of my parents. My parents live near to my work and I often come here.

When I started looking for partner, I never thought about another country. But you opened my eyes and I hope that we can continiue to know each other.

Randy, now I must go, because I agreed with my friends for meeting.
Apropos I told to my friends and my parents that I got acquainted with you.

Have a nice time!
Your Olga.