Letter(s) from Linda Gerald to Matt (USA)

Letter 1

my name is mary 34 i was born in west plam beach florida .............but am not in usa right now due to some reason i have left usa about 5 month ago cos i lost my dad some month ago and after dead of my dad the family of my dad sold all my dad property and send me and my mom away cos of the property but all what i think its cos my mom she is not usa origin she was born here in africa cos she is traveller before she meet my dad and got married i am the only kid so that is why am here about 5 month ago i follow my mom down here in Nigeria and you ??

Letter 2

i miss you soo much how are you doing and can you tell me what is in your mind honey i love u soo much

Letter 3

thanks soo much but my problem its am here only in nigeria since i left usa some month ago so am soo much tired sleep only