Scam Letter(s) from Melissa Harrington to Salo (Mexico)

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Letter 1


You never cease to amaze me with your words. Thank you for the lovely poem. My God !! You are so romantic and i love that. I understand how you feel and though distance is a bitch but i believe we can make it through.I hope that you do feel special and wanted, I feel so close to you now that I am writing to you. You bring the very best out of me. We have lots to talk about when you get on-line. You are my Baby Doll and I will be your guardian. Baby, I know all this is crazy, and we may have not known each other long but I feel the very same way as you. Its like I have always known you and it was meant for us to re-meet later in our 30's/40's compared to our 20's. It is strange and amazing how all this transpired. Truly their was help from above. Maybe our relatives up their are giving us some help. I just know that through all this craziness you are the one and only man for me, period.

It is sad to me when we can't talk and I don't know if your day went well or not. I hope we will always talk to each other and consul about each ones day. I want to talk to you about everything and hear what you have to say. Not so I can argue a point but to hear your reasoning and admire your intellect. I have had a great opportunity to do that already through your letters, which give me great joy always when reading.I think of you constantly longing for your words when none is giving and basking in them when they come. I am excited about our live and the many treasures we will explore together. I feel as though I can conquer any task with you by my side. I can brave the troubled waters and know that I have kick ass Salo to lean against when I feel weary and that you can do the same to me. I am optimistic and that is the way it should be. Can I explain my feelings anymore than that I don?t think that I can. I am sorry but I don?t have a phone but we can chat tonigh I will be waiting for you or you can send me money with 500 dlls I can buy a nice phone here so we can always communicate. Write back my dear!! Take care oy your self be a good boy. please don?t forget the money I want so badly here the sound of your voice. I attached some photos of me tonight they are only for your eyes Imagine talking with me over the phone while I lay down on bed waiting for you. This is my address where you can send me the money, I hope we can talk over the phone tomorrow.

Eve Mayer

101 Ibrahim Salami street

City: Dolphine Estate-Ikoyi

State: Lagos

Country/Zipcode: Nigeria/23401

With Love, Eve



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