Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Jelabina to Frank (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello, my dearest Frank! Your warm letters make me happy! Really! Thanks for a lot of it. They make me feel great. And you know... Maybe it is strange, but I fall asleep and wake up with thoughts of you.
I could never think that people are able to love at distance. Fortunately it's true! Darling, I understand that anything can happen, but I believe you and want you to trust me too. You showed me how to be happy. I saw in you my support and protection. You're my hope for the future. I think you'll never leave me in difficult moments. You can warm my heart with your words.
You are all the world. In this world I want to live and enjoy every minute! Frank, dear, I dream about our first meeting, about our house, our happy future together. I know that I can be your confidence. I am happy that I have found you and would never want to lose you. I don't find enough words to describe how I feel about you. Do you know how much I crave for your gentle touch and the warmth embrace of your body? But unfortunately there is a problem. You know, I do not have a computer at home, I do not able to use it, my English is very bad. So I may to use translate agency and pay them for every letter and every photo, but now I have not possibility to write to you. Dear, I hope you will support me and help us to continue correspondence and save our relationship... I have never want to lose you! Please think about it. And with this letter I want to send my photos and some of them were taken for your eyes only... My darling, I really very hope, that you'll like it... Waiting for your reply... Viki with love and kisses
Letter 2
Hello, Dear Sir Frank! Welcome to the translation bureau "TransCom" We are providing all types of translations such as spoken language and in written form. We assure absolute confidence correspondences to all our clients. Also our bureau offer salable prices and high quality of translations. And we are making our service open to everybody. We provide different translation services: - personal and corporation documents;
- negotiations, business, personal meetings;
- telephone talks;
- foreign travel interpreter service;
- interpreter-guide;
- notary authorized documents translation. We would like to inform you that your lady Vika J. is our client. She used our service to translate your correspondence from the very beginning because she has not own computer and don't be able to use it.
For that moment she is not able to support the translation due to her financial problems. She has asked us to send you this information letter for you to be sure that she is interested in you and she is looking forward to continue your relations. If you have a possibility to help her support your correspondence for now we can send you the information concerning the prices for using our services. We are waiting for your reply. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely,
translation bureau "TransCom"
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