Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Ivanova to Michael (USA)
Letter 1
Hello! How are you? My name is Yuliya. I am from Ukraine. I am a florist by my profession, I work at this job more than 10 years. My close friends say that I am smart and beautiful woman, that I am sociable and kind, loyal and honest person. You may ask why I search for my second half in the Internet? The reason is very simple as the Ukrainian men do not pay attention to my world, they just are interested in my appearance. But I think that I have a lot of romance and love to give you my man. I am a very sincere person and my man will understand that I have so much care in me, so much tenderness and passion. That is why I search for my man abroad and I think that we may be compatible. If you search for the same, if you want to find your second half, if you lack love and care, if you want to be loved, if you want to have a strong and loving family, let us correspond and who knows, maybe, out meeting was a destiny. Write me to . I will wait for your letter with more information about yourself. With hope, Yuliya.
Letter 2
Hello, Michael! I am very glad to get a letter from you. I hope that this exchanging of letter will lead us to something new and exciting. I indeed want to know you better and to be closer to you. Do you have the same intentions?:) My name is Yuliya and I am 28 years old this year. My B-day is on the 8th of November. By my horoscope sign I am Scorpion, and I think that I obtain very much typical features of this sign. I am stable and easy-going, sincere and honest, curious and insistent, I have strong personality and I can adapt to different circumstances. But it does not mean that I am too strong, I want to feel myself a real woman, I want to be romantic and fragile near my man, I want to give him my love and care. I search for a man who are supportive and interesting, loving and honest, who knows how to treat a woman with respect and romance. You may say that I am demanding, I think that you are right in some sense, but I also have a lot of feelings and emotions to give to my beloved.
I will support him, understand him and care about him, I will love him with all my love and will share good and bad times. I do think that love is based on such items and from my side my man will get all of them. I work as florist. I adore my love as it has connection with beauty and natural life. Thank you for the pics of you. You look very nice on them. I will end my letter now. I hope that it has helped you to know me a little bit more. I wait for your reply. Sincerely, Yuliya.
Letter 3
Dear Misha! Thank you for the letter in return. I am very pleased to get it. I say so, as I see that you are also interested in me and this feeling is mutual. I hope that our correspondence will be efficient for us and son we will be able to crate loving relationship. Thank you for the pics of you, they are nice. It was nice to read more about your work. Actually, it is very difficult for me to discuss this with you. I would like to tell you about my hobbies. You know, I do not have many of them:) My work is connected with flowers and that is why I adore planting. I have a lot of flowers in my apartment. I like to care about them as they also are living being. My favorite flower is violet. I have some different species of them at home. Besides, I like forest violets as they are tender and shy but they have their own beauty. Also I like to make handcrafts for the presents to my close friends and relatives. I cannot say that I am too sporty person, I like to watch some sports on TV, but I do not play them too often. I can play tennis and swimming, but after this the list of my favorite sports ends;) I can watch tennis and figure-skating on TV. Besides, some times I watch Olympic games. Music that I like to listen is some light, popular. I like to listen to Beyonce, The Cardigans and to some Ukrainian pop-singers. Movies that I like are The fifth element, The six sense, some films with James Bond and some other ones. What about your favorite music and films? What do you like to do in your spare time? Besides, I have some very important questions. Why do you search for the woman in the Internet? Why have you turned your head to the Eastern Europe? What qualities do you want to see in your woman? I will end my letter now. I hope to get your answer soon. Your Yuliya.
Letter 4

Dear Misha! I am very glad to get your letter. I see that we are becoming closer with every letter and this fact makes me very glad. I hope that you have the same feelings about our correspondence and acquaintance. Thank you for the pics of you, they are nice. I am glad that we have a lot in common, it will helps us to discover each other better. I want to tell you that I am here in the Internet looking for my second half as I think that local men are a little bit cruel towards women. They do not understand that women have to be treated with respect and love, it is in our female nature. We want to be loved and to give our love and romance in return. But sometimes, I feel that men do not want to get this from us. They do not want to look inside of a woman to see her inner world. Instead, they want to find a woman who will be very beautiful and wealthy and not kind and honest. I had some relationships with local men but they just wanted to see my outer appearance, they never interested in my inner world, my thoughts and my emotions. I think that here women and men expect different things from each other and it is sad. That is why I want to try my luck with foreign men. I hope that I can find my second half, my like-minded person, my beloved in you. Are not you afraid of my thoughts and desires?:) Indeed, I have so much love and romance in me, I want to be loved and to give my love in return as I know that it is the best happiness in life. I want to create a strong and loving family, I want to spend as much with my husband as I can. I want to share my thoughts and feelings and emotions with him as I think that understanding is very important in any relationships. You know, today I saw a couple of old people. They went by bus with me and we sat not so far from each other. I were so amazed as they held their hands during all the way they went. In the end they kissed each other and left the bus. It was so nice that people after such long years of living together still can love each other with the deep heart and can kiss each other as they did it when they were younger. They were not afraid to show their attitude in public. I also want to be able to live long and happy life with my beloved, I want to love him in the same way as we just did from the start. I want to show him my affection even if we are 70 years old:) Dear, I hope that you also share the same vision of true love with me. Maybe, you can add something to my views? I will close for now. I am very happy that we have such great and intensive correspondence as it helps us to know each other better, to discover us deeper. Miss you already, Yuliya.
Letter 5
My honey, Thanks for your lovely and nice letter. Great pics, thank you for the, Misha. You know, during this time of our correspondence I realized that my soul needs a man like you are, beautiful with a fantastic character and a big heart. In my dream you come home from work and forget everything because I am in our house waiting for you from work. Even more you want to hurry to home as you know that I am waiting for you and that a great and tasty supper is here for you. I think that it is great to have the one and only person and to write to him every day. When I write a letter to you, I feel myself very excited and spiritual. After I send a letter to you I start missing you at once. I start waiting for your letters, for your pics. I want to touch you now and feel you very deep. I also feel that I want to be with you, feel your heartbeat, look in your wonderful eyes, feel your heart. I think it is love, it starts when I want to be together with you every minute. I do believe that personal contact and looking into one's eyes and touching and enjoying each other's company is the best thing. Our mail and the Internet can not do this. You are very sweet and very charming man! I am not looking for sex only. You know that I would like to find a real friend, my soul mate and lover in you and hopefully things will grow to the deepest love between us. I want us to be happy together, to cherish and live for each other. I want to look into your eyes and see only love for me. We'll build a wonderful family, you and I. What do you think? I want you to be honest with me - just as I will be with you. And I want you to love me just as I will love you. Your sexy, Yuliya.
Letter 6
Dear Sir, My name is Galina. I am the private interpreter of your lady Yuliya Ivanova. I am a representative of the translation firm "The success". As you know your lady does not speak English and we assist her in translating her correspondence with you. Your lady is not able to pay for the further correspondence at our firm, so all the letters that you will be sending won't be translated. Please look at our prices and let us know whether you are interested in your lady like she is and whether you have an opportunity to fill your lady's account. Inform us about this as soon as possible, as your lady will be waiting for your answer. Here are the prices and services that we can propose to you: Translation of one letter (independently of number of words) costs 5$; the scanning of your lady's photo costs 2$ per one photo and the printing of one photo from you will cost 3$. The explanation for such prices are the following the translator service is 2$, the Internet service is 1$; printing a letter to your lady - 1$; taxes and other payments - 1$. You can use the system "Saving money", which includes unlimited number of letters and photos, and attachments of any kind sent during one month to each other. Here are the prices for unlimited service: - Unlimited service for one month - 200$
- Unlimited service for two months - 350$
- Unlimited service for three months- 500$. Besides, there are some unlimited services that include letters only.
You can exchange as many letters during the chosen time period as you want. But these services do not mean to send pictures to each other.
The prices for these services are: -Unlimited translation for one month - 150$
-Unlimited translation for two months - 270$
-Unlimited translation for three months - 400$. If you have some questions, please, contact us, and we will gladly answer you. If you the prices are suitable we can send you the information how to make the transfer and also our license, where it is pointed that our firm is legal. Regards, the Translation Company "The Success".
Letter 7
Dear Sir! Thank you for the letter. We are glad that you want to stay in touch with your lady Yuliya and hope that your relationship will succeed. Here is the information about your lady:
Full name: Yuliya Ivanova
Address: Proletarskaya street, 23
City: Izyum
Country: Ukraine
Zip code: 64300 After you make a transfer please do not forget to send us:
Exact name of sender,
Money transfer control number of the transfer,
Exact amount of money in Dollars,
Service which was bought. Yuliya suggests that it would be nice to get the unlimited service with pics for one month. We will forward this information to your lady and she will be able to pick up the transfer. If you have some more questions, we will gladly answer them. Respectfully, TC "Success".
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