Scam letter(s) from Julia Smirnova to William (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Will !!!!! I am very glad that you have written to me the letter!!!
To me was so pleasantly to read about yours feelings, and words of love.....
So it is pleasant for me, that we with you, have found common language......
At us with you much in common, also we like each other, unless I am not right????
You know for me today the most wonderful day was. Today I in the morning when I have come for work
My boss to me has told that today I can not work, as I receive my holiday with today's Day. I asked him holiday from work last week and today now I am already free from work.
You know I dreamed that holiday to lead near to you, and very much I want that my dreams became real.
I want to begin the life with a clean sheet, I would not like to live very much not a steady and not sincere life......
I think that, it will not occur to us, in the further future, What you think???? I speak so openly to you because I do not want to begin again a life, without love, and without feelings.... The Love without feeling and trust, this not love and is usual game... Such games, very bad Come to an end. You only do not take offence at me these are my true feelings to my further love. My dear Will , we have grown fond each other, and we with you have big feelings of love to each other.. As I already spoke you, that I want to arrive to you, and I speak it fairly, and I when I do not like to lie to people...... I think that you understand me.....
And I in any case do not want to lose you, I love you all my heart, and I wait for an our meeting every minute...
Yesterday I talked to mum that at me such feeling has appeared That you unique the man with whom I want to live all life, and that I want to see your country and you. My mum, all over again has not believed me, but I have then convinced her, she did not think that, I shall travel to you, to other country, She very much experiences for me, and would want that at us all was good mine, I spoke many times about you to the mum, she has told to me that, by my words it is possible to tell that you, very decent and purposeful the man. My love I today has visited travel agency and now I have found out that to me will be necessary to travel to your country. I should make many documents the visa and the passport, and some information for you
My love I for a long time communicated with manager travel agency and today I have signed the contract with travel agency that they have started to legalize for me all necessary papers that I could travel to you. Will I have copied this price a sheet and would like to write now to you the basic which you knew, that it will be necessary for me
1. Registration of the visa. the type of uses of the visa of visa B1/B2 of 90 days, Occupies from 5 till 10 calendar days. 150 $. + Consular going USD 60 $
2. The passport. Legality - is not less 6 months from the moment of one of prospective departure Your country. The passport for travel abroad 30 $
3. Medical insurance. 70 $
4. The information from my work is higher than my incomes, as my marital status.
After the travel agency will prepare for me all documents to me, it will be necessary to transfer (to move) interview in your embassy.
For this purpose to pay it it is not necessary, as this procedure is included in cost of consular gathering. If I, which should transfer (to move) interview I completely, I am ready to travel to your country. In travel agency to me have told, that they can the help to me from interview.
To this it is necessary to pay plus to travel agency for their services. It - 130 $. Full 440 $ My dear I as has found out cost of these documents. To me have told that registration
All documents 440$ will cost. My lovely in travel agency to me informed that I should pay this money during 7 days.
My love unfortunately my financial situation at this time very bad. I should receive the salary soon, but my boss today has told that money for holiday I can receive only at the end of my holiday. It is news of me simply shocked. I thought that all I shall pay, but now I am in difficult Situations. My love I did not want you to disturb my problems but nevertheless I would like to ask for you the help. My dear if this money not a problem for you that probably you can pay to me the help my documents??? Please forgive me that I ask you about it, but to me any more whom to ask the help and on this I ask you the help.
I all heart hope that you can to me the help as I most of all want that our meeting has taken place.
I dream of it each time when I think of you my lovely. Will my dear you know I cannot find necessary words at all to explain to you
As I dream of that that we shall be together, that we will have happy life and that that in the future we shall be happy.
I very much want to make you happy and the god I sees is ready on all that it was good you for me. Also know that I always shall be near to you and never I shall not leave you. My love very much I hope that our meeting soon will take place.
But if nevertheless you cannot to me the help unfortunately I shall be compelled to refuse my contract And the travel agency will impose on me the penalty, now all hope only on you
And then unfortunately I cannot visit you. My love I know that you very sincere, kind and reliable the man and you never will leave me in a trouble. Well my dear. Now I shall close my letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you all heart.
You asked to whom I spoke about us with you?? I spoke about us with you to my parents, and they very much were delighted to this event, they are glad that I at last have found my liked and the only thing the man, you Will!!!
Write to me as it is possible soon. I shall wait.
Yours and only yours Natalya.
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