Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Leonteva to David (Jamaica)

Letter 1
David I send you the photo. I hope that you like this picture.
And I agree with that that you spoke me. And I hope that when be we shall be together not only in dreams. But we need time for this purpose.
Yes I shall arrive to you. But all over again I wish to learn you more. If I shall be assured of that that you that the man with whom I wish to be that I necessarily to you I shall arrive. I hoped and you I would shall make all what to be with you searched for the love and if it.
Excuse that I could not answer you earlier. I very much wished to write to you. But I had what that problems with email. And I that could not do. And I just now can write to you. I thought that I cannot write to you at all. But I am glad that now all well. And I can write to you. I hope that I shall not have such problems. I ask you to understand me. And to not take offence at me.
I to see pictures which you to send me today. And I very much like to see your pictures. I like to see your pictures when I to write to you.
David I am glad to learn more about you. I talked to the girlfriend yesterday. The girlfriend speaks that you likely good the man if so sincerely tell about itself.
David I wish to learn from you what we with you did together? How had a rest? What do you like to do? For example to look football? Sports and competitions? I like to look sports, especially Olympiad. I like to look as to skate and go for a drive on an ice. I love aerobics. And you? What it is pleasant to you? You could sit with me on a sofa under a blanket and look sports? I would think that all over again at us badly turned out! A joke.
David I still like to go to cinema and on dances. I am not so good to dance but I am able to move. I to go to cinema on a comedy and a drama. I as like where beautifully to fight. Likely all girls like to look on this. But I very much to be afraid horrors. I cannot look them at all. How last film you to look? I looked last time at cinema film which referred to " Sleepless in Seattle ". Very much it was pleasant to me. You to look this film? And still I like " Knockin' on heaven's door".
David tell about that as you like to have a rest. You like to float?
To draw? That can that to do? To collect machines? Or to do a photo?
It is very interesting to me.
I do not know that else to you to tell. Ask also I shall answer.
David I wait for your letter and questions!
Your girlfriend Swetlana It shall be possible to name I itself your girlfriend?
Letter 2
Today I to send you a new picture. I hope that you will like this picture.
Yes Angel it nickname. my real name Swetlana.
You are a pity to me that what to not do in the birthday. I was born on July, 7th.
I shall be glad to read that that you to speak me about the children.
I hope that you to make it soon. Yes I to not have children. But I to think that I kf good mum. But it is necessary to decide to love it with which man.
Thanks for a fine photo. I am very glad and I hope that you will send me them more. I shall keep them and to print. And to look at them houses in the evening.
I to not hear about instant messaging. I to not know as it to work.
Because I when to not do it.
David I am very glad, that you to answer me today. I never got acquainted and I hope, that we will have a pleasant acquaintance. My friend to leave for Czechoslovakia to the to the man. And I came to Internet of cafe to receive from it letters what to transfer its mother. Also has decided to try too.
David I wish to meet the man with which we shall be together happy.
Also what my happiness and its dependence only from that together we or not. What, when we were together, nobody could stir to us. And I am assured, that such can be. I in city do not have men who want serious relations. All of them to leave, because there is no work, others to drink many alcohol. My city refers to Uni.
I wish to tell about myself more as. To me of 28 years and I work in the local agricultural enterprise. I to look after cows. It is a lot of work, but I to not be afraid it.
David that you wish to learn about me. Ask also I shall answer your questions with pleasure. I would like to know about how you to represent the relations with the girl. What do you want from them?
With What they should be? David I think, that the man and the girl should understand one about other, care, be pleased together. And you as think? What for you important in the girl? What should it be able?
I hope, that you to send the new photos as. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope, that you to not forget about me and it is obligatory to write to me.
With impatience I wait the answer...
Letter 3
David I today send you a photo. I hope, that it is pleasant to you.
I to receive your picture. I like to see your pictures. I very much like it. And I shall be very glad if you can send me that be still. I shall wait. And I am glad that you like my picture. It is very pleasant to me to hear. And I to understand all that you spoke me about pictures and about my letters.
Yes when be we shall be together. But I would want that we to learn one another. And I very much wish to try that you to prepare. I also would want that you tried that I to prepare.
Excuse that I could not answer you earlier. I very much wished to write to you. But I have come to the Internet of cafe. But they have told that at them what that problems about a server. Also that they that cannot make. But today they to work and I can write to you. I ask you to not take offence at me. I hope that any more there will be no such problems.
David I very much wish to be closer to you. Sometimes it seems to me, that between me and you a string. Invisible, but it is possible to feel it. Because even when I to go to bed, I think, about you and with ideas on you I fall asleep. And to wake up with good mood? And how at you?
David you represent us with you together? For example, we together in one bed? Or I only in one your shirt to prepare for us for salad? Or sensation of that I always about you. And when you close eyes, to you it becomes good. Because you know that in dreams it is possible to meet.
David at me never was such, that occurs at us to you. Sometimes it seems to me, that it even not simply to describe words. It is a lot of them. But it cannot be described. It seems to me, that every day which I shall lead with you fine. And only your smile will do me happy. That it is even not necessary to eat, simply to see you, your eyes to feel your love, warmly your hands, cares and tenderness and all. And how at you?
David my girlfriend has answered me. Which Czechoslovakia. They where that to go with the husband for some days. It speaks, that wish to be with it together, what nobody to stir. And you would like to go with me together simply so. I would go with you, David by the way, my neigbour asked to send the regards to you. Speaks you thanks that you lift my mood the letters. Also that I became even a little bit another. More nicely. To transfer you its words, precisely as it has told.
David I shall press your answer. I hope, that it to come soon.
I already miss...
Yours Swetlana
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