Scam Letter(s) from Lilia Kuznetsova to Jim (USA)

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Letter 1

I am very pleased that once again received your letter.
Thank you. I like and I am very glad that you are interested in me I like her to engage in dialogue with an interesting and very good man. I hope that you this man. I would say You what prompted me to seek acquaintance and dialogue with Foreign rights on the Internet. I believe that I can find a second half here on the Internet. You are very much liked me too I would like to know you better.
I have a small growth 5 "5 ft, weight 60 kg! blue eyes, I am very cheerful person ... very sociable, love to joke, spend time in nature! love going to the theater, the movies!
In this letter I want to tell you about the work. I worked as a dentist. I really like this job because I love to help people in difficult times! Although it takes a lot of time and effort! at work I talk to lots of people! Sometimes there is no free time at all, I have for my work can sacrifice their free time! Team we have a very friendly, everyone helps each other!
I know so well English, I know him from the university.
When I studied there for us to teach the language. Of course, I do not He is fluent, but to speak and write letters, I can. If something for me it is not possible, I use the internet through an interpreter.
I hope that in correspondence with you I can learn this language better. And consequently, if I have any mistakes, do not be offended by me, please? I hope you understand my dear friends. Unfortunately, I have to finish the letter in due time Internet - cafe is over. But tomorrow I'll come back here see here in the hope of your letter. Write more about yourself:What do you do in your spare time? How to spend time with friends and family?
With impatience I will wait for your response to my letter .....
With respect to you, your Nataliya..

Letter 2

I again and again I'm glad to receive your letter.
I am very interested in you. I would like to know everything about you.
Please write me more about yourself, okay? I hope that you, who are interested me, and also wanted to know more about me.
For the most part I love romantic movies. I do not know why.
but I really like as well as all girls.
I am looking for someone who will love me and respect. value as a person!
"and then I have with this man tried to start a family.
Today we have very good weather. outside the sun shines. And thanks This gives me very good mood. But my mood rose further when I came to the Internet - cafe and got your letter.
Thank you for this! I am very grateful to you. Today at work I went to different ideas. I was thinking about the past and future. In the past I had a relationship with one person, but we did nothing worked. We met at 1 year. But in our relations is something not enough and we were constantly in quarrels.
And in the end we parted. I not understand why we do with him it did not work, but now even glad of it.
Because I would not want to live with a man who I do not understand. And now I have a dialogue with you my dear jim.
I am very happy about that. You will be very interesting for me.
Perhaps we have created for us. But it is not should not rush this. We need to learn more of each other to begin with.
Of course, with letters can not be know the person completely, but - what can be understood from the experience.
With the help of letters can express all the feelings and thoughts.
You agree with me my dear? I think you understand me.
Write me, please, about the last relationship with women? What from you it did not work? I think what you write me the truth. I would like to ask you, what you said always told the truth. I do not like when I lie well something to hide from me. I will not lie to you and will always write the truth. I have no secrets from you .. For me it's nice when people understand me and always tells the truth. Today I finish the letter. This is I am sorry that the time to write very little, but I hope that you to I was not offended. Write me some questions me? And if you do not understand that in my letters, please write to me about this? I will try to answer all your questions.
I look forward to your letter ....
With hope yours Nataliya.

Letter 3

I am glad to receive your letter again. I have a very strong steel associated with them and special to you. I decided go to Internet cafes to read the letter. And I was very happy when I saw your letter. You have been very interesting person. I am glad that we correspond. This is more fun I speak to you! It is getting warmer every day. It's so romantic.
Yesterday I saw a wedding. Oh! It was so beautiful! I would just such a wedding. The bride was so beautiful. Looking at her I started dreaming about my wedding, It was so romantic. I imagined that I was engaged! They were such beautiful dreams. I imagined myself in a long white dress. And with her future husband in black tuxedo. Flowers, wedding cars, a lot of people, the church - Oh, my God, how wonderful! I know that I marry only love, and it will be the most wonderful day in my Life! I would like to meet main love in my life! A wedding will such that I can not forget all the life! On these dreams, dreams, dreams ... I do not know, good or bad for me!
But I love to dream!. Now I am in internet cafe I think you're doing right now? There can be you, sleep ...
Or work to comply with TV, read books, magazines, newspapers, or may will think of me ...??? I do not know. But it would be very interesting me to learn about it. If you want to know all the last few days, I think about you.
And she told me that this is only my choice, and she hopes that my choice will be correct. I do not know what happened to me, but every day I fall in love with your letter and all you more and more.
Perhaps this is just my imagination or not. You are very interesting, polite and a good man. I completely trust you dear. I hope that You trust me too.
What ideas do you have for me? What do you think about me? Share your ideas on me, it's good?
Please answer me these questions, and expensive!
I look forward to your reply ...
Yours Nataliya!

Letter 4

I am glad to receive your letter again. I'm fine. But Recently, I have a lot of work, and I was a little bus. Therefore, if Suddenly I will not write you a letter it means that I'm late released from work. Although now I always try to finish the work before more likely to go on the Internet - cafe. So I wonder
to communicate with you dear... Now I'm here, and again It is very pleasant for me to see your words. Where were we?
I remembered ... In a previous letter I told you about the wedding I saw a dream about a wedding, but today I would like to talk about something else. For example, I now have for you question ... I have two questions for you ... Tell me about your most favorite things in this world? Tell me about the things that you would like to have, but for which you would not have to spend money?
Here on this I would like to see questions 2 Responses to his following letter. Then I too must answer these questions for you ... Well, what? I always I ask this question to many people and Each answers these questions differently. And now I would like to To know the answer to this question from you dear.
Of course, I did you have more questions, but I would like to read through your answers to two questions. Now I'll finish this.
Now here we have a good day and I wish you the same good day.
And a wonderful mood. I look forward to wait for your answers ...
With best wishes yours Nataliya!

Letter 5

I am very glad see your letter now. I think that you would expect See my answers to questions. The questions that I wrote to you In his last letter. I'll start with my favorite things that are important for me in this world. Undoubtedly the most important thing in my life my dad, people close to me and to friends. These people actually always been with me in my life. My dad brought me, well I grew up a man I am today. Each of us was Such people in our lives.
And we like these people, for someone in this world. But I would like to inform you the usual things that I love:
Of course, I love nature. I love to cook, love to work, I love my father and loved ones for me human. I love my friends Who are always ready to support me in a difficult moment for me.
But most importantly I love freedom. I understand this word because - I totally freedom-loving people. I am glad that is free to this huge world and all the world open for me at all.
I can go anywhere, do what I need to love and The most important one who is dear to me. I do not like to spend money every detail. For me, as they spend only useful things. What in fact like me. I wanted to spend on a good gift family and friends. Even without that there will be an excuse.
And just for the sake of human attention and love to them.
I am very kind and always ready to help anyone who asks my enemy my help, even. As I bought good books, good movies sometimes.
I like to watch really good movies. Which actually makes sense.
I like a very good movie. I always remember about this movie.
This film was removed about a dream, and 2 patients were men - his name "Knockin 'on Heaven. Dear, you watched this movie? These people were patients with terminal illness. To their death remains is not enough days.
They will run from the hospital, hoping to sleep.
Of which they had dreamed all his life. Their dream to see the sea and to the rest of life on the sea. All have a dream reality. They come to enjoy the sea and a dream. After implementation dreams - they both die ...
also like the music of 80's and they do have a lot of sense, not that of modern songs.
This is a very touching story about a dream. This movie touched my soul.
And I'm sorry those men who love freedom and life. But it should not enjoy it long. Their fate failed at all with the New end. They have not had time to enjoy But, as time to carry out their dreams.
Dear I would like to tell you that every person the right to enjoy freedom. Most importantly, fix it, to enjoy. Am I right to say My? I would like to hear from you, what you see happiness and freedom? How would you rate the freedom?
I hope that you fully understand me, dear?
I have to finish the letter. I also look to wait for your letter and, if possible with your photos.
Your Nataliya!

Letter 6

I have a good mood today ...., I do not know why but I'm just in a good mood. Dear I am very glad I am when I see your letter, and sometimes I suffer when I do not see your letter ...
I totally agree with you at the expense of liberty.
that people are dying brings another that freedom.
and I think that this should be greatly respected and remembered.
I very much liked your picture, where are you in the glasses. you there is very nice.
Still, agree with me that badly, that between us such distance?? There we is simply too much, we are tired and simply not able write, I'm also very good, I understand, but it is still heavy so ... Just so happens you are You can not write, and I still wait for your letter, and I begin to experience for you, although I know you're all well, and that you are simply duty.
My dear I remember I told you that the reason why I decided get acquainted with you and in general began to search person on the Internet from another country ...
I'll give you the whole story, but the main reason for me is that we are with you for quite a long match. And I just said You that I am looking for a serious and careful man, my half, half of my heart.
I just think that between us with you my dear, so many barriers that we will be very difficult to overcome ...
And I think that these barriers will help to understand whether to us and in fact, we were made for each other.
I want to find someone with whom I'll give all my life, and I hope that if two people really love each other, that I will do what needs to be just together, and I believe that that such relations are more if you do not crash! And if you do the person that I am very happy he is! You are very much like me I am sure that that between us can be very strong and serious relationship, I hope ... We already know a lot about each other and I am confident that each of us wants to see it even more ...
My angel you could send me a photo with your friends and relatives??
It's just interesting for me to know your life as you live, Whether you are active or passive in life?? I think that it allows know something about the man ... My dear and tell me more about your work?? Just what you were doing there, what are you doing?
And whether you like it? " It is very interesting for me.
My sun! You just just me wrong, please! So nice I read, see your letter! I just do not know how to express fun! I just can not describe it in words, but simply I have no words ...
Just when I go to Internet cafes, I turn on the computer and I have a letter from you! That I can not just open it, I arranged more conveniently, and I read it is usually two and I am writing a letter to you, but then I ask what he manager I unpacked a letter on paper, and all of your letters to me home, and here, when I get home, I read your letters more and more ...
Dear, when I have a bad mood, I read your letters, and they cheer me, I just know that all problems are not the most important, And not their most important decision ... a life without problems I think it is impossible to solve only those problems, but to not turn the prince Jim a lot of attention them, and your letters help me understand that I am not alone in this world that I need somebody ... this is so, wonderful .... Ohh I think I have a huge interest in little ...
I may, I will dwell on this ... My darling now I'll go today I want to do a lot of cases ... I very much look forward to your Write a letter to me, as you can.
Your Nataliya!

Letter 7

I very much miss you, I am so much accustomed to from your letter, and I do not want them to wean .... And all because I am glad you write me that you write me, I love everyone his word and every letter of your letter, I am pleased very much I get letters ....
I'm very glad you nice to read my letters.
the thing is. that at the moment, my phone is being repaired, as it broke.
But I want to ask you for your phone number and I try call you.
My dear letters were for me more important thing than a simple letter, but it is much more important ...
Dear today is a beautiful dream I dreamed ... My darling I remember that I opened my eyes, my eyes bright bright sun light, I slowly rise, and I see that on the beach in any island I am in the beginning did not understand what was happening, but then I have seen, the contours of the face and then I thought it was you, and it really was you, my dear, you have appeared in a dream is nice voice .... My dear, I do not know what it is in your best has put, but the dream was all so really, I did not know that sleep, I realized it only when I woke up. You Ran up to me took my hand and we must send to you a small house, which resembles a house from the outside and inside a cozy, dear you have embraced me, put you hands on the neck and we ........ I kissed .... It was so beautiful, I just do not know what to say, but then I suddenly woke up and I felt so good I thought that now I get up, and I'll see you !!!!! But here I am has finally opened his eyes and saw my nose licks my cat, and I understand all that is just a dream ... For me it was so Unfortunately ... Then I tried to sleep again and extend the dream but I do not like that did not work, and my father always woke me ... My dear friend we are writing to you each other already long enough, and I thought for a long time now - whether to tell you that I had a dream or not, and I still decided that Yes, I say, as I have nothing to hide from you. I want you to knew everything about me and our relationship will not lie and confidence, and I think we can ever meet and be with you together. My dear say what you think about my dream? You any dream about you and me? My sweet angel and my best friend I'm so glad that we've learned also that us with you such a good relationship, I am very glad! In addition, the majority of its interesting - you are also very fond of my dad under my stories. She told me yesterday that he wants us to you were together ... All right, my dear, I think, at this stop, like today for us and his grandfather one day and tomorrow
He has gone, and so I rarely see him and I really want spend time with him. I think you understand me, in fact, he I am already old, and he too will be happy to see me.
With pleasure I shall be very glad to see your letter, please write me as soon as possible.
What is your favorite and welcome Princess Nataliya!

Letter 8

I get back on the Internet - cafe in front of the monitor computer is also very happy to see your warm letter, which spans me with a gentle sensual lines.
I do not know when my phone will be repaired.
I hope that it will in short order. I also see.
That we have much closer to each other. I am very happy about that.
How I wish that the line in the end turned to the words that I would like to not tired of reading, and this feeling I could use every day.
Waiting for this moment does not allow me to remain silent in this world, and gives me hope that I've almost found my happiness and miles of land to divide us and only water. Today is a wonderful day, and I would love to tell you the same gentle and kind words that you give me in his letters.
My lonely love does not satisfy me, if not your support, your tenderness. It seems such a small thing in this vast world but such important in my life. You might be thinking that I guess I sick or something happens to me. This is true, but I have all the good and even better. For me, so happens, it will not happen to every girl in this world. I still have did not find the half and it is for me bad. You seem to me that half and you probably already assumed that this half of them you do for me dear. I do not have this half, it is likely the same as you.
Well, I must go. All the feelings that I described in the letter - It's true that I feel in my soul, and I have to described to complete their letters. I give you lots of kisses and I wish successful day or night you my dear!!!
I also look'll be waiting for your response.
Your Nataliya!

Letter 9

I received your letter and my heart started again.
For me it was so easy as it never was. I was happy that you are in me I'm not alone in this cruel world. Today was a good weather. In the morning the sun looked. Today I woke up with good mood, so that today I am with you in your sleep.
I do not want to wake up, I wanted to make this dream last forever. In the dream we were in a strange place for me, but you I thought it was already. You showed me something told me that it is very important. I weigh day remembered what you told me, but could not remember. We long to You went into the night. There was a full moon and the moon shone to us road. In the sky there were so many stars, it seems to me, as if billions of angels, please contact us. At this point, we send silence, thinking about each. I was so happy that only for this moment to be born.
At work, I kept thinking about you and dream. All day long I went with full of happiness and pleasure. All eyes on me with a smile. It seemed to me that the whole world with me.
Perhaps, my pleasure, my mood was, that gave also transmitted Everything was beside me. Today I had a lot of work.
And I was very tired, but I do not feel That's because he was very happy to sleep and I always think of you, But surprisingly put passed as an instant, and fatigue me surpassed only now. After work - I just ran into Internet cafe to check email and share with you the joy.
I also told you. I live in Russia in Yaransk
I am very glad that you have about me, about my mood. I am very happy I soon got used to you, and our feelings are mutual.
All my thoughts are of you. I look forward to your letter.
With love, Nataliya!



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