Letter(s) from Marina Pericowa to Garrett (USA)

Letter 1

I am glad to hear from you today and firstly, thank you for understanding my situation. You are my life saver cause this is the real way to not to lose all things I've done for my relocation. I appreciate your attention and giving me possibility to prove my honesty and decency. I asked you for your help and you did not refuse my request. It shows me you have a big heart and you understand any hard difficulties uncomparable with the money. Human relations are never measure by money but sometimes it helps for strengthening of relationship. It is what I think now. Once again, I'm very appreciate your consent to help single lady to arrange her life. I did not know what to do and you did not say "no" to me. You are real gentle and I will never forget your deed.

I told you I need $1171 in all. I will pay $5270 to agency for all the service.
It includes the Moscow flight, the hotel in Moscow before U.S.Embassy visit and flight to America, the flight from NY after getting the employers papers there.
As I told you I am borrowing this amount and I will repay it completely! Please don't worry I am honest and honorable lady. I hope you understand the money needed for agency, not personally for me. Today, after your words I went to agent and paid $4099. I told them the second part of my payment will be transferred from United States by my friend. They asked me about the day of final payment transfer and I told them I guess it will be today. They asked me about the way of transfer and I asked in reply what is the best. They told me if the transfer is from person the best way is western union company. I asked about the reason and they told me if transfer will be from bank account the russian taxing inspection will require the tax and the amount will be not small cause it will be the international transfer. I asked are there any taxes in western union and they told me this kind of transfers is individual between the friends or family and there is no any taxes except the service fee and it's not much. Please don't worry Garett, I will repay the fee. I asked what my friend need to know for transfer and they gave me the agent data:

Name: ZOIA
Last name: PERICOWA
Location: Moscow, Russia

You can also send your help into my name but it will be better into my agent name.
I need to know your full name, home address and money transfer control number (MTCN). All these data you will need to fill in western union. I hope it will be not hard to do. Garett, I hope you can do it without any difficulties.
Please send the money to agent's name and please make a scan copy of transfer receipt and send it to me in email. I will show them the receipt and they will give me all the papers for coming. After that I will go to Moscow to approve my visa and interview in embassy and I will go to airport for arriving to United States. I'm so happy the day of my trip is coming and I have a really lovely true friend!
I will wait for your letter and information from you.
Thinking of you, your loving Anastasia.

Letter 2

Garett, I'm glad to get your letter and I'm very glad to have a friend from U.S. You will be my first friend from there and I hope for a long time??
Who knows.. Let's see what will be.

Do you wondering about my English? I'm sure my English is not very good. I haven't practice and I make grammatical mistakes because I can't understand the grammar of times. Russian language have only three times: past, present and future. I try to write English as good as I can and I use the dictionary if I don't know the word which I want to write. I hope you understand what I'm typing! I studied English more than 15 years! Did you know that everybody in Russia learn English in school? It's ten years at least! I learned it in university also and it's the necessarily for all who study it in Russia. I dreamed to be interpreter when I was in school but I've become the MD and I'm happy that I studied English language because the knowledge of English has opened the whole world of the wonderful beautiful poetry of english speaking musicians! I like many performers and songs. Sometimes I join to sing when I heard my favorite songs, especially in a shower!!! Are you sing?
Thank you for your writing, I was happy to get it. I will be glad to tell you anything else about me. Garett what can you say about your character? As for me I have a kind heart and I'm a good listener. I'm always appreciate sincerity and honesty, I'm able to forgive and I hate anger and roughness. I'm very active and sociable and I'm a very gentle and sensual. Have you many female friends in the Internet? How often you tried to find someone via Internet?

Garett, I'm person which don't like to keep the emotions inside, I'm very open and share my joy with friends and I like when people are the same! I hope you won't conceal the things from me??? Just joking, hahaha!!!! The life is gloomy and shit happens often but I don't give heed to little things and I dislike to show people if I'm grieved or have any problems.

I told you already I haven't children and I was never married but I had a long term relationship before. I don't want to remember that because my boyfriend which name is Boris hurts me and lied often and I don't want to looking for another one here because I'm going to live in America! It was a dream before but now it's the reality! I live with a smile on my face and with hope in my heart. I'm optimist and I don't need many things to be happy. All I need is a friend and soul-mate.

I'm so nervous about my coming to U.S. for a living and I hope you understand the reasons: new people, new job, new home, all these things will be new for me but I'm not afraid. My parents told me that the life is one and we need to do all what we feel by heart. So they are happy for my relocation. Of course I need to have the support and I will have it in my heart but it will be better to start living and working in new place having the friends support and I hope we will continue our friendship. What do you think?

I'm sending you two pictures. One of them is winter picture, I tried to drive on snowmobile, second was taken in Sochi, during the vacation, near the sea.
I will send more pictures from there soon, hope you like it!
I am a little tired today so I'm finish my letter. I'll wait for your response!