Scam letter(s) from Julia Mornishek to Mark (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Mark,
I am so glad that you answered me. I made new e-mail adress, specially for our correspondance. So you can write me any time to this e-mail adress, Because my old one recieves a lot of spam, And i can lose your e-mail. I hope i didn’t make any mistake in your e-mail adress and wrote it down correctly, otherwise let me know that it is not yours e-mail and i will not write you anymore. I understand that you Mark have a lot of questions to me and one of the it is where i found your e-mail adress.... Everything is very simple, i visited a lot of dating sites, Some of them let know each other for payment, i even didn’t remember the name of site, because it was some monthes ago. But that time i didn’t write you, but now i decided to try... I will repeat once again, if you don’t want correspond with me let me know and i will not bother you anymore. I understand may be something changed for this monthes. But if you still read my e-mail it means you interested in knowing me, so Mark i will send you some of my photos , first one you already saw before and now new one. I will tell you some words about me. I am 34, i don’t hide my age), and i will tell yuo everything honesty. I am 5.6 high. My body type is avarage, my hair is long and light, of course all this you can see on my photo.I already told you that currently i live in New York, USA. I live here for 3 years. I work as photografer, i live here by working visa. I was born in Poland. I finished Poland University in Warsaw, then i had chance to work in USA and of cource i decided to try. In our modern world a lot of people use FACEBOOK for communication, but i really have no a lot of free time for this, i work very hard and i deleted my profile here. Most convinient way to talk is e-mails. I hope you Mark are not against talks by e-mail? I don’t have boyfriend, we finished 3 month ago, so now i am single and totally open for new aquaintances and making new friends. I think you can ask me why i wrote to you? So i will answer. Soon i will have vacation, may be in 1-2 months, and i am chosing country for having rest, that is why i am in search of new friends... of course if i will find boyfriend or husband it will be perfect! Now i don’t want to write you a lot of about all this, because i even didn’t know if you interested or no in our correspondance, but i think new friends and pleasent correspondance will be pleasent for everybody and it can bring something interesting to our life and we can know a lot of interesting things about our countries and life of people. Please answer my questions and tell me if you interested or not? And please let me know if you not interested and i shouldn’t bother you anymore. I realy very interested to know you and first be freinds and then time will show us... Julia
Letter 2
Hello Mark,
Thanks for your photo. Was glad to look it. Certainly also I send you my photos.
How are you? I hope everything is ok? Please send me more photos i am very interested in knowing you and place where you live and of course i will send you my photos. I hope you enjoy them also) I work a lot and unfortunately i can’t answer you Mark the same moment. Please don’t worry, i will answer you as soon as i can ok? I don’t want to write quick e-mail because i want to tell you more about me and my life. Of course i want to know more about you life also. Feel free to ask me any questions and i will answer them with pleasure. The same i hope with you, i will answer your questions and i hope you will answer mine. It will help us to know each other better. I want to tell you that i will be happy to talk with you by phone.
First of all i want to know you by e-mails and then i promise you we will talk by phone, i hope you understand that i need to know you better. I know that nowadays people use LIVECHAT for talks, like msn, yahoo messenger or skype, when i was younger i also talk by this programs, but now my time very busy and i can’t let myself use my busy time chating in this programs. I will tell you little bit about my job. I already told you Mark some words before. I live in USA about 3 years already. I work as professional Photographer in good advertising company, we have very good team and all my colleagues are very friendly. Of course i make a lot of private photos).Different companies invite me to make photos on their parties, events and different celebrations, i hope you understand what i mean. So i am crazy about making photos and photography it is my hobby also. Now i want to know about your job also, please tell me. So you know about my hobby and as for my free timei love active way of rest. I love walks in park, i love fitness, i love swimming. Today may day also busy so please tell me about your free time, what you like to do and what you usually do. Unfortunately i have to finish for now, please answer my questions and i will wait your e-mail with impatience. Julia
Letter 3
Hello Mark,
How are you? I write you quick e-mail and of course i send photos for you.
I have some news today I have to go to business trip together with some of my colleagues, i will be official photografer. So now i have to prepare everything for travel and i can’t write you long e-mail unfortunately.
I want to say to you Mark that may be in travel i will not have connection with internet, so please remember i think about you and very interested in our correspondance so i will write you as soon i will back home ok?
By the way my travel will be to Rome, ITALY. So please write me and i will answer you as soon as i can. I even can’ t say how long will be this travel, but i think it is about 7-10 days. I don’t want to lose contact with you, so please write me ok? I send you some photos thta you don’t forget about me. Thinking about you.
Julia P.S. by the way this photo were mde in town called.. i forgot.. may be London? You recognise it?
Just try to joke))) they were made in november 2006.
Letter 4

Hello Mark !
Should notice. Excellent photos. Really happy see it.
iam back from Rome, i am happy to continuer our correspondance. Some photo from Italy. Later Ill tell about my trip.
I always wait for your e-mail and i hope you feel the same and also happy to get mail from me. Now i am at work, but i have some free minutes. Now we wait new project . It will be small job for advertising , we will do new logo and new advertisment with this new logo. Now my boss on meeting, so we wait him and have some free time, of course i am happy that i can write you now. By the way my dear Mark i am going to write you long e-mail, and i wanted to ask you if it is ok for you to read long mails from me? I hope you are not tired to read it till the end)) i don’t want to write short mails, because i really want to tell you more about me and my life and of course i want to know more about you and your life, your country. And i want to ask you to read my mails carefully, because i pay much attentions to our correspondance and to writing you. I hope you glad to know this! I will tell you about my life, of course i will tell you everything step by step and don’t want to hurry. I hope you will find me as interesting lady. I will tell you more about my life here in USA, i told you already that ilive here for 3 years. I love life here, i met a lot of interesting people. In evenings i ususally go to fitness center and then i go home. Of course i visited some close states here, fierst year i walk a lot around New York, i saw a lot of beautiful places. But i understand that i don’t want to create family here in US, may be another country but not USA, americans don’t like foreignes who come to usa for earning money, and i notice that.
It looks like boorish behaviour. I know some families, wifes are not native americans, and i see how their husbands talk with them, it is very rude. I don’t know why they let them behave like this. May be because their wifes are not americans, and they think that to be americans it is proud and they citizens of best country in the world, and they think that other people it is second class people. Oh sorry i wrote you such things, i just share with you my thoughts. I hope you are not very upset about all this. I want to tell you the trush and sometime it is not very pleasent. I also want to know your opinion about americans and other nationalities. I hope you are tolerant according all this. Talking about all this i even didn’t tell you about my travel to Rome, it was rather good, we had a lot of job . but it was very nice to visit it and to see beautiful Italy, to eat pizza and pasta. Byt the way do you like pizza? Of course i forgot to tell you about my holiday at work, may be it will be in a month, i don’t know exactly, that is why i can’t make any plans yet. But i will write you all news when i will know it exact dates. Please don’t worry i will write you everything in future e-mails ok? Of course when i will have holidays i want to visit your country. I think you want to know about my family.
So i will tell you. I am only child in family, unfortunately no sisters and brothers. My parents dead in aoutocrash 8 years ago. It was very difficult and it is very hard to talk about this, so i am totally lonely in this world but it made me very strong lady with strong character. So now you know a little bit about my family. Today i wrote you very long mail, if it is hard to read it please tell me i will try to write more shortly. So i hope i answered your questions and if i forgot something please ask i will tell you with pleasure, i am totally open to you. So i wait with impatience your mail and it is really great pleasure for me to get your mails.
Have a good day , your friend Julia.
Letter 5
Hello Mark !
I am happy to continuer our correspondance. I have some free minutes to write you and i am very happy. I send some photos from my holidays specially for you Mark. I already send you photos from london. These photos were made also during that travel in 2006 in scotland, Edinburgh. I will not talk a lot about that travel. Of course i liked it a lot and i was impressed by architecture. But the weather was bad . any way it didn’t change my good impression from all this. By the way how is the weather now in your country? Today i have very good mood and positive thoughts , it is very good and help me in life. What mood do you have today my friend Mark ? I wait with impatience the end of my work, i still don’t know the date when i will have holidays and i can’t make any plans. Recently some of my colleagues get vacation so we organised a party. we had a lot of fun. One of my colleagues invite us to her house and we had party on the backyard of her house. I will tell you some words about it. Here in USA they have tradition to come to visit someone, you have to bring small present for host, if you want you can bring salad or cake, or good bottle of wine. I think a lot what i can bring with me and decided to show to my friends good polish cuisine. In Poland people eat a lot fish and meat, so i went to shop and bought salmon. I put it to special sous (i made it myself also it is mix of different spices and souses) for 24 hours, then we made my salmon as BBQ. It was very unusual for my american friends, but it was very tasty and everybody like it. They all made compliments to me and some of the said that eat such dish only in restaurans. I told you that i love to prepare and make tasty food. By the way salmon with a little bit juce of lemon and white wine is very tasty! Of course we also made traditional BBQ.
We had a lot of fun, we smile a lot and even sing the songs with the help of caraoke. So evening came to the end and we had to go home. I think Host of house had to clean backyard, because in evening we dodn’t do this and left everyting as it is. But here was a lot of trash. So now you know how i spent free time and i will be happy to know how you spend free time also and may be you also can tell me about parties in your country. I am very interested what traditions do you have. I will wait your mail and please tell me all your news, I promise to answer your questions and tell you about my life.
Your Julia
Letter 6
Hello Mark.
Has received your photos. Perfectly. Im glad to see it.
Hapiness and smile are on my face when i see e-mail from you.
When i have free time i always check my e-mail box, because i wait e-mail from you. It is very interesting to have you in my life even if we are far from each other. Please don’t worry if i couldn’t answer you the same moment, or may be sometimes i answer not all questions, it is because now i have a lot of work now. I hope for your understanding. Here in USA it is hard to find good job, that is why i have to work hard , i don’t want to lose good salary , moreover i love my job. Photography is is part of my life. I like to listen music.
I prefer the Jazz. And classical music. However never I listen RAP.
It simply horror. Weather is very good at present in the Big Apple.
Very warm beautiful autumn. So i will continuer to tell you about me. I love to paint and i pain with pencil. It is not professional but i paint from my childhood. I love to paint people and their faces. I was looking for my paintings and i found some just to show you! I paint not from models, usually i do it from photos but i also have some paintings of real people. I hope you wil tell me what you think about my paintings and please give me some comments on them. I want to know your opinion. I hope you are not shocked with my paintings. I made it several years ago. Some my paintings i made when i was studing in Univercity in Poland. I hope you will not juge me too stricktly, it is just my hobby . But i never draw myself, only other people. I have some questions will answer , i want to know more about you and hope you will give me detailed answers. Imagine! You are walking with your girlfriend and you decided to got o restaurant for dinner. So 1st question – Who will make an order? 2nd question - who will pay for dinner? You will pay for your lady? Or your lady will pay for herself and you decided to pay on half? I wait your answers and it is very intersting to know more abotu you, i hope you will not find this questions ****** because as i see on practice these questions should be discussed. I don’t have any vested interest, it is just curiousity and want to know how you behave in real life. Of course i will answer the same questions to you. I think it will be polite if lady will make an order first, i can pay for myself of course but if i will be with my boyfriend i let him pay for both of us. I am not greedy and i love to make presents and surprises. So now i will wait your answers. I will finish my e-mail and it is always pleasent to get e-mail from you and specially when you answer my questions and give comments i understand that you read my e-mails carefully too. I will repeat once again , sometimes i couldn’t answer you at once, but i will answer you as soon as i have free time and please be patient ok? I will wait news from you Mark By the way one more photo of me, on the back view- my country house. i am joking!!! It is The White house in Washington, may be you already recognise it. Here Barak Obama lives with his family.
Letter 7
Mark this is short e-mail just to say to you that i saw your e-mail in my mail box and soon i will answer it, now i have no time even to read it, as soon as i will have free minutes i will write you and i wanted to say that in next e-mail i have small surprise for you!
Hope you will like it! Soon i will write you as usual my long letter.
Letter 8
Hello Mark !
So i am glad that we continuer our correspondance. Today i wake up in very good mood, the weather is very fine, the sun is shining, temperature about 15 C. Real Autumn is coming to Big Apple. May be you see autumn it in some american films, because autumn here is really very beautiful. About my photos on Maldives. I regret that i put them in internet, a lot of people look at them. I didn’t want to show it to all world, i give link only to some of my friends, but now i understand that everybody can see this photos. So if you want download photos that you like because soon i will delete this albom. By the way i found my old photos, so i will show it to you, may be it will be interesting for you to see how i looked like when i was younger. Mark I want to tell you once again that i am single i don’t have boyfriend, otherwise i didn’t write you. Of course i want to clarify the situation, i never search my husband with help of e-mails. I am looking for friendship and of course i will be happy to have real meeting . If this friendship can grow to something more i will be happy. I understand you also and i hope you will agree with me. Time will show us.... About my holidays, i think already end of this month i can have it.
Now i think should i finish work here in USA or continuer to work here after holidays. Or i think may be i should try to work in europe.
Ill think about it carefully and then i will tell you all news, if it is interesting to you. I have very important question to you, please give me direct and true answer. I will understand everything. End of this month as i said i will have holidays, so i will make plans about travelling. So if i want to visit your country would you like to meet with me? Would you like to have good time together? Will you agree to visit beautiful places of your country together and tell me about them. Please answer me, it is very important for me and please answer as soon as you can.
And then we will continuer to discuss my travel, but first i want to know answers to my questions to you Mark.
Letter 9
Hello Mark,
It is just short e-mail. I finish work and will not write long mail today. I send you some photos i visited Los Angeles, it is very interesting town, i had some excursions around it. Now i know how famous people live. Here i saw very beautiful country houses. I think you already saw photos of this town before. I am amazed. Thanks big. Certainly I also am able to paint a photo. But I am very grateful to you. I understand that you have shown interest to my photos. To me it is pleasant. Only words the big gratitude for you. It seems to me i already told you a lot about me and i think you have impression about me as a person. It is really great pleasure to correspond with you and tell you about my life and of course read your mails and stories. I am happy that our correspondance continuer and today i thought about our meeting, i feel that i want to talk to you looking into your eyes, and to see you in real life. May be somewhere in restaurant ? I hope you also will enjoy our time together. It is very interesting to talk personally with man whom you know only by e-mails. It is very unusual for me. I will be happy if you will drop me a line. Your mails make my day.
Letter 10
My dear Mark hello! How are you today?
Today i write you very important e-mail. Please read it carefully and answer my questions, of course i don’t forget to send you my photos, i send it in archiv because ere a lot of photos, so you can load them and see. In 2005 i visited Thailand so this photos from here. I hope you will like this photos. about my telephone. It is very strange, Sometimes i just want to take it but it already send all calls to answering machine. Please don't be angry if it happen. I am also worry about this. I wait call from important client , whose project i finished. My phone in disorder or may be it is necessary to change soemthig in settings.. i am in shock. Certainly also it is glad your voice to hear. It is fine. Rather your new purchase. It is the remarkable camera. Often I use it on my travel. As rather cheap the camera. What full characteristics your lens? So now i will write about important things. I finished my work as i wanted and get salary , so now i am free to make plans about traveling. I talked with my boss and told him that may be i will not back to this work anymore, because i want to find job in europe. So i have 1 month for make my decision, if i couldn’t find job i can back to this job in New York anytime. My boss ask me to back here, but i think i am serious in my decision because i really want to change this job and find work in Europe. I am tired to work from early morning till late night here and i want to find calm work in Europe. Of course i want to have family ... but this will be in future. Now i am free to think about all this. Now i want to have good holidays and enjoy time together with you if you are not against. So now i want to tell you Mark about my decision about traveling plans. In some days i am planing to flight to Poland, i hope you remember i told you i don’t have any relatives here but here a grave of my parents and i want to visit it. I wasn’t here already 3 years, i want to make it in order, to put out all old grass and put big beautiful bouquet to them, i always remember them and want just to be some time together with my parents. i hope you understand me. May be i will stay here for about 1 week. Of course during this time i will go to internet cafe or if it will be in Hotel i will write you e-mails. I can say you for sure i will write you and i think we shouldn’t stop our correspondance and then we will make plans about you and me. So then i am planing to come to your country. I will have 1 month to saty here to make wonderful photos and know you. I will stay in hotel.
I think about it and i think it will be better. Don’t want to make you uncomfortable and it will be easier for me and for you. If you want we can spend a lot of time together, visting good places and may be meet for dinner somewhere in good restaurant. It is up to you to decide. I can say i want to meet with you and know you personally. As i told yu i will have 1 month it will be enough to know each other and take decision about you and me and i want to look around and if i will like here i will find job and will stay here more and more longer. Of course i can’t say anything in advance.. i will see and then will tell you ok? Now i will need some answers from you. Please answer me carefully, it is important for me. 1) Mark please tell me correct name of international airport near to you. I need it in international code system, for example airport in Warsaw have name – WAW, airport in New York – JFK, so please i ask you to know this internationsl name for me! It is important that airport will be international. This way we can avoid a lot of misunderstanding and mistakes. 2) I will need your adress, if you are not against of course, please give it to me without mistakes also. 3) Please give me that number of telephone by which i can find you anytime. So i think it is most important. Please write me all informations as i ask you, that i can write it down without mistakes and this way we always will have contact and will not loose each other in this big world. Please if you can’t meet me because of work or just don’t want to meet me in your country just tell me i will travel alone it is not a problem for me to come alone.But i will be very disappointed if we couldn’t meet. It meant we lost our time ... But i hope anyway we can meet and have a good time together. Mark I will understand all your situation and please don’t worry about anything ok? Please answer me and i will wait your information. Now i will organise flight to Poland, and i think already my next mail will be from poland. i like you and really hope to see you soon. We just need to wait some days and then we can talk face to face in some cosy place, and who knows....
Kiss Kiss Kiss Julia
Letter 11
Hello my dear Mark,
Again i write you and e-mail! I want to tell you my news, Sorry if in my last e-mail i didn’t tell you all details. Now i am in Poland already and i am happy to write you from here. My flight was ok, I already got used to planes. But flight from usa to europe too long.
Almost all flight i was sleeping. We had one stop. So finally i flight to Poland to Warsaw airport, I think you remember i told you i wasn’t here already 3 years.. My heart beat so fast, some time ago my parents were waiting for my visit all the time.. but now this town empty for me. Just memory told me that it is my native town. I ahd so mixed feelings. From first sight there is not changes here. The weather cloudy and rather sold here. I took taxy, because i had 2 big bagage.
So i found very nice and small hotel with cosy rooms. Inspite that i was sleeping in plane i was so tired , i took shower and fal asleep again. May be it is time difference... I was sleeping as little baby. So i will tell you a little bit more about moment when i leave usa and my job. I didn’t tell you , but i found rather cheap flights and i had very few time for preparations. So i finishrd my project inusa as i wanted and i closed my contract, My colleagues made small party for me. It was small dinner, because i hadn’t much time . They wish me to build family as i want and begin new life. So i hope i and my colleagues we will be good friends, and will stay in touch by e-mails.
We deal very good and they support me and even it was a little bit pity to say bye bye to them. Here in poland i planing to stay for 1 week, it will be enough to do everything here. I want to walk around to see places of my childhood, and of course to visit the grave of my parents. I want to clear it and put big wonderful bouqet to their grave. It’s a little bit difficult for me , becase all that fear and sadness came again and i feel how much i want to see my parents alive. But i am forceless... they always will be in my heart and in my memory. About my coming to you i can’t say exact dates yet.. i will chose flights and dates and then we can chose ok? Don’t worry about this ok? I want to confirm that i recieve your information about airports and so on. I write it down carefully. Today i rent a car , it is Mazda3, it is with automatic transmission. I need it to go by town, it will be easier for me, because i already forgot what numbers of buses and where they go. So now i am rather free to go where i want here and it is very nice. It seems to me that 3 years that i wasn’t here like a very long period, a lot of things changed but at the same time town the same as in my memory. It’s like a double feeling. Ok i will tell you more them we will see each other. Now i will finish and of course i will write you again. I didn’t ask you any questions in this e-mail... but as you know i always happy to read your comments and of course to know your news and i miss you . remember i don’t have exact date of leaving poland yet i will look flights and make plans. I will wait your mail even if it will be some lines... Kiss you Mark
Your Julia from poland with love. :-)))
Letter 12
Hello my dear Mark,
I hope you are glad to read my e-mail, again. Now i have good rest, i think you can imagine how hard i was working in usa. Now i camly have rest and can make plans for whole day. So now i can relax, because i understand tomorrow morning i will not wake up early and will not go to work. Now a lot of thoughts in my head.. I already visited grave of my parents, i made her in order and clean it. Then i was sitting here it seems to me some hours, just looking on graves. Some good moments appear to my memory.. and i try to imagine how it was if they still alive.. i feel so lonely, i want to hug them, to come and have family evening as it was many ears ago.. but everything is only in my memory... after this i drive to town i even didn’t notice how fast i was in town. All my way i was in my thoughts.. i pass by our home..
where i was living with my parents. I feel so strong desire to come and to see it once again, but i understand here live another people and they will think that i am crasy if i will do it. I feel so depresed i decided to go for shopping, i bought some warm clothes and then back to hotel. In my room i was thinking how lonely i am now... i have friends and you in my life but all of them so far.. my be i have to be alone in order to think about my life and my future. I understand that i am totaly ready to new step in my life, i ready to change something.i think i am strong lady so i will fight for my hapiness. By the way i looked information about flight tickets. I am happy there are a lot of different flights and planes every day, there are direct flights and with change of plane, some of them rather cheap. I just looked around but didn’t buy it yet, i will do it in nearest days, as soon as i will but my ticket i will write you all information ok? About my telephone, please don’t try to call me, because i don’t have my american sim card any more. I don’t want to buy polish simcard becausei am here not for a long time and i have nobody to call here.
Hope you understand me. I think a lot about our meeting. May be we will have good evening in restaurant. It will be my pleasure. I want to tell you a bit about my plans, first of course i should look around, but i dream to rent samll studio of photography, it will be my small business. I have great experience and big desire to do it. If i could open this studio i shouldn’t look for job, i am really want to organise my own business.
I think we will discuss it with you when i will come, i don’t want to discuss it by e-mails. My dear i will wait your e-mail. Here in Poland i am lonely and it will be wonderful to read your e-mail and understand that you remember about me. Kiss you
Julia from poland with love
Letter 13
Hello Mark.
I have good news, i get all your information, thank you, i talked with travel manager, i pay for my flight ticket to you, i have already e-ticket copy. I send it to you also that you can see it yourself. Here you can see all information about my flight, but remember in e-ticket everything is written polish time, so you should convert it to your local time and it will be time of my arrival. Here written ariport of arrival and nomber of flight. I will wait your e-mail and please tell me if you can meet me in airport or not. If you are busy so i can go to hotel myself, don’t worry. In travel agency they said that it is not necessary to pay for hotel in advance because there are a lot of free rooms, and they give me several adresses, so if you will meet me we can chose it together with you, may be you will advice me the best, but if you couldn’t come i will write you from hotel or will call you and will tell you where to find me, and name of hotel. So i will finish for now, i will wait your answer, please answer me as sooon as you can. I will write you also. I will wait our meeting and think about you. So please let me know if you will meet me or not and if you recieve my e-ticket.
Kiss you Mark
Your Julia
From poland with love
Letter 14
Hello my dear Mark
I have to write you urgent e-mail. I just back to hotel and write you the same moment. I have stress now. I will explain you now all my news. Please read carefully. I try to calm down, but when all this situation appear to my mind . Today my day begin very nice. I had shopping i visited some shops to buy small polish souvenires for you.
Then i went to cafe to have lounch i wanted to eat something hot. With lunch i decided to drink glass of white wine. So i finished my lounch and decided to put my car to it’s place near hotel and spend all day in hotel, looking my photos and dreaming about my future travel to you. When i drive from cafe it was raining a little bit. I drive to my hotel and near hotel i stop on the road cross because of traffic light. And i feel that something push my car. It was another car! It run into back of my car! The driver, man , he exceed the speed limit and on wet road he lost control of his car and that’s way we had car accident. I wss in panic. I never was in car accident before, i drive car very carefuly and i call to road police at the same moment. Don’t worry i am ok, just small abrasion on hand and i bamp my head. When the police came they write a lot of papers and ask us about this accident and try to find people who saw this.. so then car hauler came and drive away my car. I was surprised a little bit and policers ask me to go to their car , they ask me to sign some papres make some tests and test for alcohool. They say that my test show akohool, and htey say that i am guilty in this car accident!!! I can’t believe it, that driver run into back of my car and i am gulity because i drink a little bit of wine before. When i was living in usa they let drivers to drinf a little bit alcohool when driving but here in pland they think that i autimatically gulty because i have alcohool in my test.
Of course they show me a lot of rules and so on, i read it and i understand it is useles to argue with police and prove them something.
So they say i have to pay 2300 euros for driving drunken. It is not the end of my story. After this i go to place where i rent this car, i had to explain everything and here i had goon news, car had an insurance so i shouldn’t pay for this accident to them. Of course my talk with manager wasn.t pleasent. He talk with me rudely from one part i understand him but from other part i was sitll in shock and he has no right to talk with me like this. So after this talki should solve the problem with police and pay them. I went to bank to take money from my credit card VISA. I always use Visa when i traveling and i had here not a lot of money, so i took here 800 euros, i have other card it is called AMEX, it is american banking card here i have big ammount of money, my savings from salary and here money from selling of my parents’ home here in poland, i sell it 3 years ago when i gone to usa. I try to save as much money as i can on this AMEX credit card because i am planing to buy a house in future or to use it for my own business. So i try to take other part of money from this card, but without any sucess. I try to call to my bank in usa, to know what is wrong why i can’ t take money from this card, they say there is block in eastern Europe for safety of my savings, manager in bank say that i couldn’t take money in poland ( as you know it is ex USSR and americans think it is not trusworthy county) that is why american bank put additional bloking for AMEX card. but for example can take it without problem in your country. ATM in your country has no such blocking. Now i begin to worry, i explain that i need money from my credut card but they say can’t help if i am in poland. I can’t leave poland if i will not pay to police. They took my passport, i have only 800 euros to pay them now, but i need 1500 euros more. It os so pity to have money and couldn’t take it. Mark i want to ask you if i can borrow this 1500 euros from you, it is about 1350 pounds . i need it only to pay to police and be free to come to you . As soon as i will come to airport and we willmeet withy ou i go to ATM to back you all money. I understand this request is terrible and i never ask it if i could solve it myself, please understand my situation. Sorry for my request i feel so unconfortable asking you this. I guarentee that i back you everything and even some more, just for your help. when you see me and when i can take money in your country. You are the one whom i can ask to do me this favoir, i don’t have nobody here. You are my chance, moreover i already have tickets.I am very upset now and i hope soon everything will be finished. Now i need to take pills to calm down and have some sleep. I wait your decision.
From poland with love
Letter 15
I am happy that you answer me so fast. Mark i thank you very much for your help, i am so happy that my problem with police will be solved soon. I talked with my lawyer, i ask him how is better, faster and safety transfer money. He advise me Western Union, it is international safety system of transfer money. Transfer take about 15 minutes.
Mark you can see their website – Here you can find nearest office of Western union to you. It is necessry to visit Western Union office in person, they accept money only in cash. Please don’t try to send it by site, it is not safety i think. Please fallow my instructions i try to tell you how advice me and i think it will be the best way, i ask for us everything we need for transfer of money and then when i recieve it i can pay everything to police very fast.
My lawyer agree to help me, it is our state lower and i will go together with him to bank to recieve money, because my passport is in police. Please don’t worry. When you will come to western union you should fill in some papers. It is necessary to write names and last names and everything without mistakes and very carefully,, please cheack every letter. It is very important. Because here will be some mistakes in names they couldn’t give us money they will check also every letter and every name. I give you information of my lower.
I need 1500 euros, i wait for your response. Name – Vladyslav
Lastname (surname) – Rudnytskyi
Adress – st. Polna, house- 23
Town - Warsawa
Country – Poland Please write down all information without mistake, check it once again ok?
Name – Vladyslav
Lastname (surname) – Rudnytskyi
I thank you from my heart for your help, i am glad now that my problem will be solved, and soon i can see you. Soon i can fly to you.
Remember manager in Western Union should give you secret code of 10 numerals, it is called MTCN (money transfer control number), so i will need this code, without it i couldn’t take money in Western Union Office. I need to know :
- all your information (name, last name, adress, all informationa from western union papers)
- secret code (MTCN)
- and correst ammount that you send and in what currency you send it.
After i will recieve all information i e-mail i will visit office of western union together with my lawyer, and i will recieve your money.
They can ask you some questions in western union, it is just their work and they ask it everybody, you can say that you send money to your old friend, or to name of state lawyer, there is no worry about it . i will do my best for you and me. Thank you again, and i wait your mail. Your Julia
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