Scam letter(s) from Evgenia S. to Fernando (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hi, my new friend…..!
I am very pleased that you are interested in me.
I will try to make sure that you know about me as much as possible.
But I just want to know you better.
I beg you, write me about yourself more in the next letter and be sure to make my own photos!
My intuition tells me that you're a very nice person.
I do not want to seem intrusive, but I would be very nice to talk with you.
I think that both of us can take pleasure in this dialogue.
Therefore, to not seem boring, I'll try to give details about yourself.
I'm plain, lonely girl, in fact no different from others.
I'm very hard to describe myself, because I'm doing it for the first time.
I'm confused words and thoughts, because I'm a little worried.
I did not expect that you answer me, but sincerely believed in it.
If it is fair to say, I was very happy when I saw your letter.
And now I'm sitting at the computer and do not know what to write, but the joy overwhelms me from what I have that opportunity :)
Excuse me if I do a lot of mistakes in the letter, I'm just very excited.
I'm not really good to know English.
While studying this language at school and at university.
If you something is not clear, then ask me again.
My name - Evgeniya, I was born November 15, 1984 in the city of Kirov.
I am 25 years old. My height - 171 cm, my weight - 54 kg.
I think I'm normal configuration :)
I try to watch her figure, so exercise regularly and get from this lot of fun.
My eye color - brown, and hair color - brown. This you can see in my photos.
All my life I have lived in the city of Kirov.
It is very old and beautiful city, which is located 896 kilometers east of Moscow.
The population of my city is 460,000 people.
I have never been married and therefore, unfortunately, have no children.
I enjoy spending time with young children ... From this I get a lot of positivity and energy!
I do not smoke or drink alcohol.
The maximum that I can afford from the alcohol - it's a glass of champagne, holidays, in a circle of close friends.
Of food, I prefer Russian kitchen. I really like to eat homemade food.
And we're always learning new recipes for various dishes.
I graduated from Vyatka State Humanities University.
And now works as a teacher of Russian language and literature at a shelter for homeless children.
My colleagues consider me as a very positive and optimistic person.
I hope I am interested in you and the best reward for me will be your story about yourself ....
Write about yourself, so I was able to get to know you.
'll Look forward to your letter.
Sincerely, your friend from Russia, Evgeniya! P.S. In this letter I am sending pictures, I want to believe that they will love you
Letter 2
Hi, my friend ……….!
I'm glad you're not rejected my letter, and very happy that I am writing to you again. I was struck by the sincerity and frankness that pervades your last message.
I really want to know more about you.
I also will try to write to you, as much as possible about yourself.
I want you to be examined me, as best as possible, and not mistaken in their choice.
I always dreamed of a noble man, capable of standing up for his lady.
A man who can give love and affection, kindness and gentleness, care and loyalty ...
But the most important thing in a relationship - it's honesty and understanding, without which there can be no union.
Tell me more about your daily life! I really want to feel the atmosphere of that which surrounds you.
At what time you get up, how much time you spent on education? What do you like to eat?
How do you spend your free time?
I wake up at 6 am and go to the bathroom.
After that I go to lunch, for breakfast I eat sandwiches and drink coffee with milk.
At 7 o'clock I leave home and go to stop. If I go later, I'm late for work.
At work I travel on public transport because they do not have a personal car.
My working day lasts from 8 to 17 hours. And I work 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday.
Saturday I have a shorter working day. On rare occasions, I have to work on Sundays.
I'll tell you a little about your family.
Much to our regret, in 5 years, I lost my father.
He was a military officer and was killed in the fighting in Afghanistan in the summer of 1989.
Mom does not like to remember the death of my father, so I know about my father is very small.
It is very difficult to think of it, because she loved her father.
I grew up in a poor family, because it worked only my mother.
It made a huge contribution to my education and the formation of my personality.
Within 5 years I lived separately from his mother's apartment, which I got from my grandmother inherited.
I am an only child in the family and so my grandmother left me flat.
This is a small apartment with a small bathroom and small kitchen.
Much to our regret I do not have your home phone, because it is very expensive in its content.
I would not mind to talk to you on the phone and hear your voice.
It will be very great when we have the opportunity to talk on the phone, but now we have to settle for correspondence.
I want to say that I write you my letter from his workplace, when I have some free time.
I am afraid that my letter may overwhelm you, but I want very much to tell ....
I want to tell you how I spend my spare time.
In the summer, my friends and I like to go hiking. We walk in the woods and the lake.
I really like to sit by the campfire and listen to someone playing the guitar.
And when the winter we go skiing and skating.
I do not like winter, because we have very cold.
But in the winter we have a very beautiful and I do not know what to compare this beauty.
Three times a week I go to the gym to keep myself in good shape.
As a child, my mom enrolled me in gymnastics, where I worked for about 5 years.
In the summer, I love cycling and rollerblading.
I hope that I write clearly enough and much about myself.
I'll try to answer all your questions.
If I do not answer your question, so I could not understand him, no offense at me and write it again.
I think you understand that the main purpose of my life - is to find the right one.
My second part of me that I can endure all the hardships of life.
Together to meet pleasure, to experience difficulties, and just be together.
I think you understand me and your vital purposes are similar to mine.
And in my heart I hope that one day our hearts will meet.
At this point I want to finish my letter with great impatience shall wait for your answer.
Your friend from Russia Evgeniya! P.S. In this letter I am sending you pictures of their parents. It was made during their marriage, 26 years ago. And also send you my video which was done during the end of my university. I hope that it will make some impression on you. At the beginning of this video, I'm with her friends sing a wonderful song with a well-known around the world motif, and then I tell a little poem dedicated to one of my teachers. Thus you can hear my voice. Hopefully, he'll love it!
Letter 3
Hi, my dear Ryo!
Thank you for your new letter, to be honest, I waited the whole day, this moment when I will once again be able to read your message.
I'm afraid that you do not write me. And have a little miss your letters.
With every letter we get closer to each other.
We all learn more about each other. I hope you feel it. I was very impressed with the fact that you never reject my letter and will respond to me in return, I thank you for it. I understand your letters.
My dear, I'm completely indifferent to what kind of country will be linked to further my future, as long as I was surrounded by loved me a man in search of who I am, this is my original goal, I really want to create their own family.
With regard to the town where I live, it is quite beautiful at night, well the day you can see a lot of bad factors, unfortunately it is not very clean. In this letter, I will put pictures of my city.
I want to tell you a little about their work.
While studying at university, I was an intern at a shelter.
I was given a job as a teacher to develop mentally ******** children.
And what I saw on the first day of his internship has affected me deeply.
I wanted to cry at the sight of children left without parents because I myself experienced the loss of his father.
But my mom was always with me. And at that moment I realized what a hard lot in these lonely children.
I decided that my future job will be to help orphans.
This idea does not leave me to this day.
After graduation, I immediately took a job at that very institution.
And now I'm very glad that chose this path in life, because to help people - it's the meaning of my life.
I can not even imagine myself in another kind of activity.
Experience I have still not great, but in that time I have dealt with different situations.
Here there are children abandoned by their parents at birth.
It's awful. I think this is a very significant problem of mankind, which violates the institution of the family as a social unit of society.
Even now, when writing these words, I am reminded his players and tears come to my eyes.
But I do not want you to think that it is so sad.
Children - the color of life, and above all: fun!
So I really love my job and just when she was alone with my thoughts I feel a little sad as he realizes how difficult it is to live without parents.
I have tried to describe to you the essence of their work.
At this point I want to finish my letter. I hope you were interested in reading it.
And you know a little about me. I hope you do not get tired reading my emails.
I write a long letter because I want you to know more about me.
Now I'm going to go to my mom and tell her about you.
Tomorrow, I'll let you know how she reacted to our acquaintance.
Waiting for a reply letter.
Letter 4

Hi, my dear……..!
Over time, I did not say such words.
Every day I am increasingly beginning to make sure that between us there is mutual interest.
Each your letter - it gives me great pleasure.
I want to thank you for the photos that you sent me a letter today. You have a very beautiful city with beautiful architecture and vegetation. I was very pleased to know your opinion about my work, I hope that you will also attain the desired in its field.
Last night I went to my mom and told her about our first meeting.
I want to say that after my story she had a wonderful response.
Today, during lunch break, she came to me at work.
I immediately showed her our letters. Because we have never had secrets from each other.
She expressed her opinion and said that if we trust each other and tell each other the truth, then everything will be fine.
We must trust each other because without trust there can be no serious relationship.
Do you agree with me on this?
In my life there has been a sad experience with a man.
I have not talked to you about it. But now I understand that you must know everything.
I was in love with a man, but he only modeled love for me.
In fact, he played with my feelings. He showed no sincerity towards me.
Then his friends told me that for a long time he deceived me, and often entertained other women.
In this case, it did not work and constantly ask me for money, which promised to return but never did.
But I turn a blind eye because she loved him.
Once, it so happened that I found him in bed with another woman.
At that moment I did not want to live anymore, because it is a very shocked me.
I could not forgive him for this, as all have seen with my own eyes.
After this incident, we parted and never met.
A very long time I experienced a state of depression and only my mother helped to put up with the whole incident.
Gradually I began to forget about this unfortunate history, and more started to dive into their work.
After this incident, I was disappointed in men.
I believe that it is impossible to play on the feelings of loved ones, because the deception - it's the worst thing that can be in a relationship.
I was disappointed in Russian men, because they often drink alcohol and do not wish to raise a family.
I just want to be happy and live like a normal person.
After that I decided to look for love on the Internet, and here I found you!
I want you to be the right person, which I dreamed all my life.
From you I'm waiting for reciprocity, which is the key to reliable and stable relationship!
Despite everything that happened in my life, I had the desire to love and be loved.
This state of mind, which is given to each person.
I think you understand my words. I want to know your opinion on this.
It seems to me that with each letter between us there is something more than friendship.
I have a great desire to continue relationship with you, and I believe that we will succeed in this.
I hope that this communication gives you the same joy as me!
I look forward to expect your letter and miss your thoughts!
Your friend, Evgeniya.Today I decided to send you photos of my most favorite pet - it's my rabbit, which I call Sangek ))))))))
Letter 5
Hi dear…..!
How are you? How's your mood?
I hope that you will not keep me resentment about the late writing this letter because you have to know that I write you my letters from the workplace, but yesterday was a Sunday, a day off.
I think that you are fine. I was very pleased when you are fine.
I will pray to God that you were healthy and happy.
I have joy in my life - it's your letter.
My dear, I want to tell you that I am fully recovered from an illness and am in perfect health, so you should not worry about me. I believe that our relations are developing properly. Understand me, I always write what I think I am sincere and open person, so I will not hide in his heart thought that I attend. We really need to get acquainted, get to know each other. In his first message, I told you that my intentions are very serious.
Well, I want to tell you that my heart was beating faster when I think about you.
My heart beats so that I think about you!
Your letters help me to feel your presence near me.
I want to feel you, your gentle sight, your smile, your hands.
I'm so in need of warmth and caring and I think that I ask not so much.
I'm looking for pure love and romance in a relationship.
I like when everything is beautiful, beautiful, gentle and romantic!
I wish to have a family, a loved one nearby, feeling care and constant support in difficult times.
That is what everyone seeks in life and I do too.
I am now 25 years old, and I did not have that, what I'm talking to you.
I was close fortunately in the past, but my trust breaks my heart.
I have to believe the person with whom I am a lifetime.
To believe his every word, gesture, gaze, smile.
The world is now so much meanness and deceit, so be very careful about the people who surround you.
Just need to know a person so as to be totally confident in him.
I know you did not last long, but I can tell you that you are very honest and open person.
And it is very appealing me and gives me faith that I can love and be loved!
My mother taught me that I should always be open.
I told her that our relationship with you develop successfully and she is happy for us.
She dreams that I finally was not alone, and had a family.
We are far from each other. But it does not interfere with our conversation.
Although I've thought of that communication via the Internet is not quite enough to understand each other stronger.
What do you think about this? I would like to see you, not only in the photo.
But I do not know how this is possible, because we are very far apart.
I like you and I think that our relationship may be more profound.
I do not know how to explain it in words. I just feel it.
Your letters raise my spirits.
I feel happy at heart.
I want to ask you to write me the address of your residence, maybe I'll write you a letter.
I'll wait for your letters and I hope you will write me soon.
I dream that someday we'll meet again.
In the future I would like to come to you, meet you, see how you live.
I want this because I am beginning to understand that between us there is something more than friendship.
It seems to me that this sense of trust in each other.
What do you think about this?
I'd like to share with you the joy and sorrow, is not it always happens when a man and woman feel for each other unshakable feeling.
I want to see your joy and share it with you.
I want to know what makes you happy?
And I'll try to do everything possible to you every day was happy.
Please give me a chance to do it!
Give me a chance again to feel loved and loving woman.
I am waiting for your beautiful letter and I promise that I will think of you every minute.
With love, your Evgeniya!!!
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