Scam letter(s) from Valentina Sidorova to Saloca (Jordan)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you!!!!My name is Ludmila.I am very glad to meet you and I am very interesting in you,so can you tell me about yourself, where do you live,about your likes and dislikes,hobby,family,job, what do you want to tell me something special about you, what are you waiting from our communication?I will be appreciate you if you will send me your photos!!!Wish you good luck and hope to receive your next letter very soon!!!
Letter 2
Good morning,Good afternoon,Good evening Saloka!!!!
I don't know what time is it in your country but I hope you are glad to receive my letter in any time!
To begin with I would like to introduce myself ,my name is Ludmila,I am 28 years.I am from Ukraine, my native town is Slavjanoserbsk.This is my first experience in communication through the Internet but I hope to enjoy myself in communicating with you and I will try to do my best to amuse you.So what can I tell you about myself,I like to read Russian and English classical books,listen to the all kinds of music,watch films,the most important is the sense and melody everything else depends on my mood.
I adore to spend my free time with friends,to prepare surprises for them,I like to prepare some programs for their birthday party.I am very active and creative person and I didn't used to sit on one place,like to travel.I like children,animals,nature,different figurine,I have a collection of different figurines from different countries that my friends brought to me.As I have never been in other countries this in my first dream to visit some of beautiful countries with my friends or with my future love.I like sweet-smelling rose,all that make our life beautiful.I am realistic in one hand and romantic in other .I am quite assured person and I prefer to live with pleasure and happy,I am cheerful and I used to strive for all my dreams and desires.My life is not a drama, it is a holiday.I cant imagine my life without love,emotions.I need the stoutness of feelings and combination inclination for mind,soul and body.I like to increase spirits of encirclement.
For the person in whose life emotions,feelings play the main role is typical the most wild,mad,hot love and relations.I am kind person,sometimes too kind,sensible,educated,sensitive.I am dreaming about great,real love.I hate lie,vanity,selfish people,I can't forgive treachery.I respect wise,kind,sincere people,who are ready to support and help in any situation.If you have such qualities and you are serious I'll be very happy to communicate with such man!!!! I am interested in you and I will be very happy if you tell me about yourself,about your likes and dislikes,about your country,what special in your country,what are you seeking for in the Internet,friendship or love?As I have already told you that this is my first experience in communicating in the Internet but I know a lot of people who already find out their love,friends.I think it is a great opportunity to find out your destiny and enjoy your life.I think that all people are equal and have the same rights we just have a great distance between each other and communicating in net it is one way to cut this distance and to share with your own experience with each other,to make somebody happier.And what do you think about it,it will be very interesting for me to know your opportunity!!!Have a nice day and remember that in this huge world someone is waiting your letter and thinking about you!!!

Yours truly Ludmila!!!
Letter 3
Hi darling Saloca!!!!!! Glad to receive your letter,it is very nice and I think that we have a lot in common and happy future together:-)
Thanks for your worm words and I am glad that you like me as I am very interested in you too.Sorry but I am too don't want to send my photos in net,and unfortunately I have no my own phone,it is broken,I can give you my working number where you can call me but there are no cam in this phone,so how can I see you then???????????
What can I tell you about myself to impress you,I think nothing jet,just tell you about my life,job,parents as this is my real life ,and I can't live without them.
I like to help people,and I do it every day,this is my job.I am a nurse at the hospital and I like my job very much.I was dreaming about this job from my first steps,I was playing in my childhood in doctors,treat all my dolls and bears.i think it is great to hear every day that someone thanks you for your help,job,if someone feel pain you make him better,you take care about people and it is great.And what is your job?
About my is the most important and closer people to me,I respect them and love very much.I am very happy to have such family,I will never change it to other.I have a big family,My mommy,daddy,three brothers and me.My father a bit strict person but he grew up a great kids.He thought us to respect each other, understand,help and support in any situation.I have one elder brother(Timur) and two youngest(Nikolay and Boris), they are studying in the university,and the eldest is in the army now.We miss him very much and wait.My brothers are very talented little mans,they play guitars,piano,bass and singing great,I am just playing piano and singing a little,just on the caraoke Also we like to gather and play pool,bowling,they are very funny and we like to spend time together.
Tell me about your family,hobby,job.What plans do you have for the future,do you want to create family,or you want to be a business man?Wish you all the best and waiting your next letter!!!!

Truly Ludmila!!
Letter 4

Hi my love Saloca!!!!!

Honey I hope that you are not only my lover to the end of my life but also my husband,my best friend,my love for all my sweetheart I will have vacations in the beginning of April and I thought that may be I could come to visit you,and we could thought about our future life,think,talk and then till I will make my documents I come to live with you for eve.I will be very happy to spend at least one week with you.What do you think about it my love?Will you help me to come to you?Wish you great day my sweet love and waiting your answer!Love you!!!!!

your truly Ludmila!!!!!
Letter 5
Good morning my sweet love and hope Nail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very happy to see your letter,Why you didn't tell em your name,it is very beautiful my love,NAIL,really so nice:-)I was thinking about you almost all night,was thinking about my first look ,first kiss,about my trip to you,when I will see you at first,what if you don't like me in real life?I was thinking about all details,I feel shiver on all my body when I imagine your face,your lips,hands,eyes,your voice when you talk to me,look at me.I was so happy till morning,and then I go to the travel agency and ask them what variants they have for me,and then my dreams disappeared immediately,and I understood that all my plans will stay just my dreams as I have no such opportunity to come to you my treasure.I was told three variants of travel voucher first is including Sonesta Beach Resort Taba hotel and this travel voucher costs 925.24 dollars,the second travel voucher consist Astral topaz Briza hotel and the price is 1006.55 dollars and the last is consist Hyatt Regency Heights hotel and the price is 1098.26 dollars ,all travel vouchers consist tickets,visa,medical insurance ,hotel .But my love I have no opportunity to buy any of this travel vouchers,they are too expensive for me,I have no any support and help now and I have no such money,even don't know what to do:-( I wanted to meet you so much to spend great vacations with you,it would be so great but this prices **** my dream.So my love I can't come and don't know what to do,may be you have any proposition or ideas about it?Wish you great day and **** million kisses for you!!!

Your truly Ludmila!!!!
Letter 6
Hi my sweetheart Saloca!!!!!

My sweetheart I send you my passport as you asked but the only problem is that I have already asked about tickets in the Embassy and they told me that I can't come to you just by tickets,I can come only like a tourist.You country have problems with prostitutes from different countries and if I will fly just by tickets they will stop me in the airport and I will have problems with police,my love this is not my fault this is rules of your country ,I can come only like a tourist by tourist voucher that consists travel visa.I thought that you want to meet me in Taba,so if you steel want I come I can come only by travel voucher my sweetheart and if you will help me tell me the correct name of your town and I will ask about travel voucher my love thank you that you make all for me and that you spend money for me,but if only I have my own I wouldn't take yours money,it is shame for me to ask about your help but I have no other variant as I need to see you and to spend time together,i don't want to loose this chance ,as if we wouldn't have meeting mow all this will past and we never will be together,but if we could spend some time together now we could know each other better and will understand our feeling and will decide what we shall do in future.So my love I hope that our dreams come true as soon as possible.Love you and waiting your answer!Kiss you million times!!!

your truly Ludmila!!!!
Letter 7
Hi my love !!!! Honey how can I explain you that your country can't make visa for me it is funny,could you believe that my country could make visa for you,it is impossible my love as I need to make a lot of documents for visa,need documents from police in my country,from hospital,from many offices and how could your embassy make all this from your country?My love all this is very important and very serious and if you want I come you need to help me and do it as soon as possible as my vacations is very soon and we just will spend time without any use just will write to each others letters and I want to tell you all this in real life,my sweet love if only I have my own money I wouldn't ask for your help,I would buy and come but I just start my job and I have no such money and all in your hands.So my treasure if you want I come without any problems and want do all in time and correct tell me are you ready to help me with money for travel voucher and tell me where I need to come the correct name of town as next week I need to pay for my travel voucher so they have time for making all documents my sweetheart and if no there are no reason at all as they need time and we will lose it,and if you wouldn't help me to come so we will wait time,my next vacations and you will come to my country.Sweetheart there are no reason in place I just want to meet you,to see you in real life,to spend time with you and talk about our future.If it is also important for you?Kiss you and waiting your answer.

Your truly Ludmila!!!!
Letter 8
Hi my love Nail!!!!! my treasure I can't come to you as I have no such opportunity and nobody will help me if only I have money I would buy the travel voucher and that's all,i would be with you next week already but I have no such opportunity my love.So you are my only hope and help if you have opportunity to help me with money for my travel voucher I will come if no sorry but I have no other variants.You can't send me tickets I have already told you ,as I will have a lot of problems with police and will need to make a lot of documents such as visa and other and it is very expensive,but if I buy the travel voucher it include everything,visa,tickets,hotel and all other things.So sweetheart if you will help me with money I will come if no I wouldn't as I have no any help and support in my country.Love you and missing you awfully,wish I could come to you and we could spend marvelous time.I am dreaming to hold you,kiss your sweet lips and have love with you all that time I could spend with you my treasure.Kiss you million times!!!

Your truly Ludmila!!!!
Letter 9
Hi my love Nail!!!!!

Honey thank you for your letter and your wonderful words.Honey I don't want to win I just want to be with you,I was hoping that I can come to you and we could spend great time together that's all and then we could build plans for future.but if you want to come to my country,ok,I will be waiting you,but be ready as we have an awful weather,rain every day and dark,unpleasant,so take a very warm cloth my love.I just never been abroad before and if I could come to you it would be the most exciting event in my life and I will be with you ,hold you,kiss you this is the most happiest moments in life:-)
Honey I am also love you very much and want to be with you,want to wake up in one bed and wake you up with hottest kisses every morning.I wish to hear your voice and want to be with you all the time my treasure.Honey I wanted to ask you about the phone,if you will come to my country and in all other cases I need to have connection with you as I have no my own computer at home and no any other connection and I need to know all information my sweetheart to meet you ,to be closer with you and as you know my celery I have no such opportunity to buy the phone for myself,I wanted to ask about your help my love.Yes my celery is not enough for all I need so sometime I have no opportunity to buy all that I need,but I live and love you and this is most important for me in this moment.Love you and waiting your answer.Kiss you!!!! for my love Nail!!!!
Letter 10
Hi my love!!!! Nail I am very sorry I was ill and couldn't write to you earlier,so what about your coming????I am so happy that soon I could meet you in real life my love !!!!But how will I meet you ,I have no net at home so how could I know where are you and plan of your coming?my love why you don't want to make gift for me like a phone?I asked you million times but you ignore it,I need it now as I will have vacations since this week and I go to my granny,she lives in the village and there are no net connection,so how will I know about your coming?So think and answer me can you help me now or not so that I will think about all this.Kiss you.

Your Ludmila!!!
Letter 11
Hi my love Neil!!!! My life I have such feeling that you don't hear me,I appreciate your attention and I don't need all your money between my ******,i don't need other things,I just need your help now but not then,I have nobody to help me and you are my only hope and I am tired to be like a bagger,so this is my last ask you for your help and if you don't want to help me no,so let it be.I will be working at night to earn money,it is very hard physically but I have no other variant,I am alone and and I have just you in my life.Honey what will be your reaction if you ask me for love and I told you ok my love everything you want but not now ,may be in a few month,and *** is nothing when you want to be closer with you love,and how we could build relations if your woman ask your support and you tell her I will help you buy then in the airport?do you want I support you in the same way?i don't ask you money for myself I just want to be closer to you and if you don't need it so we will stop all this.Take care my love and sorry to disturb you.Kiss you.

Your Ludmila!
Letter 12
Good morning my love!!!!!

Nail,honey I told you that I have no opportunity to use working computer so often and when I write you letters I have problems with my boss then and that's why i asked about your help,I need money for a phone,to talk with you,to know all details about your coming,to meet you in the airport.And I think that we wrote to each other a lot of letters and if we want to be together we need to talk more than write letters my love,don't you think so?don't you want to hear my voice,don't you want to hear that I love you and need you in my life?And when you will come it will be too late my sweetheart,I need to talk with you now.+380996207251 this is my working number you can call me from 8 a.m till 4 p.m in my time. And by the way I told you about my birthday,and I want to buy the special underwear for gift from you and put it on when you will come:-)About night work I mean that I will clean the hospital at night to earn some more money,they will give me about 50 dollars per month so I though that if you wouldn't help me I will go to work at night my love but you are my caring love and you will make your woman very happy.This is my address as you asked and other details my treasure,Name:Ludmila ,Chernyavskaya,
Country:Ukraine,City:Slavyanoserbsk ,Street:Gagarina 36\7 ,Postal code:93700. I will be waiting your call my love and hope to hear from you soon.Kiss you!!!!

Your only Ludmila!!!!
Letter 13
Hi my love!!!! Honey sorry but I didn't understand any word that you write. May be i am ****** but I am really can't understand what you mean??????I write to you every day and have no answer from you,I wasn't sleep,I cry as I thought that may be I hurt you or what,I couldn't find a place for myself,and now after so much time you write to me just now .My love what other man,what are you talking about????You think that I wrote to others man?????????????i can't understand you at all,if you can see me now you will believe me,I wasn't sleep all this days I have my eyes are swell because of tears,I don't know what can I tell you more.Kiss you,

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