Letter(s) from Ksenia Medvedeva to Carl (Belgium)

Letter 1

Good day for you my new friend Carl!
How are you?
I hope that you have good morning, and today there will be a good day for you.
I am very happy to receive your letter, and I am glad that you to write to me.
It really is very interesting to me.
Thank you for yours foto ............... I liuke see you :)
And I wish to tell to you THANKS!
Now I would like to tell more about me and about why I have written to you my letter.
I'm really happy now. I really hope that we will to develop our friendship with you.
As you know I got your e-mail address through Internet dating agency in Volzhsk.
I addressed to them with my letter and they sent my letter to you. I'm very happy that it was so simply. Also I hope that it to not offend you................ And my letter is not bad for you.
But I really do not know where they took yours e-mail, and probably it was a mistake.
But after you have written to me, I am happy.................. I really to require in the good friend, and decent the man.
My name is Yuliya. My birthday on September, 22th. To me of 29 years.
I live in Russia, in very beautiful city of Volzhsk.
I very cheerful and beautiful woman. And I wish to be even happier. :)
I have brown hair, green eyes. My growth 173 sm. Weight 56 kg.
I live and I work in Russia as the children's teacher. I very well understand the literature, and Russian writing. VERY GOOD :) I'm not smoke and not drink. I have never married and have no any children.
Still I am engaged in dances.................... Dance this condition of soul :)
I live with my mother in our house in Volzhsk. This house was bought by my father...
I do not wish to speak about it much :(((
But he not live with me and my mother... They are divorced... I have no any brothers and sisters...
My heart it is really very lonely. And I very much wish to find serious attitudes.
For this purpose I have decided to visit other country. I have decided to visit the Belgium or the Western Europe.
And already 3 months ago, I have addressed in travel agency to receive the visa to these countries.
And one week ago I have received the letter, and to me have informed that next week I should visit embassy.
And to me will inform date when I could visit the Belgium. Also will give me the visa to your country.
My visa will work in current 3 months.................... It is a lot of.
I think that I can receive the visa on November, 5. So to me have informed in travel agency.
But there is a greater problem that I have no what friends or relatives in the Belgium.
And for this reason I have addressed in agency of acquaintances, and they have written to you my letter.
I wish to get acquainted with you and the nobility is better than you.
But before I would like that you have answered my questions.
I hope that it not difficultly for you.

1. You could meet me in Belgium???
2. In what country you live now???
3. Whether you can meet me on November, 9-10th?
4. What airport will be more convenient for our meeting? (at what airport it is better to you to meet me)
For me it would be more convenient to arrive in Brussel. It is the convenient airport for you?
If is not present, inform me what airport it will be better???
5. Whether I can hope for that that we shall build our attitudes? You wish to build new serious attitudes?
6. Whether I can trust you as the man? And you will not to injure my heart?

I understand that it is many questions, but I very much ask to answer all.
Because it is important for me.
If you do not wish to have a meeting with me, I ask you to inform on it.
I wish to be assured that our meeting as is important for you.
I shall send my photo...................... I hope that it will be interesting to you.
And I would like to see your photos...................... I hope that it probably for you.
I once again ask you to think about my letter seriously........................ And to not try to play or joke of me.
Now I shall finish my letter, and I shall wait your answer.
Have good day today.

Your friend from Russia Yuliya.

Letter 2

Good day for you my dear friend Carl!
How are you?
I hope that your day well today.
Today I hasten to write to you the letter. The matter is that today I have received the letter from embassy of your country.
And to me have informed that I should arrive in Moscow to receive my visa.
But all over again I should speak with the ambassador.............. And only the meeting for the visa will be then appointed.
I think that I should have a meeting with the ambassador on Monday in the morning.
Very sadly that you to not answer my letter................ But I hope that it will be today.
In the letter to me have informed that I shall receive the visa on November, 5th.
Therefore I can fly to you only on November, 9th. If you wish it? :)))
I very much hope that it there will be convenient dates for my visiting.
Please before I to go in Moscow I should know some questions.
I should make sure of it. Ie?

1. October, 12th, convenient dates for my arrival?
2. I can remain with you in current of 1 month? Probably only 1 week?
3. You really wish to meet me It important for you?
4. To inform me the name the airport where you could meet me. (I should reserve the ticket)

Now I shall finish my letter because I should collect my things.
Tomorrow I already shall be in Moscow and as soon as I shall be placed in hotel I to write to you.
I very much ask you to answer this letter. It is very important for me.
I want know, I can to visit you? And whether there will be you my friend or my love?
The friend which can give me the care and love.
We shall have 10 more days before to have our meeting.
I shall answer all your questions when I shall be in Moscow.
Therefore we can learn better each other.
Have good day today.
Your friend from Russia Yuliya.

P.S I really should know, whether you want our meeting???
It is important, I should know it before to receive the visa.
Please to not play with me in games, I the first time in a life shall visit other country.
I do not wish to be deceived.................... Also I do not want that it was only sex and entertainment.
Only serious attitudes.
I can answer all your questions when I already shall be in Moscow. I hope that you to understand it?

Letter 3

Good day for you my lovely Carl!!!
How are you?
I hope that you have are good day today and excellent mood.
I am verry happy see yours foto ................ You very good man :)
Today I have arrived in Moscow, and the hotel for me at once hastened to find, and to visit embassy.
It is very a pity to me, that I could not write to you last night. But I was in a train and went to Moscow.
I hope that you to understand it?
But now all is good................. And I am glad that I can to write.
And I visited your embassy. Therefore I can write only today along toward afternoon here in Moscow.
I just to come back from embassy of your country and I have fine news.
I can receive the visa................... And it will not have what problems.
But all documents will be ready only on this Friday, on November, 5th, therefore at 10:00 A.M Moscow time I shall have a meeting with the ambassador, and the visa will be given out to me.
As I already wrote to you my visa 90 days will work, and it is a lot of time that we could be together and learn better each other.
I think that one meeting can give us more than even millions letters and consequently I very much wish to meet you.
I think of you much and I miss without your letters.
I want that you wrote to me as it is possible is more often.
I wish to receive your letters every day.
It is possible to write not one letter to day and more, and I shall be happy to answer your letters and questions.
Now to write to you the letter I should visit the Internet of cafe, therefore I ask you to write to me at once as soon as you will receive my letter.
As I shall receive the visa on Friday in the morning, I can already fly to you to on next Tuesday in the morning.
And I wish to settle still time all questions concerning our time.
I have still time some questions, and I ask that you have answered me.
Because I should reserve my ticket as soon as possible.
I already asked these questions................... But I to ask it still time because I do not want that there were problems or mistakes.

1. I shall reserve my ticket on Friday, only when I to receive my visa.
I cannot do it while I have no visa in my hands.
I can reserve the ticket for November, 9st that we had our meeting?
2. Inform me in what CODE airport I should arrive? (that it was convenient for you)
I ask it once again, because I should know it very precisely to buy the ticket.
3. If I shall arrive to you on next Tuesday in the evening, you can be in the airport?
4. I can count on your help when I shall be with you?
5. How much is 1 day a hotel, there where do you live?
6. Inform me the home address and telephone number? (if you cannot meet me at the airport)
I can call or find your house. I as can take advantage of a taxi, and arrive to you.

I very much would like to call to you, but now I in Moscow and to not have any more such opportunity because I to not take a mobile phone with me in Moscow.
And to call in other country very much exspensive for me.
I very much hope that you still time will answer my questions, and to write to me the truth.
Because it is important for me.
For me it is very interesting to exchange letters with you................... I think that it very romantically.
And in my following letters, I would like to open to you my dreams and my heart :)
And I hope that you does not confuse that that I shall live with you in your house.
If is not it is convenient, I can live in hotel...................... You should make the choice.
I think that you very good and decent the man................... Present gentelman :)
If you do not want it, I ask you that you have informed me it.
Then I shall find hotel for me initially.
Now I shall finish my letter, and I hope to receive your answer very soon.
Millions kisses for you.

For ever yours Yuliya.

P.S Would like to know more about you and your life. And I in my following letters I shall speak am more about me.
Please to not be upset if I will not answer all your questions, but I simply not absolutely well understand that you wish to ask.
And I to forget many questions when to read through your letter.
I to answer all that I remember.................. When we shall be together!!!