Scam letter(s) from Olga Bessonova to Andy (Canada)

Letter 1
I do not know how to begin. I at all do not know what to ask you. How you would want that I named you?..............
I do not know as to begin our acquaintance. Forgive. You can will tell as it to do? What you to interest?
Andy I hope that is pleasant to you two my photos. I shall send then still. I will wait your photo too.
I Have decided to send these 2 photos because the girlfriend has told that I in these photos have turned out very beautiful. And how you think???
I shall look forward to hearing. I hope that you not upset that I do not know as to begin our acquaintance.
Letter 2
It Mariya. Missed me? Without my photo? Or without my words? I missed you and your words. I so am happy, when I read your letters. I am glad that you understand me in all.
Andy I so am glad what to admit to you that I feel. I could not hide this feeling any more and I am glad, that have told to you. I did not know, to understand you me or not. And I am glad to learn your opinion.
I yesterday looked again film. I do not remember, how it refers to. It has very much liked me. It how to grow feelings. As people to get acquainted, learn one another, to meet, first time kiss, first time to enjoy love. And how this feeling to not die away. If it sincere. Andy how you think? The Love can disappear? I think that was not present.
Andy imagine. On sites millions people, half of man, half of woman.
And we from these millions to meet one another. Have got acquainted. I have written to you. You to answer me. Such can remain from millions thousand. And we continue to communicate. And it to like us. And we to feel one to another. It seems to me, that it not accident. It that the destiny refers to. How you think? Andy I think, that when I have chosen you from many, and you like me. And I every day wait for your answer. I wish to learn your opinion. And me more increasing and it seems more that we are created one for another. Andy I am right? Or not.
Andy I thought of that as well as that to do. That to us to do further. How we shall continue our dialogue? How we shall meet? How we shall kiss? You Represent our first night together? The First morning?
These days will be unforgettable. When I think of it I feel so well.
If I could would like for a second to be about you now. You to feel my happiness, my heat, passion tenderness. I am assured of it. Because I would feel your feelings. We understand one another under letters. And if we shall be together?
What will be?
See my photo. Nice? Sincerely.
I love you Andy!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell, what you think? And I soon to surprise you.
Your loving Mariya
Letter 3
It Mariya. I so am glad to receive your letter. My heart your words to warm.
Andy I yesterday weigh evening was at the girlfriend. After has left from the Internet of cafe has gone to it. I have told all to it about you. We with it long talked. It even had to see off me home. Because it was dark. But all of us have discussed. I do not know to like you it or not. I think what to like.
Andy imagine, that we together. To like you this idea? You the words to bring many pleasure to me. Even on work, constant clients talk to me more. My fellow worker speaks, that I to look happy. Was tired from a life Earlier. And now happy? Imagine. I to be surprised, how your words to do me happy. And what will be, if we shall meet? If we can enjoy our kisses, passion, to embody our dreams? Interestingly, people to die of happiness. Suddenly heart will not sustain? How you think?
Andy I wish to learn your opinion. Can to you, what that to not like in me? Tell. Or to like? To you to like, how I look? You would like to try my dishes which I to prepare?
Andy I wish to learn you. I wish to learn you more, better. I wish to learn more about you not under the letter. And on feelings. To see, hear your voice, to feel your touches? And you? Andy as you think?
You want it?
Andy I know, that you that the man with which I wish to be. Because I never met such the man as you. You the best. With you to me it is quiet. Only your words to do me happy. I would like to live, love! And you? What do you feel?
Andy I shall wait for your answer, and I hope, that you to me will tell all. I very much wish to know.
As I would want that you were with me on this a photo. And you want?
I love you Andy!!!!!!
I know it precisely. Tell to me what to feel you?
Your loving and gentle Mariya
Letter 4
It Mariya. I am glad to receive your letter. I now all light as the sun. I have decided to make it.
Andy, I hoped to hear fine idea. But I see, that to like you mine and consequently you do not wish to offer another. And I to make everything, what that about what to dream became a reality.
Andy I thought much. I thought many days and not one night. I recollected all. I re-read your letters.
Andy I have solved. I shall be with you. I shall arrive to you. I shall be with you, and we shall do everything of what we dream. I learn, that is necessary, that we with you would be together and to arrive. I hope, that it will not long issue all necessary and to be together. And even if some weeks is required. I hope, what you can wait? I shall make it. I cannot is more simple communicate.
Andy I wish to feel you. To feel you. Cooking to you fine dishes. And I am assured, that to you to like. All to turn out. We shall be together. We shall be happy.
Andy I never felt as now. I as though to fly up on the sky and through clouds and clouds to fly to you. And it to happen. I am assured. I have already thought of all. And I think that we need to make it. We need to meet, and I shall make it. I hope, that you to meet me.
I love you Andy!!!!!!!!
I adore you Andy!!!!!!!!!
And I shall be with you.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Mariya
Letter 5
It Mariya. Andy today all the day long continuous expectation. I cannot easy sit on a place. I want, that that to make, that we would be closer. Was in travel agency. There have told to wait. In bank have told to wait. Everywhere it is necessary to wait. I think of that as as it is necessary to do further. To have what or advice? Tell to me and I shall do it.
Andy I do not know, how today I shall fall asleep. I so wish to nestle more likely on you, to embrace you, to feel you, to enjoy our kisses. And I come home and to fall asleep one. I think, how we shall meet that we shall do. And so much different ideas. And you that think? Than your day is filled? What you today have made? Tell to me.
Andy I shall prepare today for tasty salad. I do not know, you tried such or not. It is done from a potato, a herring salty, carrots, an onions, mayonnaise, and an egg. All this words to keep within in a salad dish. It is very tasty. I am obligatory to make, what you to try. What would you want, what I still could make? Tell.
Andy I to trust, that soon I shall with you. And every day all of us more close and more close. I see fine dreams. It means, that at all of us it to turn out. Mine the girlfriend speaks you greetings, and is glad for us. All will be fast well. It to please me.
I love you Andy!!!!!!!!
I shall be with you!!!
We shall be together. You my the man in this world and I all shall make the best, that we with you would be happy for ever.
I adore you Andy!!!!!
Your loving and gentle Mariya
Letter 6
I have fine news. It Mariya. I was in Travel agency. They have told and that it is necessary to pay still 521 dollars and I can be with you. Andy they have informed me data of flight which they will reserve. Here this Moscow (MOW) - Toronto (YTO) Lufthansa Flight LH2531 Departure 17 November 2010 05:55, Domodedovo Arpt
Arrival 17 November 2010 07:10, Munich Intl Arpt Connection in Munich (MUC) Lufthansa Flight LH2472 Departure 17 November 2010 09:15, Munich Intl Arpt
Arrival 17 November 2010 10:20, Heathrow Connection in London (LON) Lufthansa Flight LH5334 Departure 17 November 2010 12:00, Heathrow
Arrival 17 November 2010 15:05, Lester B Pearson Intl Toronto (YTO) - Moscow (MOW)Lufthansa Flight LH5477 Departure 17 May 2011 20:00, Lester B Pearson Intl
Arrival 18 May 2011 10:05, Munich Intl Arpt Connection in Munich (MUC) Lufthansa Flight LH2528 Departure 18 May 2011 11:05, Munich Intl Arpt
Arrival 18 May 2011 16:10, Domodedovo Arpt Andy I so am happy. I was not in time in Bank, but I tomorrow early in the morning shall go there and I shall tell, how many it is necessary money. I think, that I can receive this money and I can arrive to you.
You represent? Andy now we know, date and even time when we shall be together. I never to fly aboard the plane, and I to be afraid of it.
What with you I to be ready to overcome and this fear. And we shall be together. Also we shall be happy for ever.
Andy I so am happy, that we soon shall together. It to not describe words. I again to check up all, all to prepare. I think, that to forget main nothing. Nothing is necessary for me, because I wish to be with you. And you to meet me there. But the clothes I to take with itself. Both some subjects, and gifts for you.
Andy I ran in the Internet of cafe run. I so was happy, that I shall be with you. It simply to not describe words.
Andy I shall complete tomorrow everything what to be with you, and we shall be together. You are glad? I am assured, that you are happy and glad, as well as I.
I love you Andy!!!!!
At me all turns out. Because you to support me the words and love. I am happy. I shall be with you!!!!!!!!!
I send you the kisses, and I hope, that they to warm you.
Your loving and gentle Mariya
Letter 7
It Mariya. I do not know what to do. I can not find this money in any way. Today all the night long did not sleep. Wrote announcements, then went and glued them on columns. Can, who that to buy my TV or a refrigerator. But nobody wants. Andy I do not know how to find this money. The girlfriend has answered, that cannot help, as they with the husband to pay two credits and the mortgage. And consequently it does not have opportunity to help. The neigbour too can help nothing.
I do not know what to do. The neigbour asks, whether you can help. But you are far in other country and likely at you are not present so an opportunity. Andy I wish to ask you, can help lits? If you can help to arrive that I. I to not sleep any more the second night. I all search for this money. But nothing turns out. All that could already has paid. Even went to bank and asked from them money. The neigbour too has written the application on reception the loan. Can give it it.
But have told, that with pension to not give credits. Because already it is a lot of years.
Andy I do not know, as to think and what to do. At me simply to fall hands. I to cry every day. I cannot sleep and to me is sick.
Painfully, that I cannot be with you.
Andy I so dreamed, that I shall be with you. With the best and fine the man in this world. But it is impossible. I do not understand, that I such to make, that I can not be happy in your embraces. Why????? I have met you and I am happy. But I cannot be with you. And I do not know what to do now. What to me to do????
Andy I wait for your letter. If you can help that tell to me. Ours with you happiness in your hands. And if you can make it. Tell to me.
I love you Andy!!!!!
I hope, that you can make this most difficult step this difficult minute, and we shall be together.
I adore you and to trust in you my gentle and tender Andy!!!!!!
Your loving and gentle Mariya
Letter 8
It Mariya. I do not know what to do. The girlfriend has answered, that more anything cannot help. All of them, that to pay that and apologizes. The neigbour too can make nothing. With it of the announcement nobody answers ours. For the TV nobody wishes to buy. As though nobody is necessary.
Andy what to do I any more do not know. If you could help, as well as my girlfriend. It has sent me to help through Money Gram. It is such company worldwide. I have found the address and have received its help there.
Andy you can as can help? Or to not make it? Tell to me. Andy you can find this the company at yourself in city and help me to pay this debts and we shall be together. I so want to you. I am tired. I wish to sleep. But I can not. Because you are far also our meeting to fall.
Andy I hope for you. I shall wait for your answer, and I hope, that you can help. And we shall be together. We shall enjoy our tenderness and caress. And anybody and never can separate us. Because we with you shall be together for ever. You my the best the man, the most passionate, the most gentle, the most tender, the cleverest. You the best.
I love you Andy!!!!!!
I wish to be with you, and I would shall make all that we with you were happy. What to make it your help is necessary.
I hope that you will not leave me the most difficult minute and will help to achieve ours with you of happiness, love and passion. I wish to be only with you.
I adore also you the best. I love you, I love all heart, and I hope that you to help. To me any more whom to ask the help. Has made all that could.
Forgive, at me to be turned the head. I shall go to sleep. I hope that you not against. Likely what to not eat and not sleep.
Your loving and gentle Mariya
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