Romance scam letter(s) from Elmira to Jonathan (USA)
Letter 1
Hello dear ! How are you? First of all I would like to express my thankfullness for your letter giving us both a chance to get to know eachother. I hope that this day was really wonderful and brought you only positive and joyful emotions. Dear , it is a great honor for me to have the opportunity to meet you and get to know you closer. It would be silly to project for the future, but I hope that our acquaintance will get wonderful continuation and will be really interesting for us both. I often use Internet, searching for new information for my work and just recently, searching for something I discovered the online dating service and decided to test my destiny.
I hope that kind angels in heavens will definitely help me to meet a man, the one I will gift all my tenderness and love of my heart.
Dear , I am romantic woman with the sensitive heart, I am overwhelmed with the thirst of true love and family happiness with the man I will love, I can ponder on this topic for hours, but I think that at present you are more curious in down to earth and specific things. Ok, I will try to tell a little about myself. On the 12 th of marsh 1980 with my loud scream I let the world know of my arrival to this world. Obviously I do not remember the moment at all, this my mother told me about. I was born and grew up in a little town Volzsk, in a very intelligent and respectable family. As I was the only child, my parents gave me all their attention, love and care. I am very grateful to my parents for a good upbringing and education. With their help, from a little, innocent and defenceless child I turned into joyful for life, kind and purposeful woman. After graduating from the pedagogical institute and got the diploma of speciality "Psychologist", I was sent to the government assignment to the other town, where I live at presence. I live and work in Yoshkar-Ola. This is a very beautiful and cosy town 862 km north-east from Moscow, with the population of around 270.000 people.
We do not have big factories, concerns or any other production here and it provides the magnificent ecology. The nature her - is truly beautiful. We have a lot of crystal clear lakes, rivers and many kilometers of forests, vast majority of animals and plants. I work as tutor nowadays in a nursary house. I like my job very much, as most of the time I spend among children, at joyful atmosphere, sincerity and pure child happiness. Communication and work with children give me a lot of positive emotions and I always in a hurry for work to school, to share my knowledge and experience with them. Dear , without any regrets I look back and if I had a chance to change something in my life, I would not do anything to change, because I am fully satisfied in everything I had. I sincerely thankful to God for everything I have in my life and for that his good angels protect me from all the evil and bad in this world. Dear , the meaning of happiness is very relative, but I know what I am missing, to become the happiest woman in the world. In my prayers I ask only one thing...I ask the skys for love, for the possibility to love and be loved, for the possibility to create strong and happy family. I know that somewhere in this world, there is a man with a kind and sincere heart, that is waiting to meet me. I know that we will surely find each other, because love is an almighty power in the universe and nothing can stop people, that have in their heart this wonderful feeling! Dear , I am afraid to inconvenience you of border you with reading so big letters, that is why I will cut down to the above said and wish you happiness and success in your life.
I sincerely hope that our acquaintance have a chance for a happy continuation. With all the warmth of my heart, Elmira from Russia
Letter 2
Dear Jack, thank you very much for your reply. It is a very interesting start for our introduction! It is really interesting for me to read what other people think. Everybody is different and everyone has their own opinions and life positions. New encounters are always exciting, and this one is even more exciting, because you live in a different country. I always was fascinated how people live in other countries, what feelings and thoughts do they have in their soul! Dear Jack, if I find my love, if I meet a person I will love with all my soul and heart, if I meet a person that will love me sincerely and honestly, I will follow him, my love any place on our planet.
I think, when people have priceless angels gift in their soul - love, they stop limiting their sense only physical shell. Feelings and emotions come first. When a man have love in his soul, his physical and spiritual self become harmonical and balanced. I think that precisely the kind of condition men call happiness. Dear Jack, the real happiness is to have love in your soul and heart. If there will be a man, that will make me happy, fill me with happiness, my heart will always be his, my love will be a reward to him. And if my man will want me to leave Russia and move over to his country, to continue living together, I will not hesitate a second, I will fly over to him on the wings of love. Our life is so short, we should hurry to rejoice life and enjoy our happiness and our love. Ok, I will try to tell you more about myself. I am very opened and energetic person. Yes, I can say that I am intellectually curious and always tend to fulfill my knowledge. I like reading and the amount of books been read by me already passed the thousand line. I am always interested in new ideas.
I enjoy intellectual conversations. I am fond of world economy and politics, science and education! Yes, I am very energetic and communicative, but I am not a materialist! Deep down, I am very romantic! What is inside and family values are the things that more important for me. I am a woman with a great and loving heart. I need my own family happy and loving. I need a man, that can see my soul, the treasury of sincere love and passion! I love classical music! I think that is the most amazing and romantic genre. When I listen to Beethoven, Bach, Chaikovsky, Mozart, Chopin or Rochmaninov, there is a wonderful garden blossoms inside of me, my soul frolics and sings.
I think that is the love music and only two people should listen to it together!!! Man and woman should enjoy this wonderful music, love and endearments! Dear Jack, I am always full of life curiosity, because life is interesting and fascinating. To enjoy life in a whole sense, I am living a healthy life and trying to be in a perfect shape. When I studied in the institute, I went into athletics and swimming. And even now when I have spare moment, I put on my sports uniform and go to the nearest park, to enjoy jogging. And more to say, as every woman I like to dance very much! I think that the real dance - is a little story about onself, about one's feelings and emotions. The dance doesn't exist without the emanations of love, the aroma that makes you drunk spreading around people dancing. Where else you can so passionately and brightly, without words, show your real self, your understanding of life, tell the story of your life... I am crazy of the latin-american dances, because they are very incendiary, bright and sexy. Dear Jack, do you like to dance? What dances attracts you most of all? Well, I think that my letter, will make your impression of me more complete. I sincerely glad our acquaintance and with great anticipation I await your next letter with your photos. With best wishes,Elmira
Letter 3
Hello Jake! I have just got back home and decided to check my mailbox, with a hope to get a letter from you. You know, your letter are starting to add a lot of positive emotions to me. Our acquaintance is like a fresh sea breeze, in a hot desert. Dear Jake, I think that we should learn each other better, to have opportunity to be sure that our meeting is really necessary for both of us! And only after that speak about our meeting. Do you agree with me? Dear Jake, you are the only person I can speak about anything, beside work. Yes, it is exactly like that, I don't have anybody I can share my feelings, love, music and lyrics, nature and traveling, about cinema, theatre and all the routine things, that all normal people have in their lives. There is a saying: "People don't value happiness, because it costs nothing!". In recent years, I didn't have happiness, conversations and love in my life. And now I know the real value of happiness. And I really appreciate our acquaintance and our correspondence. You seem very attractive to me and I hope, that our relationships will grow!
I am all alone in my apartment right now, only romantic music and thoughts about you, lights my fire. How lonely it is without a man in my house, a man that will hug and kiss me when I come home. How I miss the noise and a joyful laugh of a child... I miss breakfasts and dinners together, just the two of us! Dear Jake, you should know, that I am a good cook and can make amazing meals. Shrims soup, spaghetti with salmon sauce, a bottle of good french wine and just two of us together! I think that a dinner like this will be a great interlude for a passionate and wild night! You can not even imagine how I would love to get to sleep being embraced by a man I love, to wake up from him caressing and kissing me... Yes, I would like to find not just a man, but a real love with an ocean of feelings, joy, happiness and positive emotions!!! Now I will take a shower, order a pizza and will watch some love story alone :). Dear Jake, how do you spend your normal evening? How do you relax after work? Take care, Elmira
Letter 4

Dear Jack, I had really a great day today. I was enjoying good weather, good mood and smiles on people's faces! When I studied at university, me and my friends spent a lot of time in the park, near University. Those were really happy days of my life! We had a lot of fun and laughs, were going on camping and discos, ate millions of cakes at the university cafe and tons of ice cream in the park. Today I passed by the central park of our town and decided to walk in. This park was very much alike the one in my student years. Even the benches at this park were exactly the same, as we had near our university.
I was remembering, when we were sitting on that bench, singing guitar songs, laughed a lot and dreamed about true love! I remembered what I was dreaming of back then and started to laugh out loud. Even the people walking by turned their heads on me :) Dear Jack, most of what I dreamed of came true, and I have that in my life. Now I only have one dream... A dream about true love! Dear Jack, before I met you I started to loose my faith in love, and I wasn't sure that there is something out there for me. Our encounter returned my faith in love. Now I feel love is more real and truthful, than I ever thought before... I want to thank you for the hope that you give for my heart!
I hope, that our correspondence will last as an enchanting, long story. I hope that we can see our souls, feel the need and warmth of our hearts. I really want to meet you in person, look in your eyes, enjoy romantic and intellectual conversation with you! Hopefully in future you will have plans to visit me here? But I think that we have to know each other well, understand and feel each other, to build any kind of plans. Dear Jack, how was your day? Perhaps you had something special today? How is your family? A lot of kisses,Elmira
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